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Rutiri - Dreamwvr CS

Chapter 4 Forms

What are interactive elements that provide a way for the Web site visitor to interact with the site? Forms
Forms do not process what? Data
What do forms require in order for the form input data to be processed? Script
A form provides a popular way to collect data from a Web site visitor. True
Forms enable the Web page designer to provide visitors with ___________ information and to obtain and process information and feedback from the people viewing the Web page. dynamic
When a form is processed, script reside at which location? Server
What are the two data files that were downloaded to create the forms in Chapter 4? hotel_form. htm & volunteer.htm
What color was the horizontal rule used in Chapter 4's Hotel Form design? Gray
When selecting the forms button, you must verify what is clicked before moving forward? Invisible elements on the view menu
Forms do process what? Information
What is a form object in which users enter a response? Text Field
What allows the Web visitor to click a box to toggle a value to either yes or no. Check box
What is a special type or pop-up menu that provides options that link to documents or files? Jump menu
When user click this, the data entered into a form is sent to a server for processing or forwarded to an e-mail address. Submit button
What provides a set of options from which the user can select only one button? Radio button
What is a scripting language written as a text file? JavaScript
Created by: eva_rutiri