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FormulasII.Quiz 2

Herbal Formulas II for Quiz 2

FormulaTranslated NameCategoryDiagnosisChief/sIndicationsOther
Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang Drive Out Stasis in the Mansion of Blood Decoction Invigorate Blood & Dispel Blood Stasis Heart/Chest Blood Stagnation - Heart & Chest Blood Stagnation Tao Ren, Hong Hua, Chuan Xiong Pain in the chest & hypoch., chronic HA with a fixed piercing pain, chronic hiccough, choking when drinking, dry heaves, depression accompanied by warmth in the chest, palps, insomnia, irritable, mood swings, tidal fever, purple lips/sclera or complexion. Chi Shao, Dang Gui, Sheng di Huang, Chai Hu, Zhi Ke, Gan Cao, Niu Xi Jie Geng
Tong Qiao Huo Xue Tang Unblock the Orifices and Invigorate the Blood Decoction Invigorate Blood & Dispel Blood Stasis Head Orifices - Blood Stasis in the Heat/Face HA, Vertigo, chronic tinnitus, hair loss, dark purple complexion, darkness around the eyes, and a "brandy" nose N/A
Ge Xie Zhu Yu Tang Drive Out Blood Stasis Below the Diaphragm Decoction Invigorate Blood & Dispel Blood Stasis DiaphragmNavel - Blood Stasis Below the Diaphragm and Above the Navel Palpable abdominal masses accompanied by fixed pain, or abd masses which are visable when lying down N/A
Shi Xiao San Sudden Smile Powder Invigorate Blood & Dispel Blood Stasis No Tonification - Lower Abd Blood Stagnation Pu Huang, Wu Ling Zhi Retention of Lochia, post partum abdominal pain N/A
Wen Jing Tang Warm the Menses Decoction Invigorate Blood & Dispel Blood Stasis Deficiency Cold in Ren/Chong Channels w/Obstruction due to Stasis Wu Zhu Yu, Gui Zhi Mild Persistant Uterine Bleeding, irr. menses, extended menses, bleeding btw periods, pain distention, Cold in Low Abd, infertility, dry lips/mouth, low fever at dusk, warm palms/soles, T: purplish, P: fine/rough N/A
Si Sheng Wan Four Fresh Pill Stop Bleeding Blood Heat causing Bleeding Sheng Ce Bai Ye Coughing Bright Red Blood, Dry Mouth, P:Wiry Sheng di Huang, Sheng He Ye, Sheng Ai Ye
Shi Hui San Ten Partially Charred Substances Powder Stop Bleeding Liver Fire Blazing --> Blood Heat --> Bleeding Upper Jiao Da Ji, Xiao Ji More Severe Bleeding than for Si Sheng wan, Sudden Onset, Coughing Up Blood N/A
Jiao Ai Tang Ass Hide Glue and Mugwort Decoction Stop Bleeding Deficient Chong/Ren, Blood Deficient Cold --> Bleeding E Jiao, Ai Ye Persistant uterine Bleeding, Pale w/o clots Dang Gui, Sheng Di Huang, Bai Shao, Chuan Xiong, Gan Cao
Qian Zheng San Lead to Symmetry Powder Extinguish External Wind Wind-Phlegm Obstruction of the Collaterals of the Head Bai Fu Zi Bell's Palsy N/A
Chuan Xiong Cha Tiao Chuan Xiong Powder to be Taken with Green Tea Extinguish External Wind Extreme Wind Attach --> HA Chuan Xiong, Bai Zhi, Qiang Huo HA, Fever & Chills, Nasal Congestion N/A
Xiao Huo Luo Dan* Minor Invigorate Collaterals Special Pill Extinguish External Wind Wind Cold or Wind Damp Bi + Phlegm Blood Stasis Zhi Cao Wu, Zhi Chuan Wu Numb Lower Limbs d/t Wind Stroke N/A
Xiao Feng San* Eliminate Wind Powder Extinguish External Wind Wind Damp or Wind Heat Rash Jing Jie, Fang Feng, Niu Bang Zi Weepy, Itchy Lesions over a large part of the body N/A
Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin* Gastrodia and Uncaria Decoction Extinguish Internal Wind LYR --> Internal Liver Wind Tian Ma, Gou Teng, Shi Jue Ming Heat Rushing to Head, insomnia, dream disturbed sleep N/A
E Jiao Ji Zi Huang Tang Ass Hide Geletin and Egg Yolk Decoction Extinguish Internal Wind Internal Wind from Liver Yin/Blood Deficiency E Jiao, Ji Zi Huang Rigid Limbs, Muscle Spasms N/A
Xing Su San Gently Disperse Exterior Gently Disperse & Moisten Wei Level - Exterior Cool-Dryness > Affecting LU Qi Ji (-) Xing Ren, Zi Su Ye Slight HA, chills w/o sweats, cough, watery sputum, stuffy nose, dry throat, T:white coat, P:wiry Qi Dynamic Herbs, Thin Mucus Herbs
Sang Xing Tang Mulberry Leaf and Apricot Kernel Decoction Gently Disperse & Moisten Mildest - Exterior Warmth-Dryness Sang Ye, Xing Ren Moderate Fever, HA, thirst, dry-hacking cough N/A
Sha Shen Mai Dong Tang Glehnia and Ophlopogonis Decoction Gently Disperse & Moisten Mild w/Damaged Yin - Dryness> Damages Lung 80%/Stomach 20% Yin Fluids Bei Sha Shen, Mai Men Dong, Sang Ye Dry Throat, Thirst, Fever, Hacking Cough w/scanty sputum, T:red w/scanty fur, P:rapid, thin N/A
Qing Zao Jiu Fei Tang Eliminate Dryness and Rescue the Lung Decoction Gently Disperse & Moisten Strongest w/damagedd Yin/Bi - Warm-Dryness attacking LU> Damages Lung Qi/Yin Sang Ye HA, fever (W-Dry constrains Yang Qi), hacking cough, wheezing, dry/parched throat & nasal passages, full chest, hypochondriac pain, irritable, thirst, T:dry w/o fur, P:Def., Big, Rapid N/A
Zeng Ye Tang Increase the Fluids Decoction Enrich the Yin & Moisten Dryness LI Dryness & Constipation Xuan Shen Constipation, thirst, T:red, dry, P:thin, sl rapid, or weak, forceless Mai Men Dong, Sheng Di Huang
Mai Men Dong Tang Ophlopogoinis Decoction Enrich the Yin & Moisten Dryness ST Yin Def. Heat Scorching LU Yin Mai Men Dong Cough, wheezing, SOB, cough w/difficult phlegm or spitting saliva, dry, uncomfortable throat, dry mouth, T:dry, red w/scanty fur, P:def., rapid N/A
Bai He Gu Jin Tang Lily Bulb to Benefit Metal Decoction Enrich the Yin & Moisten Dryness KD/LU Def> Dryness Sheng Di Huang, Shu Di, Bai He Coughing w/blood streaked sputum, wheezing, ddry/sore throat, hot palms/soles, night sweats, T:red w/little coat, P:thin, rapid N/A
Yu Ye Tang Jade Fluid Decoction Enrich the yin & Moisten Dryness (Diabetes)Wasting/Thirsting Disorder d/t Yuan Qi Deficiency Shan yao, Huang Qi Excessive thirst that is not quenched, frequent copious or turbid urine, lassitude, SOB, P:def, thin, weak N/A
Shao Fu Zhu Yu Tang Drive Out Blood Stasis in the Lower Abdomen Decoction Invigorate Blood & Dispel Blood Stasis Lower Jiao + Cold - Blood Stasis w/Cold in the Lower Jiao Palpable masses which may or may not be painful, or low abd distention, or low back pain and low abd distention during menses, or freq. menses w/dk. purple blood/clots, or abnormal uterine bleeding, w/low abd. sore/pain + Cold, cold limbs, dep. mood N/A
Shen Tong Zhu Yu Tang Drive Out Blood Stasis from a Painful Body Decoction Invigorate Blood & Dispel Blood Stasis Limbs - Painful Obstruction of Qi & Blood in the Channels & Collaterals Shoulder Pain, Arm Pain, Low Back Pain, Leg Pain, or Other Chronic Aches & Pains of the Body N/A
Tao He Cheng Qi Peach Pit Decoction to Order the Qi Invigorate Blood & Dispel Blood Stasis Blood Amassment Lower Jiao d/t Blood Stasis & Heat Tao Ren, Da Huang Acute low abd pain, night fevers, delirious speech, irritable,restless, thirst, If Severe Manic Behavior, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, P: submerged, full/choppy, CI: PG Gui Zhi, Mang Xiao, Zhi Gan Cao
Da Huang Zhe Chong Wan Rhubarb and Eupolyphaga Pill Invigorate Blood & Dispel Blood Stasis - "Gan Xue" B...Dried Blood Da Huang, Zhe Chong Emaciation, abd fullness, loss of appetite, rough, dry, scaly skin, dull/dark appearence of the eyes, amenorrhea, tidal fever N/A
Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan Cinnamon Twig And Poria Pill Invigorate Blood & Dispel Blood Stasis Blood Stasis in Uterus during Pregnancy Gui Zhi, Fu Ling Mild, Persistant uterine bleeding of purple or dk blood during PG accompanied by abd pain that increases w/pressure, immobile masses in the lower abd w/pain & tenderness, abd spasms and tension, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, retention of lochia, P: Choppy Chi Shao/Bai Shao, Tao Ren, Mu Dan Pi
Created by: DOCRAIN