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Intro to BUSN Quiz


Which of the following is a similarity between ethics and social responsibility? Both play a vital role in building profitable businesses and a vibrant community.
Oponium, a laptop manufacturer, offers a variety of gaming laptops at discounted prices. However, the laptops have been designed in such a way that they have performance issues after being used for six months, thereby generating revenue for the company th legal but unethical.
Universal ethical standards are ethical norms: that apply to all people across a broad spectrum of situations.
According to the universal ethical standards identified by the nonprofit, nonpartisan Character Counts organization, being self-controlled and self-disciplined and being accountable for your choices represent the core value of Responsibility
According to the universal ethical standards identified by the nonprofit, nonpartisan Character Counts organization, which of the following illustrates the core value of citizenship? Contributing to the community and protecting the environment
The board of directors of a tile manufacturing company meet to discuss the installment of a new high-end machinery. They all agree that installing the machinery in the workplace could result in a lot of employees being laid off because of the reduced need ethical dilemma
In the context of ethical choices, which of the following is a strong predictor of ethical leadership? Personal empathy
In the context of code of ethics, the best-known code is the Johnson & Johnson Credo, which has guided the company profitably through a number of crises. One of the striking elements of the credo is: that it commits to a fair return for stockholders.
Which of the following steps should an organization follow to bring its code of ethics to life? Protection should be established for people who report illegal or unethical behavior.
Gladys, a doctor at Talthron Hospital, notices that one of the trustees of the hospital is falsifying the data of Medicare patients when submitting reports to the government. She reports this misconduct to the media. In this scenario, Gladys can be consid Whistle-blower
In the context of social responsibility, stakeholders refer to: any groups that have a personal interest in the performance and actions of an organization.
Companies that step in with on-site day care programs for workers facing challenges such as raising kids are fulfilling their: social responsibility.
According to _____, customers can freely purchase the products that meet their needs. the right to choose
Socially responsible companies make it easy for consumers to express legitimate complaints and develop highly trained customer service people to respond to the complaints. This ensures customers the right to be heard
Aquin, a cell phone manufacturer, has released a new model of smartphones. The smartphones have been designed in such a way that they offer excellent performance in the first few months, but develop technical issues after a certain period. Thus, the cust planned obsolescence
Which of the following statements is true of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act? It requires that financial officers personally certify the validity of their financial statements.
_____ refers to marketing partnerships between businesses and nonprofit organizations, designed to spike sales for the company and raise money for the nonprofit. Cause-related marketing
Which of the following statements is true of corporate responsibility? It focuses on contributions made to the community through the efforts of a business.
_____ refers to the amount of harmful greenhouse gases that a firm emits throughout its operations, both directly and indirectly. Carbon footprint
In the context of carbon footprint, employee commutes, supplier emissions, and product-use emissions are categorized under _____. Scope 3 emissions
_____ refers to developing and promoting environmentally sound products and practices to gain a competitive edge. Green marketing
In the context of socially responsible companies, codes of conduct work best with _____. a commitment to finding solutions that work for all parties involved
Deborah is an executive at Aviroend Inc. Her boss has assigned her the task of reviewing the firm's ethics and social responsibility objectives. To prepare a report, she gathers data from various sources, internal as well as external, and uses software to social audit
Shayla is performing a social audit of her company. She needs to evaluate how well the firm is meeting its ethics and social responsibility objectives. To do this, she first establishes the goals that the company should strive to meet. Which of the follow She would determine how to measure the achievement of the established goals.
Created by: seandoeletsgetit
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