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-ale pertaining to
alges sensation of pain
-algia pain, painful condition
aliment nourishment
-alis pertaining to
alkal base
all/o other, stange
-aly condition
an- not, lack of, without
-an pertaining to
anabol build up
-ance condition, state of
-ancy state of
andr/o male, masculine
-ant forming, pertaining to
ant- against
anter before, front part
-ar pertaining to
arthr/o joint
articul joint
-ary pertaining to
-ate composed of, pertaining to
cav hollow space
cellul cell, small cell
ceph head
cephal/o head
cervic neck
chondr/o granule, rib, cartilage
coll/a glue
derm/a skin
dermato skin
dermis skin
digest to break down food
dist away from center
-ectomy excision, surgical excision
eczem/a eczema
-ed pertaining to
electr/oy electricity
-elle small
flammat flame
follicul follicle
-form appearance of, resembling
fract break
fung/i fungus
gastr/o stomach
gen/o produce, create
-gen create, produce, form
gnosis knowledge
graft transplant, splice
-in substance, chemical compound
incis to cut into
-ine pertaining to
inflammat to set on fire
-ing quality of, doing
integument covering of the body
inter- between
intra- inside, within
-ion action, condition
-ior pertaining to
isch to block
-ism condition, process
-ist agent, specialist
-itis inflammation, infection
-ity condition, state
-ium structure
-ive nature of, quality of, pertaining to
-ize action, affect in a specific way
kerat keratin, hard protein
medi middle
membran/o conver, skin
ment mind, chin
-ment action, state, resulting state
metabol change
micro small
macro large
mito thread
muc/o mucus, mucous membrane
mucosa lining of a cavity
my/o muscle
myc/o fungus
osteo bone
-osus condition
-otomy incision
-ous pertaining to
ov/i egg
papill/o pimple
para- adjacent to, alongside
pedicul louse
peri- around
regul to rule
resist to withstand
rhin/o nose
rrhea flow, discharge
sagitt arrow
ster solid, steroid
syn- together
tens pressure
ten/o tendon
vas/o blood vessel, duct
vascul blood vessel
xeno foreign
thesis arrange, place, organize
thet arrange, place, organize
-tion process, being
-tiz pertaining to
tox poison
ulcer a sore
-um tissue, structure
umbilic navel
ur/o urinary
-scopy to examine, to view
sebac/e wax
sebum wax
secret secrete, produce, separate
-some body
spin/o spine, spinal cord
-stasis stop, stand still control
-plasm something formed
-plasty formation, repair, surgical repair
pneum/o air, lung
poster back part
pro- before, in front projectin forward
prurit itch
nat born, birth
nate born, birth
necr/o death
noct- night
nutri nourish
-oid resembling
onych/o nail
-opsy to view
-ory having the function of
-osa full of, like
-osis condition
-ose full of
lacer to tear
lateral at the side
lip/o fat
lipid fat
-logist one who studies, specialist
-logy study of
-lus small
lymph/o lymph, lymphatic system
-lyte soluble
macul spot
mal- bad, difficult
malign harmful, bad
mamm/o breast
-graft tissue for transplant
granul/o granule, small grain
hetero- different
hist/o tissue
home/o the same
homo- same, alike
hormon chemical messenger, hormone
hyp- below
hyper- above, beyond, excess
hypo- below, defficient, smaller
-ia condition
-iac pertaining to
ial- pertaining to
-iasis condition, state of
-ic pertaining to
emia a blood condition
-emic pertaining to a blood condition
endo- inside, within
-ent end result, pertaining to
epi- above upon over
erythemat redness
erythr/o red
eti/o cause
ex- away from, out of
excis cut out
excret seprate, discharge
farct area of dead tissue
fasc/i fascia
fertiliz to make fruitful
crani/o cranium, skull
crete to separate
crine secrete
cry/o cold
cub cube
cubitus lying down
cutan/e skin
-cyst cyst, bladder
cyst/o bladder, sac, cyst
cyt/o cell
-cyte cell
de- without,out of, removal, from
-atic pertaining to
-ation a process
-ative pertaining to, quality of
auto- self, same
axill armpit, axilla
bi/o life
blephar/o eyelid
bride rubbish, rubble
candid Candida
capsul box
carcin/o cancer
cata- down
catabol break down
caud tail
a- not, without
abdomin/o abdomen
abras scrape off
-ade process
-al pertaining to
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