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Gilly Voca chpts 5-9

Gilly Vocab chpt 5-9

scurrying to run quickly
tentative uncertain
delectable delicious; highly pleasing
flawless without blemish
anxiety worry
fanatic a person who is wildly enthusiastic
blissfully joyfully
muffled barely able to be heard
apparently clearly; obviously
schemes plans; secret or devious plots
withered dry out; die away
despised hated
incompetence lack of ability
frenzy wild excitement
presided to rule over
gaudiest flashy; very bright colors
notion idea
looming approaching
infuriating enraging; causing great anger
inspiration an idea
invisible unable to be seen
anonymous not known;not named
painstakingly carefully and diligently
glowered to stare with an angry frown
reverently respectfully
engulfed enclosed
sermon a public speach
Created by: jutobr