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A+ Cert

Inside the computer case A motherboard containing the CPU, memory, hard drive optical drive (CD or DVD)power supply with power cords Adapter cards
An adapter card is a circuit board that holds: microchips, or integrated circuits (ICs), and the circuitry that connects these chips.
Adapter cards, also called: expansion cards or simply cards
Adapter cards are are installed in long narrow ________ ________ on the motherboard. expansion slots
All adapter cards contain _________ , which are most often manufactured using CMOS (______________) technology. microchips; complementary metal-oxide semiconductor
The other major components inside the case look like small boxes and include the: power supply, hard drive, CD drive, and possibly a floppy drive.
There are two types of cables inside the case: data cables, which connect devices to one another, and power cables / power cords, which supply power.
If the cable is flat, it most likely is a ________cable. data
However, to know for sure what type of cable you’re dealing with: trace the cable from its source to its destination.
The largest and most important circuit board in the computer is the _______________. motherboard.
The motherboard, is also called the __________, the __________, or the techie jargon term, the _________. main board, the system board, the mobo
The motherboard contains a socket to hold the ______. CPU
The CPU is the component in which most ____________ takes place. processing
All devices must communicate with the ______ installed on the motherboard. CPU
All devices in a computer are either installed directly on the __________, directly linked to it by a __________ connected to a port on the motherboard, or indirectly linked to it by ________ ________ motherboard, cable , expansion cards.
A device that is not installed directly on the motherboard is called a ___________ _______. peripheral device
The major components found on all motherboards: Processor or CPU Chipset, RAM, Traces, or wires, Expansion slots , System clock Connections for data cables , External Ports, Power supply connections ,Flash ROM, CMOS RAM , CMOS setup chip
A parallel port transmits data ___ ________ and is most often used by an older _________. in parallel; printer
Created by: fiddler48