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DT Herb Comp Quiz

Daoist Traditions 3rd Year Comprehensive Exam Quiz

Chinese Name = Western NameCategory: Sub-Category >> Acti
ai ye = Artimisiae argyi Folium "Stop Bleeding: Warm Herbs >> warmsWomb, uterineBleeding, calmsFetus, infertility, pain, top/int, itching w/D"
an gong niu huang wan = Calm the Palace Pill with Cattle Gall Stone "Open Orifices: Cool Herbs >> Heat/Phlegm causing LOC- Good for childhood convulsions, Coma due to Wind Stroke"
an mien pien = Calm Sleep Tablets "Calm Shen: Nourish >> Nourish Heart and Calm Shen (insomnia), Drain Dampness, Moves Food Stagnation, Clears Heat"
an shen bu xin wan = Calm Shen Tonify Heart Pill "Calm Shen: Nourish >> Calm Shen (insomnia, vivid dreams, nightmares, fear, poor concentration, mental restlessness, mental fatigue), Moves Blood, Tonifies Heart"
an tai wan = Peaceful Fetus Pill "Calm Fetus: Cool Herbs >> Calms Fetus, Tonify Qi, Nourish Blood, Moves Blood, Cool Blood"
ba ji tian = Morindae officinalis Radix "Tonics: Yang >> pro-lutinization during ovulation, tonifiesKI yang, male/female infertility, WDBi, strengthenSinews&Bones"
ba zhen tang = Eight Treasure Decoction "Tonics: Qi and Blood >> Concurrent Qi and Blood Xu, pale complexion, shortness of breath, palpitations, Blood xu due to weak earth"
ba zheng san = Eight Rectification Powder "Damp: Heat >>
bai bu = Stemonae Radix "Cough and Wheeze: Stop >> Top ext. parasites, Enema pinworm, acute/chronic cough esp. from deficiency"
bai dou kou = Amomi Fructus Rotundus "Damp: Aromatic >> movesQi in MJ, warmMJ, descends rebelliousQi"
bai fan = Alumen "Topical: Toxicity >> toxicity, damp, parasites, itching, generates flesh, stopsBleeding, Use Calcined Form"
bai guo = Ginkgo Semen "Stabilize and Bind: Jing >> vaginalDischarge, TurbidLin"
bai he = Lilli Bulbus "Tonics: Yin >> moistensLU, calmShen"
bai he gu jin tang = Lily Bulb Decoction to Preserve the Metal "Tonics: Yin >> Yin Xu Cough, Nourish BFs in UJ, Regulate LU qi, any D/O due to LU yin xu with cough"
bai hu tang = White Tiger Decoction "Heat: Qi Level >> Clear Heat/Seasonal Heat at Qi Level(Deep LU or ST) at peak temperature stage, toothache, H/A"
bai hua she she cao = Hedyotis diffusae Herba "Heat: Toxicity >> STRONG, Many Types of Cancer, pro-urine, Hlin, DH, jaundice, gan syndrome"
bai hua you = White Flower Ointment "Regulate Qi: Trauma >> Moves Qi, Moves Blood, Relieves Pain"
bai ji = Blettilae Rhizoma "Stop Bleeding: Cool Herbs >> stopsBleeding in LU and ST, generatesFlesh, top/int"
bai jiang can = Bombyx batryticatus "Wind: Internal Wind >> Phl H, DisWH, TransPhl, softens hardness"
bai jiang cao = Patriniae Herba "Heat: Toxicity >> pus, intestine abcess int/top, H induced Blood Stasis"
bai jie zi = Sinapis Semen "Phlegm: Warm Herbs >> Warms LU, Reg qi, disperses clumps, UnB collaterals,"
bai mao gen = Imperatae Rhizoma "Stop Bleeding: Cool Herbs >> coolsBlood, proUrine, clearsHeat from ST and LU"
bai shao = Paeoniae Radix alba "Tonics: Blood >> regulatesMenses, subduesLIV yang, pain, harmonizes ying/wei levels"
bai tou weng = Pulsatillae Radix Heat: Toxicity >> dysentery w/DH in ST+SI+ LI
bai tou weng tang = Pulsatilla(Anemone) Decoction "Heat: LI >> Clear DH and Relieve Toxicity, Blood in Stools, Relieve Dysentary, any D/O due to Heat Toxin and Damp Heat causing severe diarrhea"
bai wei = Cynanchi atrati Radix "Heat: Deficiency >> cools blood, PP fever, fever recoveryStage, pro-urine, H+B Lin"
bai xian pi = Dictamni Cortex "Heat: Toxicity >> WH, DH skin, vaginal purritus, WHDBi"
bai ye tang = Biota Twig Decoction "Stop Bleeding: Tonify >> Cold/Deficient SP unable to govern the blood, bleeding with cold from SP yang/qi xu, deficient nosebleeds, bleeding ulcers"
bai zhi = Angelicae dahuricae Radix "Exterior, Warm Herbs: Wind Cold >> Dr/Dp, opens orifices esp nose, vaginal discharge, penetrates turbidity for poor concentration, expels pus, yangming guide, Best Herb for Frontal/Sinus Headaces"
bai zhu = Atractylodis macrocephalae Radix "Tonics: Qi >> tonifiesSP qi, driesDamp, stabilizesExterior, stopSweat, calmFetus, harmonizes Ying and Wei levels"
bai zi ren = Platycadi Semen "Calm Shen: Nourish >> Moisten I, nightsweats"
bai zi yang xin wan = Biota Seed Pill to Nourish the Heart "Calm Shen: Nourish >> KI/HE communication, Calm Shen, Heart Blood and Yin Deficiency with Blood Heat (constipation)"
ban xia bai zhu tian ma tang = Pinellia = White Atractylodes and Gastrodia Decoction "Wind: Wind Phlegm >> Dissolve Wind-Phlegm, Lower LIV yang, subdue LIV Wind, any D/O due to Wind-Phlegm disturbing the pure Yang of the Head"
ban xia hou po tang = Pinellia and Magnolia Bark "Regulate Qi: Rebellious Qi >> Transform Phlegm and Dissapate lumps, Tonify qi to regulate LU/ST descent, any D/O due to damp phlegm tangled with qi stagnation"
ban xia xie xin tang = Pinelia Decoction to Drain the Epigastrum Harmonize: Middle Jiao >> Vomit/Diarrhea to due Cold/Heat complex in the MJ
bao he wan = Preserve Harmony Pill "Food Stagnation >> Dissolve Food Stasis, Harmonize ST, Move Qi, Dissolve Phlegm, any D/O due to Food Stagnation and phlegm and blockage of qi by the food"
bao tai zi sheng wan = Protect the Fetus and Aid Life Pill Tonics: Qi >> morning sickness with threatened miscarriage
bei ban lan gen = Isatidis Radix "Heat: Toxicity >> cools blood, throat & mumps, massive head febrile D/O,"
bei mu gua lou san = Fritillaria and Trichosanthes Fruit Powder Phlegm: Dryness >> Hot phlegm in LU with damage to the fluids
bei sha shen = Glehniae Radix "Tonics: Yin >> NourishLU/ST, heavier in weight and firmer in texture than nan sha shen"
bei xie fen qing yin = Dioscorea Decoction to Separate the Clear "Damp: Aromatic >> Cloudy Lin from Yang Xu, frequent urination"
bi yan wan = Nasal Inflammation Tablet "Exterior, Cool Herbs: Wind Heat >> Wind Heat, toxins, turbidity, Nasal Congestion(hot, yellow, stubborn, post nasal drip)"
bian xu = Polygoni avicularis Herba "Damp: Promote Urination >> DH, parasites, itching, commonly combined with qu mai"
bie jia = Trionycis Carapax "Tonics: Yin >> J.Y.- tonifiesYin and engendersYang, invigorateBlood, proMenses, nodules"
bie xie = Dioscoreae hypoglauca Rhizoma "Damp: Promote Urination >> TurDH in LJ, WDBi, DH skin lesions"
bing lang = Arecae Semen "Parasites: Expel >> tapeworms, fascolopsis, roundworms, pinworms, blood flukes, reduces accumulation, drains down, movesQi, proUrine"
bing pian = Borneolum "Open Orifices: Cool Herbs >> drainsFire, clearsEyes, nodules, itching, topically for pain"
bo he = Menthae haplocalycis Herba "Exterior, Cool Herbs: Wind Heat >> UJ, vents rashes, moves liver qi"
bu fei e jiao tang = Tonify Lung Decoction with Donkey Hide Glue "Tonics: Yin >> Stop Bleeding in LU, Nourish LU yin, any LU D/O with bleeding and cough due to LU yin Xu and heat"
bu fei tang = Tonify the Lungs Decoction "Tonics: Qi >> Stabilizes the Exterior, Tonifies the LU, stops cough"
bu gu zhi = Psoralae Fructus "Tonics: Yang >> tonifiesKIyang, KI grasp LU qi, top/in,t as tincture for vitiligo"
bu nao wan = Tonify Brain Pill "Tonics: Blood >> Nourishes HE, tonifies blood, tonifies KI, resolves stagnation, subdues yang, calms shen"
bu yang huan wu tang = Tonify the Yang to Restore Five Tenths Decoction "Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >> Post-Stroke Hemiplegia w/flaccid syndrome( Qi/Yang xu w/blood stasis), Tonify Qi and Invigorate the blood"
bu zhong yi qi tang = Tonify the Middle and Augment the Qi Decoction "Tonics: Qi >> Prolapse, Sinking SP qi, Qi deficient fevers(intermittent and worse with exertion)"
can sha = Bombycis Faeces "Damp: Wind Damp >> Damp/itchy rash, Harmonizes SP/ST"
cang er zhi san = Xanthium Powder "Exterior, Cool Herbs: Head/Nose/Neck >> Dispel WHD, Open Nose, any d/o due to WHD obstructing the nose and causing purulent, yellow nasal discharge"
cang er zi = Xanthii Fructus "Exterior, Warm Herbs: Wind Cold >> nasal cong. esp deep source, Dis/Dp, skin D/O, itch"
cang zhu = Atractylodis Rhizoma "Damp: Aromatic >> dries damp, strengthenSP, ind sweat, disWD, DampLJ, DH in combo, improves night vision"
ce bai ye = Platycadi Cacumen "Stop Bleeding: Cool Herbs >> coolsBlood, may be used with warming herbs for bleeding due to cold, cough, expelPhl, top/int"
chai ge jie ji tang = Bupleurum and Kudzu Decoction to Release the Muscle Layer "Exterior, Neutral Herbs: Wind Cold >> Dispel WC from Taiyang, Dispel WH from Taiyang/ShaoYang/YangMing, improperly treated WC, any D/O due to WC turning into WH and blocking Taiyang Shaoyang and Yangming Channels"
chai hu = Bupleuri Radix "Exterior, Cool Herbs: Wind Heat >> res. shaoyang d/o, fever, MOVES LIV QI, LIFTS YANG QI"
chai hu jia long gu mu li tang = Bupleurum plus Dragon Bone and Oyster Shell Decoction "Calm Shen: Anchor >> Addictions, unblocks the 3 yang stages, calms the spirit"
chai hu shu gan san = Bupleurum Powder to Spread the Liver "Harmonize: LIV/SP >> Regulate LIV qi, Move Qi and Blood, any D/O due to LIV qi stagnation and qi/blood stagnation"
chan tui = Cicadae Periostracum "Exterior, Cool Herbs: Wind Heat >> internal wind, rashes, itching, throat, WH eye d/o, WH w/voice loss"
che qian zi = Plantaginis Semen "Damp: Promote Urination >> DH, solidifyStool, clrEyes, expelPhl, cough"
chen pi = Citri reticulatae Pericarpum "Regulate Qi: Digestion >> regQi MJ, qiDown, dryDamp, transPhlegm, prevents stagnantion of other herbs, compare to qing pi: gentler, more harmonious nature of Earth"
chen xiang = Aquilariae Lignum resinatum "Regulate Qi: Rebellious Qi >> rebelliousQiDown, KI grasping LU qi,"
chen xiang hua qi wan = Aquilaria Transform Qi Pills "Food Stagnation >> Stagnant Qi/Food/Damp (rebellious qi, acid reflux, epigastric pain, distension)"
chi shao = Paoniae Radix Rubra Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >> coolBlood
chi xiao dou = Phaseoli Semen "Damp: Dissipate Swelling >> edema, DH, BloodStasis, FireTox"
ching wan hung = Capital Ten Thousand Red "Heat: Cool Blood >> Burns (Clears Heat, Move Blood, Relieve Pain, Generate Flesh), also other skin heat conditions (hemorrhoids, bedsores, boils, psoriasis, eczema)"
chong lou = Paradis Rhizoma "Heat: Toxicity >> STRONG, snakebite, pain, int. W, tremors, LIV H, 'to resolve toxicity and protect the Heart', Many Types of Cancer"
chuan bei mu = Fritillariae cirrhosae Bulbus "Phlegm: Cool Herbs >> chronic cough, cough w/BloodySputum, Phl-F nodules, Non-Productive & Chronic Cough"
chuan lian zi = Toosendan Fructus Regulate Qi: Smooth Flow >> movesLIVqi&heat
chuan niu xi = Cyathulae Radix "Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >> unblocksMenses, WDBi esp lumbar"
chuan xin lian = Andrographitis Herba "Heat: Toxicity >> diarrhea, DH, Hlin, eczema, one of top 5 in category, fresh topically for snakebite"
chuan xin lian kang yan pian = Andrographis Fight Inflammation Pills "Heat: Toxicity >> Clears Heat/Toxins, Cools blood, Wind Heat"
chuan xiong = Ligusticum Chuanxiong Rhizoma "Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >> expelsWind, pain, H/A"
chuan xiong cha tiao san = Ligusticum Chuanxiong Powder to be Taken with Green Tea "Exterior, Warm Herbs: Head/Nose/Neck >> Dispel WC from Head/UJ/Exterior, Relieve Pain and H/A, any d/o due to WC/WD with pain and H/A"
ci ji li = Tribuli Fructus "Wind: Internal Wind >> LIVyang Rising, moves LIV qi, DispWH, brightens eyes, itching"
ci shi = Magnetium "Calm Shen: Anchor >> KI ears, LIVeyes, KI grasp LU qi"
ci wu jia = Eleuthrococci senticosi "Tonics: Qi >> ST/SP, warmsKI yang, calmShen, often stand-alone, invigoratesBlood, unblockCollaterals, augmentHE qi,"
ci zhu wan = Magnetite and Cinnibar Pill "Calm Shen: Anchor >> Visual and Auditory Hallucinations, improve vision and hearing"
cong bai = Alli fistulosi Bulbus "Exterior, Warm Herbs: Wind Cold >> EWC very early stage, UnB Yang, sores as poultice,"
da bu yin wan = Great Tonify Yin Pill "Heat: Deficiency >> deficiency heat, nourish KI yin, Surgically induced menopause(hysterectomy), chemo complications, hyperthyroid when there is xu heat, coughing up blood"
da chai hu tang = Major Bupleurum Decoction "Harmonize: Shaoyang >> Cool LIV/GB Heat, Harmonize ShaoYang and YangMing, any D/O due to heat and disharmony of shaoYang and yangming with Digestive distress"
da cheng qi tang = Major Order the Qi Decoction "Drain Downward: Cool Herbs >> Laxative to promote LI descent, Clear Heat, Moisten and Soften Stool, any yangming D/O with heat tangled with stool blocking intestines"
da fu pi = Arecae Pericarpum "Regulate Qi: Smooth Flow >> qiDown, ireegular/incomplete BM, proUrine"
da huang = Rhei Radix et Rhizoma "Drain Downward: Harsh Expellent >> yangming fever, drainFire, DH, proUrine, coolBlood, dispelBloodStasis, stopsBleeding"
da huang fu zi tang = Rhubarb and Prepared Aconite Decoction "Drain Downward: Warm Herbs >> Cold Stagnation causing Constipation, any D/O due to yang xu and cold tangled with stool and blocking LI"
da huang mu dan tang = Rhubarb and Moutan (Peony) Decoction "Drain Downward: Cool Herbs >> Early Stage intestinal abcess, Clear Intestinal Heat, Move Qi/Blood, Remove Stasis in LJ, any intestinal abcess D/O due to Heat with stasis of qi/blood"
da huang zhe chong wan = Rhubarb and Eupolyphaga Pill "Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >> Fixed abdominal masses from blood stasis, accummulations of dried blood, consumption(deficient blood from blood stasis)"
da ji = Cirsii japonici Herba sive Radix "Stop Bleeding: Cool Herbs >> coolsBlood, generatesFlesh, top/int, DH in GB, jaundice, hypertension"
da jian zhong tang = Major Construct the Middle Decoction "Warm Interior: Middle Jiao >> Excruciating pain from excess cold and yang deficiency, vomiting, thin/tight/wiry pulse"
da qing long tang = Major Bluegreen Dragon Decoction "Exterior, Warm Herbs: Wind Cold >> High Fever, Tai Yang Meridian Excess, Dispel WC from Body Surface and LU, moves LU Qi, warms and unblocks yang qi, moisten LU, Promote Sweating to relieve wheezing, Any d/o due to cold blocking the body surface"
da qing ye = Isatadis Folium "Heat: Toxicity >> Severe Contageous D/E, mouth ulcers, throat Bi, warm toxin rashes"
da suan = Allii sativi Bulbus "Parasites: Expel >> hookworms, pinworms, tinea of scalp, resTox, top/int"
da yuan yin = "Harmonize: Shaoyang >> Spreads Qi, penetrates to the membrane source"
da zao (hong zao) = Jujubae Fructus "Tonics: Qi >> tonifiesSP qi (w/congee), nourishesBlood, calmShen, Harmonizes Other Herbs, harmonizes Ying and Wei levels"
da zao wan = Great Creation Pill "Tonics: Yin >> LU yin Xu(dry cough), Steaming Bone, Emaciation"
dan dou chi = Sojae Semen preparatum "Exterior, Cool Herbs: Wind Heat >> WH or WC per prep., mild, irritability"
dan shen = Salviae miltiorrhizae Radix "Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >> gynecology, irritability, coolsBlood, abcess, mastitis, cardio"
dan shen yin = Salvia Decoction "Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >> MJ/Chest/Epigastric/Abdominal Blood Stasis pain, Moves Qi, Alleviates pain, Qi/Blood stagnation in MJ causing pain to radiate upward, Ulcers, restless sleep, increases microcapillary circulation and prevents clotting"
dan zhu ye = Lophatheri Herba "Heat: Fire >> irritability, mouth sores, pro-urine"
dang gui = Angelicae sinensis Radix "Tonics: Blood >> regulatesMenses, invigorates/harmonizesBlood, disperseCold, moistenIntestines, swelling, proHealing, top/int, pain"
dang gui bu xue tang = Tang Kuei Decoction to Tonify the Blood "Tonics: Qi and Blood >> Acute blood loss causing qi and blood xu, postpartum/ miscariage, excessive uterine bleeding, raise red blood cell production"
dang gui liu huang tang = Tangkuei and Six-Yellow Decoction "Stabilize and Bind: Sweat >> KI yin xu with HE fire leading to excessive sweating, nightsweats from yin xu fire, HIV/AIDS, TB, thyroid, infections"
dang gui shao yao san = TangKuei and Peony Decoction "Tonics: Blood >> LIV Blood xu/blood stasis/qi stagnation; LIV overacting on SP w/dampness, continuous mild cramping, edema of the lower limbs esp. in pregnancy"
dang gui sheng jiang yang rou tang = Mutton Stew with TangKuei and Fresh Ginger "Tonics: Blood >> postpartum abdominal pain, cold hernial or flank pain, cold in the blood"
dang gui si ni tang = TangKuei Decoction for Frigid Extremities "Warm Interior: Channels >> Cold Hands and Feet due to internal cold and Yang Xu, nourishes/moves the blood in the channels"
dang gui su = Angelica Dang-Kuei Concentrated Extract "Tonics: Blood >> Blood Deficiency, Nourishes Liver, Moistens Intestines"
dang shen = Codonopsis Radix "Tonics: Qi >> MJ/ZhongQi, ReleaseExterior/DownwardDrain w/qi xu, Not Drying/Cloying, used as a less powerful substitute for ren shen"
dao chi san = Guide Out the Red Powder "Heat: Heart >> Clear Heat in HE/SI/BL through Urine, Calm Shen, Lin syndrome due to Heat in HE/SI pouring into the BL"
dao ya = Oryzae Fructus germinatus Food Stagnation >> strenghten ST/SP
deng xin cao = Junci Medulla "Damp: Promote Urination >> DrainHeartHeat via SI, child sleep disorders, insomnia"
di fu zi = Kochiae Fructus "Damp: Promote Urination >> DH, itching"
di gu pi = Lycii Cortex "Heat: Deficiency >> yin xu, cools blood, reduce steaming"
di long = Pheretima "Wind: Internal Wind >> drains H, unblocks channels, wheezing, pro-urine, hypertension"
di yu = Sanguisorbae Radix "Stop Bleeding: Cool Herbs >> coolsBlood, bleeding in LJ due to DH, clearsHeat, generatesFlesh, burns, top/int"
die da wan = Trauma Pill "Invigorate Blood: Trauma >>
die da wan hua you = Traumatic Injury Ten-Thousand Flowers Oil "Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >> invigorates blood, disperse swelling, cools blood, stops bleeding, relieves pain"
ding chuan tang = Arrest Wheeze Decoction "Regulate Qi: Rebellious Qi >> Wheezing type patients who catch Wind Cold, Internal Phlegm Heat or Cold transforming into Heat, Regulate LU qi, Dissolve Phlegm, Relieve Asthma, Slightly Heat Clearing"
ding xiang = Caryophylli Flos "Warm Interior: Middle Jiao >> warmsMJ, rebelliousQi, aidsYang"
ding xin wan = Stabilize Heart Pill "Calm Shen: Anchor >> Calm Shen (insomnia, vivid dreams, poor concentration, mental restlessness, mental fatigue), Nourishes Heart Blood and Yin, Anchors Yang"
ding zhi wan = Settle the Emotions Pill "Calm Shen: Nourish >> tonify HE qi, calm shen, easily frightened, shock"
dong chong xia cao = Cordyceps "Tonics: Yang >> tonifiesLU yin, transPhl, stopsBleeding"
du huo = Angelicae pubescentis Radix "Damp: Wind Damp >> lower back and legs, acute/chronic, RelExt, KI H/A"
du huo ji sheng tang = Angelica Pubesens and SangJiSheng Decoction "Damp: Wind Damp >> Expels WDBi, tonifies LIV and KI, guided to the low back and knees, treats root and branch, nourishes tendons and bones"
du huo luo dan = The Greater Invigorate the Collaterals Elixer "Damp: Wind Damp >> nourishes blood/qi/yin/jing, Bi, stagnation of blood/qi"
du zhong = Eucommiae Cortex "Tonics: Yang >> tonifiesLIV&KI, strengthenSinews&Bones, pain in lower back & legs, aids smoothFlow of Blood&Qi, calmsFetus"
e jiao = Asini Corii Colla "Tonics: Blood >> stops all bleeding esp. from consumption, nourishesYin esp. LU,"
e zhu = Curcumae Rhizoma "Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >> breaksBloodStasis, movesQi, pain, masses USED FREQUENTLY WITH: san leng"
er chen tang = Two-Aged Decoction "Phlegm: Warm Herbs >> Basic for Damp and Phlegm, Combines well with tonics, any D/O due to phlegm/damp esp. in LU/ST"
er chen wan = Two Aged Pills "Phlegm: Warm Herbs >> Profuse Phlegm(expectorates more easily, white, thinner), Harmonizes ST/SP(food retention, nausea, vomiting, indigestion), Morning Sickness(caution because of ban xia)"
er ling zuo ci wan = Pill for Deafness Kind to the Left "Tonics: Yin >> Tinnitus, Hearing Loss due to KI yin xu"
er miao san = Two Marvel Powder Damp: Heat >> THE Clear Heat and Dry Damp in LJ Combination
er ming zuo ci wan = Ear Ringing = Left Loving Pills "Tonics: Jing >> ear ringing, tinnitus from deficiency"
er xian tang = Two Immortal Decoction "Tonics: Yang >> Menopause(hypertension, hot flashes, irregular bleeding), Tonifies KI Essence and Drains Empty Fire from the KI while warming KI Yang"
er zhi wan = Two Ultimate Pill Tonics: Yin >> Gentle LIV/KI Yin Tonic
fan xie ye = Cassiae Sennae Folium "Drain Downward: Harsh Expellent >> strongest purgative, acute/chronic, often used alone"
fang feng = Saposhnikoviae Radix "Exterior, Warm Herbs: Wind Cold >> all WD/O, WDBi, relieve spasm, SP/LIV DisH"
fang feng tong sheng san = Ledebouriella Powder that Sagely Unblocks "Exterior, Cool Herbs: Internal Excess >> Release Heat from TaiYang and Yangming(int/ext), any D/O due to WH on the Exterior and Heat in the blood"
fang ji huang qi tang = Stephania and Astragalus Decoction "Damp: Promote Urination >> Wind Edema due to Wei Qi Xu(spontaneous sweating, skin edema, WCD)"
fargelin / hua zhi ling wan = Transform Hemmeroids Effective Remedy Pills "Heat: Damp Heat >> Hemmerhoids(pain, bleeding, inflammation, swelling, itchiness)"
fei er wan = Fat Baby Pill Parasites: Expel >> Gan with abdominal pain and emaciation from parasites
fel ursi / xiong dan zhi chuang gao = Bear Gallbladder Hemorrhoid Ointment "Heat: Damp Heat >> Hemorrhoids (pain, bleeding, swelling, itchiness), dispels damp heat, moves blood, Relieves Pain"
feng fang = Vespae Nidus "Topical: Toxicity >> toxicity, wind, pain, toothache, WDBi, Wind rash"
fu fang xi gua shuan = Medicinal Compound Watermelon Frost "Heat: Toxicity >> Clears Heat and Toxin (sore throat, tonsillitis, Topical on sores (burns, cold sores, bleeding wounds)), Invigorates Blood, Stops Pain"
fu ke yang rong wan = Women's Nourish Luxurient-Growth Pill "Tonics: Qi and Blood >> Tonify Qi, Nourish Blood(ammenorhea, spotting, skin problems), Strengthen Uterus(habitual miscarriage, leukorrhea, postpartum hemmorage, delayed puberty)"
fu ling = Poria "Damp: Dissipate Swelling >> strengthenSP, TransPhl, calmShen"
fu pen zi = Rubi Fructus "Stabilize and Bind: Jing >> stabilizesKI, secureEssence, KI yangXu, LIV xu, eyes"
fu shen = Poria pararadisis "Damp: Dissipate Swelling >> calmShen, strengthenSP, TransPhl"
fu xiao mai = Tritici Fructus levis "Stabilize and Bind: Sweat >> HE qi, stopSweat"
fu yuan huo xue tang = Revive Health by Invigorating the Blood Decoction "Invigorate Blood: Trauma >> Broken rib or Chest injury, Severe pain in the chest"
fu zi li zhong wan = Aconite to Benefit the Center Pills "Warm Interior: Middle Jiao >> deficiency of SP qi, deficiency of yang qi, diarrhea(cock's crow, explosive), abdominal pain/distention/cramping, rectal prolapse, "
gan cao = Glycyrrhizae Radix "Tonics: Qi >> tonifiesSP qi, irregular/intermittent pulse, moistenLU, stops all coughs, spasms when combined w/bai shao, clearsHeat, latentHeat, int/top, antidote to toxins, Harmonizes Other Herbs."
gan cao gan jiang tang = Licorice and Ginger Decoction Warm Interior: Middle Jiao >> LU atrophy due to LU/ST deficiency
gan jiang = Zingerberis Rhizoma "Warm Interior: Middle Jiao >> warmsMJ for shi/xu, rescuesYang, warmsLU, transThinMucus, warmsMai, stops chronic/pale bleeding"
gan lu xiao du dan = Sweet Dew Special Pill to Eliminate Toxin "Damp: Heat >> DH Jaundice (Yang) with Heat being Primary, early stage of seasonal pathogenic disease, fever, lethargy, dark scanty urine, qi level"
gan mai da zao tang = Licorice = Wheat and Jujube Decoction "Calm Shen: Nourish >> uncontrolled crying, qi xu of HE/SP, hysteria"
gan mao ling wan = Common Cold Effective-Remedy Pills "Heat: Toxicity >> Clears and Resolves Toxins and Heat, Wind Heat"
gan sui = Euphorbia kansui Radix "Drain Downward: Harsh Expellent >> drainsWaterDown, severe water acumulation, windPhlegm, top/int. DH swellings, lypoma"
gao ben = Ligustici Rhizoma "Exterior, Warm Herbs: Wind Cold >> powerful ascending, nose, WCDBi, Best Herb for Vertex Headaches involving teeth"
ge gen = Puerariae Radix "Exterior, Cool Herbs: Wind Heat >> rel. muscle, tight up back & neck, gen. fluids, vents&discharges measles, raise Yang, diarrhea, HypTension"
ge gen huang lian huang qin tang = Kudzu = Coptis and Scutellaria Decoction "Heat: Fire >> Yangming organ excess: clumping in intestines or DH in intestines. Any severe yangming disorder (dysentery, diarrhea)"
ge gen tang = Kudzu Decoction "Exterior, Warm Herbs: Head/Nose/Neck >> Dispel WC from the Exterior and Upper Body(NECK), Warms the Channels, TaiYang/ShaoYang Channel Excess, Harmonize Ying/Wei, Pediatric Cold Diarrhea, Chronic Rhinitis"
ge jie = Gecko "Tonics: Yang >> tonifiesLU qi, tonifiesKI yang, KI grasp LU qi, augmentsEssence&Blood"
ge jie da bu wan = Gecko Great Tonifying Pills "Tonics: Yang >> KI not grasping LU qi, Tonifies KI Yang"
ge xia zhu yu tang = Drive out Stasis Below the Diaphragm "Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >> Abdominal masses, flank pain, Clears heat, guided to the LIV channel"
gou qi zi = Lycii Fructus "Tonics: Blood >> mildly tonifiesKI yang, LIV/KI Yin/Blood, tonifiesEssence, eyes, Luyin"
gou teng = Uncariae Ramulus cum Uncis "Wind: Internal Wind >> DrainsLIV H, PacLIVyang, hypertension, RelExtWH, Mut-Enh tian ma"
gu chong tang = Stabilize Gushing (Chong Mai) Decoction "Stabilize and Bind: Stabilize the Womb >> SP/Chong Deficient Flooding and Trickling of Uterine Blood, profuse/constant bleeding of pale uterine blood"
gu jing wan = Stabilize the Menses Pill "Stabilize and Bind: Stabilize the Womb >> Functional Uterine bleeding due to Heat from stagnation or yin xu, Very red/clotty blood, heat signs, irritability, LIV depressive heat assaulting Chong/Ren causing Flooding/Trickling of hot blood"
gu sui bu = Drynariae Rhizoma "Tonics: Yang >> tonifiesKI, strengthenBones, healSinews&Bones, trauma, top/int, as tincture for alopecia"
gua lou xie bai bai jiu tang = Trichosanthes Fruit = Chinese Chive and Wine Decoction "Warm Interior: Upper Jiao >> Warm Ancestral Qi of the chest, Dispel Cold in the Chest, Move qi in chest, Dissolve Phlegm, any D/O involving chest pain/pressure in chest due to yang xu w/cold/phlegm/qi staganation"
gua luo = Trichosanthis Fructus "Phlegm: Cool Herbs >> turbid Phl downward, unbinds chest, Pi/Peel- loose stools Ren/Seed- Moistens Intestines, constipation"
guan jie yan wan = Close Down Joint Inflammation Pills "Damp: Wind Damp >> dispels WD hot/cold, swelling"
gui ban = Testudinis Plastrum "Tonics: Yin >> strongly tonifiesLIV/KI, anchorsYang, yin xu w/wind symptoms, strengthenBones, stabilizes chong and ren mai, red/white vaginalDischarge or uterine bleeding, tonifiesHE, proHealing,"
gui pi tang = Restore the Spleen Decoction "Tonics: Qi and Blood >> Qi/Blood Xu of HE/SP, Palpatations, anxiety, over-thinking, worry, forgetfulness, etc., Uterine Bleeding due to SP xu"
gui zhi = Cinnamomi Radix "Exterior, Warm Herbs: Wind Cold >> rel. muscle layer, unblock yang qi, W middle, W & UnB Channels/Collaterals, Affinity4HE&Chest, Bi w/bai shao - EWD/O manifest as DisH. of wei & ying qi"
gui zhi fu ling wan = Cinnamon Twig and Poria Pill Invigorate Blood: Warm the Menses >>
gui zhi jia long gu mu li tang = Cinnamon Twig Decoction plus Dragon Bone and Oyster Shell "Stabilize and Bind: Kidneys >> Yin/Yang xu with HE/KI not communicate, Spermattorhea, Restrains essence, supresses rebellion"
gui zhi shao yao zhi mu tang = Cinnamon Twig = Peony = and Anemarrhena Decoction "Damp: Wind Damp >> WDCBi with locallized heat signs, unblocks the yang, warm painful joints with chills"
gui zhi tang = Cinnamon Decoction "Exterior, Warm Herbs: Wind Cold >> TaiYang Channel Deficiency Pattern, Release the Exterior and Expel Cold, Balances Yin/Yang(Ying/Wei Qi), Warms Channels, Release Muscle Layer, Pain, any d/o due to WC invasion and Wei Qi Xu"
hai jin sha = Lygodii Spora "Damp: Promote Urination >> stones, works with jin qian cao to clear lin, dissolve and expel stones"
hai ma = Hippocampus Tonics: Yang >> induceLabor
hai piao xiao = Sepiae Endoconcha "Stabilize and Bind: Jing >> secureEssence, stopsDischarge, ST acidity, top/int, DH skin"
hai zao yu hu tang = Sargassum Decoction for the Jade Flask Phlegm: Nodules >> goitres
han fang ji = Stephaniae tetrandrae Radix "Damp: Dissipate Swelling >> edema, WDHBi"
hao qin qing dan tang = Artemesia and Scutellaria Decoction to Clear the Gallbladder "Harmonize: Shaoyang >> Clear DH in LIV/GB, Harmonize ShaoYang/SP, rebellious ST qi, any D/O due to DH in LIV/GB or shaoyang syndrome"
he huan hua = Albiziae Flos "Calm Shen: Nourish >> Invigorates collaterals, moves LIV qi"
he huan pi = Albiziae Cortex "Calm Shen: Nourish >> moves LIV qi, trauma, abcess"
he ren yin = Polygonum Multiflorum Root and Ginseng Decoction Tonics: Qi and Blood >> Chronic Malarial Disorder
he tao ren = Juglandis Semen "Tonics: Yang >> tonifiesKI, strengthenBack&Knees, KI grasp LU qi, moistenIntestines"
hei xi dan = Lead Special Pill "Warm Interior: Rescue Yang >> Urgent Wheezing due to LU qi not being grasped by the KI, Yang Ascends Rapidly to the Chest"
hei zhi ma = Sesami Semen nigrum "Tonics: Yin >> nourishes/fortifies LIV/KI, blurred vision, galactagogue, nourishesBlood, extinguishWind, moistenIntestines"
hong hua = Carthami Flos Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >> unblockMenses
hou po = Magnoliae officionalis Cortex "Damp: Aromatic >> movesQi esp down, foodStag"
hu huang lian = Picorhizae Rhizoma "Heat: Deficiency >> Excess and Def H, Gan, DH Dysentery, DH sores"
hu lu ba = Trigonellae Semen "Tonics: Yang >> LJ cold and damp, bulging D/O"
hu po = Succinum "Calm Shen: Anchor >> Invigorates blood, UnB menses, pro-urine, xueLin, Top sores"
hu qian wan = Hidden Tiger Pill "Tonics: Yin >> Strengthens Sinews and Bones, Steaming Bones, Atrophy due to LIV/KI xu"
hua gai san = Canopy formula "Exterior, Warm Herbs: Wind Cold >> Phlegm in LU, cough, Tai Yang Meridian Excess, moves LU Qi, warms and unblocks yang qi, moisten LU, Promote Sweating to relieve wheezing,, Any d/o due to cold blocking the body surface"
hua jiao = Zanthoxyli Pericarpum "Warm Interior: Middle Jiao >> warmsMJ, parasites"
hua shi = Talcum "Damp: Promote Urination >> DH, summerHeat, Top/Int"
huai hua san = Saphora Japonica Flower Powder "Stop Bleeding: Clear Heat >> IBS/Hemmeroid/Collitis with bleeding, LIV heat/Wind w/toxic heat invading the LI, bright red bleeding from rectum associated with BM, Cools Intestines, Stops Bleeding"
huai jiao wan = Saphora Japonica Fruit Pill "Stop Bleeding: Clear Heat >> Hemmerhoids(pain, bleeding, inflammation, swelling, itchiness), Constipation"
huai niu xi = Achyranthis bidentatae Radix "Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >> gynecology, tonifyLIV&KI (prepared), movesBlood&Fire down, DH in LJ"
huang bai = Phellodendri Cortex "Heat: Damp Heat >> DH LJ, DH Jaundice, Drain F esp KI, resFireTox"
huang jiang = Polygonati Rhizoma "Tonics: Qi >> tonifiesSP qi/ST yin, moistenLU, secureEssence"
huang lian = Coptidis Rhizoma "Heat: Damp Heat >> HE and ST fire, DH MJ, vomit, acidReflux, drainFire, resTox, with rou gui for insomnia due to HE&KI incommunicatae, stop bleeding, Top for red&pain eyes and mouth ulcers"
huang lian e jiao tang = Coptis and Ass-Hide Geletin Decoction "Calm Shen: Nourish >> aftermath of febrile disease, dysentary"
huang lian jie du tang = Coptis to Expel Toxins "Heat: Toxicity >> Detoxify Toxic Heat(DH) from Three Burners, any D/O due to Toxic Heat overwhelming the 3 burners"
huang lian su wan = Coptis Teapills "Heat: Toxicity >> very cold, chinese medicine antibiotic, clears heat, resolves toxicity(intestinal bacteria, dysentary, food poisoning, appendicitis, tooth abcess, etc.)"
huang long tang = Yellow Dragon Decoction "Drain Downward: Cool Herbs >> Clear Heat and Bowel Movement, Tonify qi and blood, Protects the Normal Qi while vigorously draining downward"
huang qi = Astragali Radix "Tonics: Qi >> tonifiesBlood/Yuan qi, tonifiesSP/LU, raisesYang, tonifiesWei qi, proUrine, edema, proHealing"
huang qi gui zhi wu wu tang = Astragalus and Cinnamon Twig "Warm Interior: Channels >> Bi due to mild attack of wind and cold due to qi/blood xu esp. in the elderly, numbness"
huang qin = Scutellariae Radix "Heat: Damp Heat >> major ST+I DH herb, DH LJ, Lin, resolves Tox in UJ, stops bleeding, calms fetus from H, Liver Yang rising"
huang tu tang = Yellow Earth Decoction "Stop Bleeding: Tonify >> SP yang xu with bleeding, Abnormal uterine bleeding, blood in stools, rebellious qi with bleeding, chronic bleeding ulcers"
hui chun dan = Open Orifices: Cool Herbs >> Phlegm Heat and Wind causing acute childhood convulsions
huo luo xiao ling dan = Fantastically Effective Pill to Invigorate the Collaterals "Invigorate Blood: Trauma >> Great guiding formula for traumatic injury or abdominal masses, qi and blood stasis obstructing the collaterals and channels"
huo ma ren = Cannabis Semen "Drain Downward: Moist Laxative >> gentler than yu li ren, nourishYin, proHealing"
huo xiang = Pogstemonis Herba "Damp: Aromatic >> relExt, SummerHeat, HarmonizeMJ, stop vomit"
huo xiang zheng qi san = Agastache Powder to Rectify Qi Damp: Middle Jiao >> External Attack of WC with internal Damp and Digestive Disharmony
ji chuan tang = Benefit the River Decoction "Drain Downward: Moist Laxative >> Elderly patients with chronic constipation due to KI qi/jing deficiency, Regulate descent of LI qi, Tonify KI essence/qi/yang/blood, any constipation due to KI yang/essence/blood xu"
ji nei jin = Galli Endothelium "Food Stagnation >> strong, strengthenSP T&T, astringe, secure essence, dissolvesStones"
ji xue teng = Spatholobi Caulis "Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >> tonifyBlood, invigorateChannels, relaxSinews. Elderly"
jia jian bu zhong yi qi tang = Modified Tonify the Middle and Augment the Qi Decoction Tonics: Qi >> 4th or 5th month threatened miscarriage
jia jian wei rui tang = Modified Polygonatum Odoratum Decoction "Exterior, Cool Herbs: Internal Deficiency >> Dispel WH/D invading TaiYang and upper LU, Moisten LU Yin and Body Fluids, any D/O due to WH/D invading the LU causing/with background of LU Yin Deficiency "
jia wei xiao yao wan = Added Ingredients Free and Relaxed Pills (Relaxed and Easy Wanderer Plus) "Harmonize: LIV/SP >> Clear Liver Heat(heavy menses, strong menstrual cramps, irritability, breast tenderness), Harmonize Liver and Spleen(strengthen digestion, move qi, stop pain), Move and Tonify Blood and Qi"
jiang huang = Curcumae longae Rhizoma "Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >> unblockMenses, movesQi in MJ, pain in MJ, WDBi esp shoulder"
jiang ya cha = Lower (Blood) Pressure Tea "Wind: Internal Wind >> Settle the Liver, Extinguish Wind, Subdues Yang"
jiao ai tang = Ass-Hide Gelatin and Mugwort Decoction "Stop Bleeding: Tonify >> Threatened Miscarriage, Deficient presentation with Uterine Bleeding and Threatened Miscarriage due to Injury to Chong/Ren, abdomnal pain with uterine bleeding, spotting"
jiao ai wan = Gelatin = Artemesia Pills "Calm Fetus: Warm Herbs >> Calms Fetus, Warms and Invigorates Blood, Stops Bleeding, Nourish Blood (postpartum, Regulate Menses (perimenopause with prolonged bleeding due to cold and xu)"
jie geng = Platycodi Radix "Phlegm: Warm Herbs >> UnB sinus, moves LU qi, Throat, expels pus, LU&Thr abcess, directs actions of other herbs to head and face"
jie geng wan = Platycodon Pills "Phlegm: Warm Herbs >> Phlegm (LU, throat, hot/cold), Cough, diffuses LU qi, used as an envoy for the throat"
jin gu die shang wan = Muscle = Bone = traumatic Injury Pill "Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >> trauma w/sprain/strain/fracture, moves blood, strengthens bones and sinews"
jin gu die shang wan = Muscle = Bone Traumatic Injury Pill "Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >> Trauma (Sprains, Strains, Fractures, Stops Bleeding, Bruising), Moves Blood, Strengthens Sinew and Bone"
jin gui shen qi wan = Kidney Qi Pill from the Golden Cabinet "Tonics: Yang >> Tonifies KI Qi/Yang, Regulates Fluid Metabolism, Tonifies Ming Men Fire, Leads the MingMen Fire back to the Kidneys, Urinary Difficulty, Edema"
jin ling zi san = Melia Toosendan Powder (Gold Bell Powder) "Regulate Qi: Smooth Flow >> Costal Pain, Move Qi/Blood, Clear Heat due to stagnation, any D/O due to qi and blood stagnation causing pain"
jin qian cao = Lysmachia Herba "Damp: Heat >> DH in LIV/GB,
jin suo gu jing wan = Metal Lock Pill to Stabilize the Essence "Stabilize and Bind: Jing >> Stabilizes KI and Secures Semen, KI essence/Qi deficiency, Male Infertility, Impotence"
jin yin hua = Lonicerae Flos "Heat: Toxicity >> breast, throat, eye, intestinal abcess, DH in LJ, ExtWH, Mutually Enhanced by lian qiao"
jin ying zi = Rosae laevigatae Fructus "Stabilize and Bind: Jing >> secureEssence, stabilizeKI, diarrhea"
jing jie = Schizonepetae Herba "Exterior, Warm Herbs: Wind Cold >> WC or WH, vent rash, itching,stop bleeding"
jiu wei qiang huo tang = Nine-Herb Decoction wih Notopterygium "Exterior, Warm Herbs: Mild >> Release WCD from the exterior, Cool Blood, any d/o caused by WCD with internal heat, Toothache"
jiu xian san = Nine-Immortal Powder "Stabilize and Bind: Lung Yin >> Chronic unremitting cough caused by LU qi xu, TB, chronic bronchitis, emphezema"
ju hua = Chrysanthemi Flos "Exterior, Cool Herbs: Wind Heat >> calms LIV, clear eyes, int. Wi, resolves toxicity"
ju hua cha tiao san = Chrysanthemum Powder to be Taken with Green Tea "Exterior, Neutral Herbs: Head/Nose/Neck >> Dispel W from Head/Exterior, Relieve H/A w/pain/itching, any d/o due to WH in exterior in Head w/ skin issues"
ju yuan jian = Lift the Source Tonics: Qi >> collapse of yang due to loss of blood
juan bi tang = Remove Painful Obstruction Decoction from Medical Relavations "Damp: Wind Damp >> removes WD and alleviates Bi, heaviness in limbs"
jue ming zi = Cassiae Semen "Heat: Fire >> nour LIV/KI yin, exc/def eyes, Rising Liv yang, hypertension, constipation, atherosclerosis"
ke xue fang = Coughing of Blood Formula "Stop Bleeding: Clear Heat >> TB and Brochiectasis, blood streaked sputum, bitter taste in the mouth, LIV fire attacking LU"
ku lian pi = Meliae Cortex "Parasites: Expel >> roundworm, pinworm, hookworm, vaginal trichomonas, Top w/vinegar paste for tinea"
ku shen = Sophorae flavescentis Radix "Heat: Damp Heat >> DH LJ, Disperse W, parasites, itching, pro-urine, Hlin"
kuan dong hua = Tussilago Farfarae Flos "Cough and Wheeze: Stop >> any cough, moistens LU"
lai fu zi = Raphani Semen "Food Stagnation >> belching, descendQi, reduce Phl, cough/wheeze"
li dan pian = Benefit Gallbladder Tablets "Heat: Damp Heat >> Clear DH and expels stones(Gallstones, hypochondriac pain, referred pain in the shoulder, jaundice, thick tongue coating), Moves Liver Qi Stagnation, Clears Heat and Toxin"
li zhong wan = Regulate the Middle Pill "Warm Interior: Middle Jiao >> Basic Formula for Cold from Deficient Middle Jiao, SP Yang Xu, Gastritis, Cold ulcers"
lian li tang = Coptis Decoction to Regulate the Middle Warm Interior: Middle Jiao >> hot presentation of above
lian po yin = Coptis and Magnolia Bark Decoction "Damp: Heat >> Sudden Turmoil due to DH, clear heat, trans damp, focal distention"
lian qiao = Forsythiae Fructus "Heat: Toxicity >> ExtWH, Mutually Enhances jin yin hua"
lian zi = Nelumbinis Semen "Stabilize and Bind: Jing >> tonifiesSP&KI, secureEssence, calmShen, HE&KI communication"
liang fu wan = Galangal and Cyperus Pill "Warm Interior: Lower Jiao >> Painful Menses due to Cold, any D/O due to cold MJ with qi stagnation"
liang ge san = Cool the Diaphragm Powder "Drain Downward: Cool Herbs >> UJ and MJ excess and Stagnant heat with discomfort in the diaphragm area, Constipation, Emotional symptoms, Soothe the Liver, any D/O due to Heat in UJ and MJ with constipation"
ling gui zhu gan tang = Poria = Cinnamon = White Atractylodes and Licorice Decoction "Phlegm: Warm Herbs >> Congested fluids in the Epigastrum, SOB, Watery Sputum, Phlegm Fluids in UJ"
ling zhi = Ganoderma "Calm Shen: Nourish >> LU Tonic, Qi Tonic, Blood Tonic, TransPhl"
liu huang = Sulfur "Topical: Toxicity >> toxicity, parasites, itching, scabies, tinea"
liu jun zi tang = Six Gentlemen Tonics: Qi >> Harmonizes the MJ and Dispels/Transforms Damp/Phlegm
liu jun zi wan = Six Gentlemen Pills "Tonics: Qi >> Tonifies/Harmonizes SP/ST, transforms phlegm and damp, rebellious ST qi"
liu shen wan = Six Gods Pill "Heat: Toxicity >> anti-bacterial, toxic heat in throat(strep), "
liu wei di huang wan = Six-Rehmannia Pill "Tonics: Yin >> Enrich Yin and Drain Damp, Regulate SP, Nourish LIV/KI"
liu yi san = Six to One Powder Heat: SummerHeat >> Summerheat with Damp
long dan cao = Gentianae Radix "Heat: Damp Heat >> DH LIV&GB channels, Ear Infctn, LIV F, LIV WH, fever, spasm, convulsions, flank pain, TurLin"
long dan xie gan tang = Gentiana Decoction to Drain the Liver "Heat: Damp Heat >> Excess/Toxic DH in LIV/GB, Clear Shaoyang Heat, Drain Damp, Sooth Liver, any D/O due to LIV Heat(WH, DH, LIV yang rising)"
long gu = Draconis Os "Calm Shen: Anchor >> calm LIV, chronic sores, DaiMai, astringent"
long yan rou = Longan Arillus "Tonics: Blood >> tonifiesBlood/Qi, calmShen, tonifiesHE/SP"
lu gan shi = Calamina "Topical: Damp >> eyes, pus from open sores"
lu gen = Phragmitis Rhizoma "Heat: Fire >> nausea, gen fluids, pro-urine, vent rashes, phlem"
lu hui = Aloe "Drain Downward: Purgative >> coolsLIV, parasites, strengthenST"
lu lu tong = Liquidambaris Fructus "Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >> movesQi, opens MJ, WDBi, expelsWind, proUrine"
lu rong = Cervi Cornu pantotricum "Tonics: Yang >> Strongest in Category, regulatesRen&Chong, stabilizesDai, tonifiesDu, augmentsEssence&Blood, strengthenSinews&Bones, tonifies/nourishesQi&Blood, yin-type boils"
luo han guo zhi ke chung ji = Loquat Syrup "Cough and Wheeze: Stop >> dry cough syrup, clears heat, nourishes yin"
ma bo = Lasioshpaera/Calvatia "Heat: Toxicity >> LU, throat, stop bleeding esp mouth, Top/Int"
ma chi xian = Portulacae Herba "Heat: Toxicity >> DH, Fire-Tox or bacillary dysentery, Hot+BloodLin, red+white Vag DisChrg, Top/Int, stings, snakebite, stops bleeding esp postpartum"
ma huang = Ephedrae Herba "Exterior, Warm Herbs: Wind Cold >> induce sweat, disperse LU qi, calm wheeze, promote urine"
ma huang gen = Ephedrae Radix "Stabilize and Bind: Sweat >> inhibitsExterior, stopSweat"
ma huang tang = Ephedra Decoction "Exterior, Warm Herbs: Wind Cold >> Tai Yang Meridian Excess, Dispel WC from Body Surface and LU, moves LU Qi, warms and unblocks yang qi, moisten LU, Promote Sweating to relieve wheezing, Any d/o due to cold blocking the body surface"
ma huang xi xin fu zi tang = Ephedra = Asarum and Prepared Aconite Decoction "Exterior, Warm Herbs: Internal Deficiency >> Dispel WC from Exterior and Meridians, Warm and Tonify Yang (deep slow pulse), any D/o due to WC on the Exterior and in the Meridians with Yang Deficiency(Interior Cold)"
ma xing shi gan tang = Ephedra = Apricot Kernal = Gypsum = and Licorice Decoction "Heat: Lung >> Heat in the Lungs, Clear Heat at Qi level, Stop Wheezing and Regulate LU qi, any D/O with Fever, Thirst, Wheezing, Cough, Nasal Flaring, 4 bigs, *childrens bedwetting"
ma zi ren wan = Hemp Seed Pill "Drain Downward: Moist Laxative >> Mild dry heat ccumulation in the ST and Intestines, Good for Older patients with chronic constipation, Regulate LU/LI qi, Clear Heat, Moisten Intestines, Soothe the LIV"
mai men dong = Ophiopogonis Radix "Tonics: Yin >> moistenLU, ST yin, moistenIntestines, clearsHeat from HE"
mai men dong tang = Ophiopogon Decoction "Tonics: Yin >> Tonify Yin esp. ST/LU, Tonify Qi esp. ST/LU, any D/O due to Yin Xu causing rebellious qi (cough)"
mai wei di huang wan = Ophiopogon = Schisandra = Rehmannia Pills Tonics: Yin >> Lung Distress due to yin xu
mai ya = Hordei Fructus germinatus "Food Stagnation >> mild stregthenSP/ST, poorly digested milk in infants, apetite, restrains lactation, MovesLivQi"
man jing zi = Viticus Fructus "Exterior, Cool Herbs: Wind Heat >> ascending, head & eyes, an aux. for WDBi"
mang xiao = Natrii Sulfas "Drain Downward: Purgative >> moistensDryness, softensHardness, drainsFire, reduceSwelling, early stages breastAbcess, topical for lactation promotion"
mei gui hua = Rosae rugosae Flos "Regulate Qi: Smooth Flow >> LivSTdisharmony, regBlood and Menses"
mi meng hua = Buddlejae Flos Heat: Fire >> benefits eyes by tonifying Liver yin and cooling Liver Heat
ming mu di huang wan = Bright Eyes Rehmannia Pills "Tonics: Yin >> eye disorders due to yin deficiency with heat, Liver wind and Liver blood xu"
ming mu shang qing pian = Bright Eyes Upper Clearing Tablets "Heat: Liver >> Clear Heat from the eyes(red eyes, conjunctivitis, sty, burning), supports yin, resolves toxin, dispel wind, "
mo han lian = Ecliptae Herba "Tonics: Yin >> nourishes/tonifies LIV/KI, coolsBlood, stopBleeding, emptyHeat w/bleeding"
mo yao = Myrrha "Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >> movesQi, prohealing of sores/wounds USED FREQUENTLY WITH: ru xiang"
mu dan pi = Moutan Cortex "Heat: Cool Blood >> Clear deficient fire, invigorate blood, Liv fire, drain pus"
mu gua = Chaenomelis Fructus "Damp: Wind Damp >> severe cramping pain, Harmonizes SP/ST, TransDamp, FoodStagnation"
mu li = Ostreae Concha "Calm Shen: Anchor >> yin tonic, astringent, softens hardness, lumps, gastric acidity, often with long gu"
mu li san = Oyster Shell Powder Stabilize and Bind: Sweat >> Wei qi and/or yin xu with Spontaneous sweating/night sweats/menopausal combined with shen disturbance/easily startled
mu tong = Akebiae Caulis "Damp: Promote Urination >> DH, DrainHeartHeat via SI, galactagogue"
mu xiang = Aucklandiae Radix "Regulate Qi: Smooth Flow >>
mu xiang bing lang wan = Aucklandia and Betel Nut Pill "Food Stagnation >> DH Food Stagnation, Dissolve and Purge Food Stasis (da huang), Move Qi, Clear Heat, any digestive D/O due to Food Stasis in MJ or Intestines w/qi stagnation and heat"
mu xiang shun qi wan = Auklandia Pills "Harmonize: LIV/SP >> Harmonizes Liver and Stomach (Epigastric pain, abdominal pain, borborygmus), Deficiency of SP Qi and Yang (Sensitive to cold foods, digestive xu)"
nan gua zi = Curcurbitae moshatae Semen "Parasites: Expel >> stand-alone for tapeworms, roundworms. Bloodflukes. galactagogue"
nan sha shen = Adenophorae Radix "Tonics: Yin >> Moistens LU, expelPhlegm, NourishST, moistenSkin, lighter in weight and less dense than bei sha shen"
ning sou wan = Peaceful Cough Pills "Phlegm: Cool Herbs >> Transforms Phlegm, Nourishes LU yin, relieves cough(acute, chronic), clears heat"
niu bang zi = Arctii Fructus "Exterior, Cool Herbs: Wind Heat >> clears int. H toxin, THROAT, pro-B.M., vents rashes, offsets toxins from Acetaminophen"
niu huang = Bovis Calculus "Open Orifices: Cool Herbs >> H Phl Obstr. PC, Extinguishes LIV Wind from H, FireTox, Top for swollen and painful gums"
niu huang jie du pian = Ox Gallstone Resolve Toxin Pill "Heat: Toxicity >> high fever with constipation, clear heat, resolves toxin(infections of the mouth/face, skin, herpes simplex), frees stool, open orifices, relieve pain, esp good with children that have fever with constipation"
niu huang qing xin wan = Ox Gallstone Clear Heart Pills "Calm Shen: Relieve Toxicity >> Calm Shen (mania), Clear Heat, Resolve Toxins, Open Orifice, Move Blood"
nu zhen zi = Ligustri lucidi Fructus "Tonics: Yin >> nourishes/tonifies LIV/KI, premature grey hair, emptyHeat, vision, Least cloying in category"
nuan gan jian = Warm the Liver Decoction "Warm Interior: Lower Jiao >> Cold Hernial Disorder with Swelling of the Scrotum, any D/O due to coldin LIV blood/vesels/meridians leading to qi and blood stagnation"
ou jie = Nelumbinis Nodus rhizomatis Stop Bleeding: Neutral Herbs >> reducesStasis
pe min kan wan (bi min gan wan) = Specially Effective Nasal Susceptibility Pill "Exterior, Warm Herbs: Wind Cold >> Nasal Congestion(yellow, hot, stubborn), secondarily for Ears, Wind Heat, transforms phlegm, dispels turbidity, clears toxins"
pi pa ye = Eriobotryae Folium "Cough and Wheeze: Stop >> LU Heat, LU dry, ST H, ST qi down"
ping chuan wan = Calm Wheezing Pills "Tonics: Yang >> Tonifies LU qi, Tonifies KI qi/yang, KI grasping LU qi, calms wheezing, relieves cough with phlegm"
ping wei pian = Calm the Stomach Tablets "Tonify: Qi >> Tonify Spleen Qi(fatigue, flabby tongue, weak pulse, chronic loose stool, colic), Redirect Stomach Qi, Dispels Damp"
ping wei san = Calm Stomach Powder "Damp: Middle Jiao >> Basic Formula for Damp/Cold/Phlegm in MJ(dsitention and fullness in epgastrum, heavyness, SP Xu, stagnation)"
pu gong ying = Taraxaci Herba "Heat: Toxicity >> breast or intestine abcess tea int/top, Liver eyes(steam), DH M+LJ, galactagogue"
pu huang = Typhae Pollen "Stop Bleeding: Neutral Herbs >> astringent, trauma, invigoratesBlood, displelsBloodStasis, proUrine, hotLin"
pu ji xiao du yin = Universal Benefit Decoction to Eliminate Toxin "Heat: Toxicity >> Detoxify Toxic Heat from UJ, Dispel WH, Dispel Swelling and Stasis, Sooth Throat, any D/O with sore throat and swollen glands due to Toxic Heat and WH in UJ"
qi bao mei ran dan = Seven Treasure Special Pill for Beautiful Whiskers "Tonics: Yin >> Premature Grey/Loss of Hair/Aging, Nourishes LIV Blood/Yin"
qi ju di huang wan = lycium = chrysanthemum = rehmannia pills Tonics: Yin >> eye disorders due to yin deficiency
qi li san = Seven-Thousandths of a Tael Powder "Invigorate Blood: Trauma >> Severe Injury to Tendon and Bones, hematoma"
qi she (rou) = Agkistrodon Damp: Wind Damp >> Powerfully unblocks channels & extinguishes Wind: esp. internal and skin
qi wei bai zhu san = Seven Ingredient Powder with White Atractylodes "Tonics: Qi >> kids, more diarrhea and SP qi deficiency"
qi ye lian = Schefflera Relieve Pain Tablets "Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >> Pain (moves blood, opens channels and collaterals, relieves pain)"
qian cao = Rubiae Radix "Stop Bleeding: Cool Herbs >> coolsBlood, invigoratesBlood, any bleeding"
qian hu = Peucedani Radix "Phlegm: Cool Herbs >> directs qi downward, WH esp. constraining LU, drains LU H"
qian niu zi = Pharbitidis Semen "Drain Downward: Purgative >> gentlest in subcategory, heat in Qi level, proUrine, expelPhl from LU, unblockBowels, parasites, reduceStag, unblocks all three burners"
qian shi = Euryales Semen "Stabilize and Bind: Jing >> strengthenSP, good for kids, tonifiesKI, secureEssence, expelDamp, vaginalDischarge"
qian zheng san = Rectify Symmetry Powder Wind: Channels >> Wind-Phlegm Bells Palsy
qiang huo = Notoptergii Rhizoma su Radix "Exterior, Warm Herbs: Wind Cold >> WDBi Arms & Back , qi DU&UB, Best Herb for Occipital Headaces"
qiang huo sheng shi tang = Notopterygium Decoction to Overcome Dampness "Damp: Wind Damp >> Neck Pain, Heavy and Painful Head, Expels WD in the upper body blocking the channels for H/A w/neck and shoulder pain"
qin jiao = Gentianae macrophyllae Radix "Damp: Wind Damp >> Bi in Extremities, HotBi, DefHeat-Steaming Bone, jaundice, DH, Moistens I"
qin jiao bie jia san = Gentiana QinJiao and Soft-Shelled Turtle Shell Powder "Heat: Deficiency >> Dispel Wind and Release Exterior, Clear LU/KI Yin Deficiency, any D/O w/heat due to/causing LU/KI Yin Xu"
qing dai = Indigo Naturalis "Heat: Toxicity >> cools blood, maculae, nosebleeds, swelling, throat, mouth sores, mumps, internally or externally. LIV F, SumH, LU H, cough from LIV accost LU"
qing fei yi huo pian = Clear Lungs = Restrain Fire Tablet "Phlegm: Cool Herbs >> clear LU fire, eliminates phlegm, drains liver fire, moistens throat, frees the stool, relieves cough(barking cough)"
qing gu san = Cool the Bones Powder "Heat: Deficiency >> Dispel Wind and Release Exterior, Clear Yin Deficiency, any D/O w/heat due to/causing Yin Xu"
qing hao = Artemisiae annuae Herba "Heat: Deficiency >> sumH, fever from bloodDef, steaming bone, cools blood, stop bleeding, Malaria"
qing hao bie jia tang = Artemisia Annua and Soft-Shelled Turtle Shell Decoction "Heat: Deficiency >> Clear Empty Heat, Deep Heat, Mysterious Fevers, Nourish Yin, any febrile D/O due to deficiency(night fever, fatigue, less sweating)"
qing jing zhi xue tang = Cool the Menses and Stop Bleeding Decoction Stop Bleeding: Clear Heat >> Excess heat and Uterine Bleeding
qing pi = Citri reticulatae viride Pericarpum "Regulate Qi: Smooth Flow >> strongly movesLivQi, breast, clumps, compare to chen pi: characteristic of Wood, more fierce"
qing qi hua tan tang = Clear Qi and Transform Phlegm Decoction "Phlegm: Cool Herbs >>
qing re zhi beng tang = Clear Heat and Stop Excessive Uterine Bleeding "Stop Bleeding: Clear Heat >> Abnormal Uterine Bleeding with Heat in the Blood, Reckless movement of hot LIV blood, Nourish Yin"
qing shu yi qi tang = Clear Summerheat and Augment the Qi Decoction Heat: SummerHeat >> Summerheat in Dry Climates
qing wei san = Clear the Stomach Decoction "Heat: Stomach >> Clear Yangming channel or Organ Heat, Clear Heat in Blood/LIV, Nourish Yin/Blood, any D/O due to ST Heat Flaring up"
qing ying tang = Clear the Nutritive Level Decoction "Heat: Ying/Xue >> Clear Heat from the Blood at Ying Level, Guide Heat out of Blood through Wei and Qi levels, any Febrile D/O due to Heat/Toxic Heat at Ying Level"
qing zao jiu fei tang = Eliminate Dryness and Rescue Lung Decoction "Tonics: Yin >> Clear and Moisten Dryness, Qi and Yin Xu (deeper), Clear LU Heat at Wei/Qi levels, Regulate LU qi, Relieve Constipation"
qu ju di huang wan = Lyceum Fruit = Chrysanthemum = Rehmannia Pill "Tonics: Yin >> Dry eyes with diminished visual acuity, KI/LIV yin xu"
qu mai = Dianthi Herba "Damp: Promote Urination >> DrainHeartHeat via SI, DH, allLin, BloodStasis in combo, commonly combined with bian xu"
quan xie = Scorpio "Wind: Internal Wind >> Strong, UnB Collaterals, pain, FireTox, nodules, Mut-Enh wu gong"
ren shen = Ginseng Radix "Tonics: Qi >> stopsHemmorage, powerfully tonifiesYuan qi (can be stand alone), stregthenSP/ST, tonifiesLUqi, genFluids, stopsThirst, calmShen"
ren shen bai du san = Ginseng to Overcome Pathogenic Factors "Exterior, Neutral Herbs: Internal Deficiency >> promote LU Qi, Relieve Symptoms of Cough and Phlegm in LU, Tonify and Move SP/LU Qi, any D/O due to WC on the Exterior and in LU with underlying SP/LU Qi Deficiency, helps with body aches"
ren shen ge jie san = Ginseng and Gecko Powder "Tonics: Qi >> Asthma from Qi Xu with heat/phlegm causing cough/wheezing, KI grasp the LU qi"
ren shen hu tao tang = Ginseng and Walnut Decoction Tonics: Qi >> KI grasping LU qi
rou cong rong = Cistanches Herba "Tonics: Yang >> tonifiesKI yang, augmentsEssence&Blood, warmsWomb, moistenIntestines"
rou dou kou = Myristicae Semen "Stabilize and Bind: Intestinal Leakage >> chronic cold diarrhea from SP xu, warmsMJ, ""dysenteric disorders: with rice congee. Vomiting/diarrhea: taken with fresh ginger tea"""
rou gui = Cinnamomi Cortex "Warm Interior: Three Jiao >> warms/fortifies KI/SP/HE Yang, wheezing, KI/LU qi, unblocksMai, pain, upward-float YangXu, qi/bloodTonic, bloodMover"
ru xiang = Olibanum "Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >> movesQi, invigorateMai, pain, prohealing of sores/wounds USED FREQUENTLY WITH: mo yao"
run chang wan = Moisten Intestine Pill "Drain Downward: Moist Laxative >> Moisten Intestines, Good for weak/xu patients, Nourish Yin and Blood, Move Bowel, any chronic constipation with dry stools due to yin/blood xu"
run chang wan/ tao ren wan = Moisten Intestine Pill/ Peach Kernal Pills "Drain Downward: Moist Laxative >> Moisten Intestines, Constipation(yin xu, blood xu, travel- not enough water or drying out from airplane air)"
sai mei an = Beat (Stomach) Rot for Peacefulness "Heat: Stomach >> Stomach Fire, Stop Stomach Rebellion(Acid Reflux, Stomach Ulcer, Epigastric Pain), Regenerate Stomach(restore lining, stop bleeding)"
san leng = Sparganii Rhizoma "Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >> breaksBloodStasis, movesQi, pain, masses USED FREQUENTLY WITH: e zhu"
san qi = Notoginseng Radix "Stop Bleeding: Warm Herbs >> transformsBloodStasis, trauma"
san ren tang = Three Nut Decoction "Damp: Heat >> DH in UJ&MJ with Damp being Primary, regulate qi, early stage of dampness invasion or summerheat, D between wei and qi levels"
san she dan chuan bei mu = snake gallbladders with Fritellaria liquid "Phlegm: Cool Herbs >> phlegm, heat, toxins, moistens throat, relieves cough"
san wu bei ji wan = Three-Substance Pill for Emergencies Drain Downward: Warm Herbs >> Harshly purges Cold Accumulation
san zi yang qin tang = Three-Seed Decoction to Nourish One's Parents "Phlegm: Warm Herbs >> Severe Phlegm with Cold-Damp, Food stagnation blocking Epigastrum and Chest, Can treat D/O with deficiency"
sang ao tang = Three Unbinding Formula "Exterior, Warm Herbs: Wind Cold >> Not as strong as Ma Huang Tang, Tai Yang Meridian Excess, Dispel WC from Body Surface and LU, moves LU Qi, moisten LU, Promote Sweating to relieve wheezing, Any d/o due to cold blocking the body surface"
sang bai pi = Mori Cortex "Cough and Wheeze: Stop >> LU Heat, Pro-Urine, Hypertension"
sang ji sheng = Taxilla Herba "Damp: Wind Damp >> Tonify LIV/KI, Nourish Blood, calms fetus, galactagogue, skin"
sang ju yin = Mulberry Leaf and Chrysanthemum Decoction "Exterior, Cool Herbs: Wind Heat >> Relieve Cough and Regulate LU Qi, Dispel WH from Exterior/Wei Qi/UJ, any d/o due to WH violating exterior/wei qi/exterior"
sang piao xiao = Mantidis Ootheca "Stabilize and Bind: Jing >> tonifiesKI, assistsYang, secureEssence, containsUrine, bedwetting"
sang piao xiao san = Mantis Egg-Case Powder "Stabilize and Bind: Kidneys >> Tonifies HE/KI, Stabilizes essence and stops leakage, frequent/incontinence of urination, cloudy urine combined with spermattorhea"
sang shen = Mori Fructus "Tonics: Blood >> tonifiesBlood/Yin, moistenIntestines"
sang xing tang = Mulberry Leaf and Apricot Kernal Decoction "Exterior, Cool Herbs: Wind Dryness >> Clear Warm Dryness and Moisten LU, Clear WH, any D/O due to WHDryness in exterior and LU"
sang ye = Mori Folium "Exterior, Cool Herbs: Wind Heat >> clears eyes, liver H, dry LU, cools Blood, Stop Bleeding"
sang zhi = Mori Ramulus "Damp: Wind Damp >> itching esp upper limbs, HotBi in upper extremities"
sha ren = Amomi Fructus "Damp: Aromatic >> movesQi, strengthenSP, appetite, warmsMJ, diarrhea, calmFetus, used w/formulas to preventStag i.e. TonifyYin herbs"
sha shen mai men dong tang = Tonics: Yin >> Dryness attacking LU and ST
sha yuan zi = Astragali complanati Semen "Tonics: Yang >> secureEssence, nourishLiver"
shan dou gen = Sophorae tonkinensis Radix "Heat: Toxicity >> throat (gargle), Cancer of Throat and Lung, parasites"
shan yao = Dioscoreae Rhizoma "Tonics: Qi >> SP/ST, LU Qi/Yin, tonifiesKI Yin/Yang, astringes, Mild Herb that is often eaten."
shan zha = Crataegi Fructus "Food Stagnation >> meat/greasy foods, bloodStasis, dissClumps, diarrhea, hypertension, coronary artery disease, elevSerum cholesterol, prolonged lochia"
shan zhu yu = Corni Fructus "Stabilize and Bind: Jing >> stabilizeKI, secureEssence, excessSweat, shock, tonifiesLIV&KI, stabilizeMenses, stopBleeding"
shang lu = Phytolaccae Radix "Drain Downward: Purgative >> expels urine and feces, top/int, hotSores, tincture for mastitis"
shao fu zhu yu tang = Drive Out Stasis in the Lower Abdomen "Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >> abdominal masses, fibroids, cysts, cooling"
shao yao gan cao tang = Peony and Licorice Decoction "Tonics: Blood >> Spasm and cramping pain, irritability, cramps in hands/abdomen/calves with blood xu"
shao yao tang = Peony Decoction "Damp: Heat >> Acute Bacterial Dysentary D/O or intestinal inflammation, blood and pus, regulates blood and qi, clears heat, resolves toxicity"
she chuang zi = Cnidii Fructus "Topical: Damp >> strongly warms KI yang, dampness, itching, parasites, (genital area), dispelsW, dryDamp"
she gan = Belamcandae Rhizoma "Heat: Toxicity >> throat, Trans. Phlem in LU, treats hot or cold phlem"
she xiang = Moshus "Open Orifices: Warm Herbs >> Intensely aromatic to open all orifices, Hot/Cold, Invigorates Blood, hastens delivery of stillborn or placenta"
shen fu tang = Ginseng and Prepared Aconite Decoction "Warm Interior: Rescue Yang >> Devastated Yang and Collapse of Qi due to Shock (hemmorhage, cardiac failure)"
shen jin cao = Lycopodii Herba "Damp: Wind Damp >> joint flexion/extention, relaxes sinews, trauma, blood stasis"
shen ling bai zhu san = Ginseng = Poria and White Atractylodes Powder Tonics: Qi >> chronic diarrhea from SP dampness and MJ disharmony
shen qu = Massa Medicata Fermentata "Food Stagnation >> alchohol/Starch, movesQi, use w/minerals to aid digestion/absorbtion"
sheng di huang = Rehmanniae Radix "Heat: Cool Blood >> nourishes yin, hemmorage"
sheng hua tang = Generation and Transformation Decoction "Invigorate Blood: Warm the Menses >> Retained lochia, invasion to cold/infection before and after birth- abdominal pain and cramping, "
sheng jiang = Zingiberis Rhizoma Recens "Exterior, Warm Herbs: Wind Cold >> nausea/vomit, coughing, phlem, MJ, resolves herb toxicity"
sheng ling bai zhu pian = Ginseng = Poria = Atractylodes Tablets "Tonify: Qi >> Harmonizes ST/SP(tonify SP, diarrhea, acid reflux)"
sheng ma = Cimicifugae Rhizoma "Exterior, Cool Herbs: Wind Heat >> vent measles, res. toxicity, raise yang, upward guide,"
sheng ma ge gen tang = Cimicifuga and Kudzu Decoction "Exterior, Cool Herbs: Internal Excess >> Dispel WH from ext. and channels, Cool and move blood, Express Measles/rashes, any febrile D/O d/t WH invading lung, ext.. and skin/blood."
sheng mai san = Generate the Pulse Powder "Tonics: Qi >> LU qi/yin xu w/chronic cough, palpitations, shortness of breath"
sheng tang zhu yu tang = Drive Out Stasis From a Painful Body "Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >> Bi and Qi/Blood stasis, trauma"
sheng tie luo yin = Iron Filings Decoction "Calm Shen: Anchor >> HE/LIV fire with phlegm causing manic behavior (shouting, yeling w/o reason)"
sheng xian tang = Raising the Sinking Decoction "Tonics: Qi >> raises sinking, can be a modifying formula"
sheng yang yi wei tang = Raise the Yang and Benefit the Stomach Decoction Tonics: Qi >> problems in the LU leading to LJ leakage
sheng yu tang = Sage-Like Healing Decoction "Tonics: Blood >> ammenorhea, sores, qi and blood xu with qi deficient bleeding and blood stasis characterized by chronic menstrual cramps at any time of the month"
shi chang pu = Acori tatarinowii Rhizoma "Open Orifices: Warm Herbs >> dislodges phlegm, calms shen, gentle, TransDamp, awakens SP, moves qi"
shi gao = Gypsum Fibrosa "Heat: Fire >> Lung Excess-Heat, use in/out for Skin Heat, Toothache, 4 Bigs- YangMing D/O, Coldest Herb in Materia Medica"
shi hu = Dendrobii Herba "Tonics: Yin >> clearsHeat, genFluids, postFebrile dryness, tonifyKI, emptyHeat, augmentsEssence, brightensEyes"
shi hu ye guang wan = Dendrobium Pill for Night Vision Tonics: Yin >> Cateracts
shi hui san = Ten Partially-Charred Substances Powder "Stop Bleeding: Clear Heat >> Bleeding from Fire rising with rebellious qi(vomiting, spitting, coughing blood, Yangming Fire), reckless movement with hot blood"
shi jue ming = Haliotidis Concha "Wind: Internal Wind >> nourishes LIVyin, DrainsLIV, anchors&sedates LIVyang, hypertension, LIV H eyes, gastricAcidity, Top for bleeding"
shi jun zi = Quisqualis Fructus "Parasites: Expel >> roundworms, pinworms, strengthenSP, dissolvesAccumulations, gan, good for kids,"
shi pi yin = Bolster the Spleen Decoction Damp: Aromatic >> SP/KI yang xu with yin edema
shi quan da bu wan = Ten Inclusive Great Tonifying Pills "Tonics: Qi and Blood >> Qi and blood xu, cold, mild yang xu, digestive cold, loose stools"
shi wen = Pyrrosiae Folium "Damp: Promote Urination >> DH, Best Herb for BloodLin,bleeding, clearLU, expelPhl"
shi xiao san = Sudden Smile Powder "Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >> Irregular Menstruation, retained lochia, severe menstrual cramps"
shou tai wan = Fetus Longevity Pill "Stabilize and Bind: Kidneys >> Stabilize KI and calm fetus, Soreness/distention of lower back, collapse in lower abdomen"
shou wu pian = Polygonum He Shou Wu Tablet "Tonics: Blood >> Nourishes Blood, benefits and astringes the jing, benefits LIV/KI, strengthen bones, moistens intestines"
shu di huang = Rhemanniae Radix preparata "Tonics: Blood >> gynocology, LIV/KI yin, tonifiesEssence"
shuang liao lou feng san = Extra Quality Throat Wind Powder "Heat: Toxicity >> Clears Heat and Toxin (sore throat, tonsillitis, Topical on sores (burns, cold sores, bleeding wounds)), Stops Pain"
shui niu jiao = Bubali Cornu "Heat: Cool Blood >> resolves toxicity, tremors, high fever ying/xue"
shui zhi = Hirudo "Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >> breaks and drives out bloodStasis, amenorrhea, masses, trauma"
si gua luo = Luffae Fructus Retinervus "Heat: Toxicity >> invigorates blood, glactagogue, WDBi with phlem, trauma, phlem in UJ"
si jun zi tang = Four Gentlemen Decoction "Tonics: Qi >> basic formula for SP qi deficiency, any D/O where spleen qi xu is the root"
si miao yong an tang = Clear Epidemics and Overcome Toxin Decoction "Heat: Toxicity >> Clear Heat/Toxic Heat, Cool Blood, Nourish Blood/Regenerate Flesh, any D/O due to heat at Taiyang and Blood Level causing swellings and ulcerations"
si ni san = Four Counter-Flow Extremities Powder "Harmonize: LIV/SP >> Move LIV Qi, any D/O due to LIV qi stagnation"
si ni tang = Frigid Extremities Decoction "Warm Interior: Rescue Yang >> Powerful Emergency Formula, Extreme KI Yang Xu, Internal Cold on the Rise, Critical Condition"
si shen wan = Four-Miracle Pill "Stabilize and Bind: Intestinal Leakage >> Cock's crow Diarrhea Formula, Poor appetite, "
si sheng wan = Four-Fresh Pill "Stop Bleeding: Clear Heat >> Bleeding from Heat in the Blood level in the UJ(coughing, spitting, vomiting blood with nosebleeds)"
si wu tang = Four Substance Decoction "Tonics: Blood >>
su he xiang = Styrax "Open Orifices: Warm Herbs >> Cold D/O, phlegm and qi Obstr."
su he xiang wan = Styrax Pill Open Orifices: Warm Herbs >> Acute Closed-Collapse disorders due to excess cold
su mu = Sappan Lignum "Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >> trauma, gynelogical, excessive postpartum bleeding"
su ya = Setariae Fructus germinatus Food Stagnation >> strenghten ST/SP
su zi jiang qi wan = Perilla Fruit Decoction for Descending Qi "Regulate Qi: Rebellious Qi >> Coughing and Wheezing from Phlegm Cold, any CHRONIC LU D/O due to rebellious LU qi caused by phlegm and KI not grasping Qi"
suan zao ren = Ziziphi spinosae Semen "Calm Shen: Nourish >> insomnia, sweating"
suan zao ren tang = Sour Jujube Decoction "Calm Shen: Nourish >> insomnia due to yin and blood xu of the LIV/HE, nourishes the blood, calms shen, clears heat, irritability, nightsweats"
suo quan wan = Shut the Sluice Pill "Stabilize and Bind: Kidneys >> Frequent/Clear/Prolonged urination, gentle, warms KI, KI/Bladder qi xu, often combined with sang piao xiao"
suo yang = Cynomorii Herba Tonics: Yang >> moistensIntestines
tai zi shen = Pseudostellariae Radix "Tonics: Qi >> strengthenSP, ST xu w/fatigue/lackOfApetite, LU qi xu w/spontaneous sweating, genFluids"
tan xiang = Santali albi Lignum Regulate Qi: Smooth Flow >> J.Y.- Gui when burned with xuan shen
tao he cheng qi tang = Peach Pit Decoction to Order the Qi "Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >> Blood accumulation and YangMing heat in LJ causing acute abdominal pain, YangMing Fu (clumping in the intestines) gynocological blood stagnation"
tao hong si wu tang = Four Substance Decoction with Safflower and Peach Pit "Tonics: Blood >> menstruation with dark/purple/sticky blood with or without clots, blood stagnation cramps"
tao hua tang = Peach Blossum Decoction "Stabilize and Bind: Intestinal Leakage >> Chronic LI Cold with diarrhea, begins as DH which leads to damage of the SP/KI leading to cold/xu, "
tao ren = Persicae Semen "Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >> unblockMenses, LU&I abcess, moistenI, USED FREQUENTLY WITH: hong hua"
te xiao er yan ling di er you = Specially Effective Ear Inflammation Effective Drops Ear Oil "Heat: Toxicity >> Clears Heat from the Ear or Nose (External Ear Infection, Nasal or sinus infection)"
tian hua fen = Trichosanthis Radix "Heat: Fire >> invigorates blood, gen fluids, phlem-H dryness, res. toxicity, in/on for breast abscess"
tian ma = Gastrodiae Rhizoma "Wind: Internal Wind >> PacLIV, LIV WC/H, excess/deficient, WDBi, moistening, tonifying, Mut-Enh gou teng"
tian ma gou teng yin = Gastrodia and Uncaria Formula "Wind: Internal Wind >> Lower LIV yang, Lower Blood Pressure, Eye Problems/Headache, any D/O due to LIV yang rising and LIV wind due to KI yin Xu"
tian men dong = Asparagi Radix "Tonics: Yin >> nourishesKI, LU heat, emptyHeat UJ, vaginalDryness w/decreased libido, genFluids, dryConstipation"
tian wan bu xin dan = Emperor of Heaven's Special Pill to Tonify the Heart "Calm Shen: Nourish >> Tonifies Yin/Blood of the HE, Calms Shen, KI/HE imbalance(Yin xu of KI, Excess Fire of the HE), Menopause"
tian zhu huang = Bambusae Concretio silicea "Phlegm: Cool Herbs >> opens orifices, clears HE, settles tremors, calms shen, night terrors"
tiao wei cheng qi tang = Regulate Stomach and Order Qi Decoction "Drain Downward: Cool Herbs >> Still Milder with even less bloating, Laxative to promote LI descent, Clear Heat, Moisten and Soften Stool, any yangming with heat tangled with stool blocking intestines"
ting li da zao xie fei tang = Descurainia and Jujube Decoction to Drain the Lungs "Damp: Upper Jiao >> LU abcess, Phlegm Fluids in LU/PC/HE, any D/O due to fluid accumulation interfering with HE/LU function"
tong cao = Tetrapanacis Medulla "Damp: Promote Urination >> DH in combo, galactagogue, obstructedLactation"
tong jing wan = Specially Effective Free Menses Pill "Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >> Invigorates Blood, Breaks Stasis, Regulate Menses, Relieve Pain"
tong qiao huo xue tang = Unblock the Orifices and Invigorate the Blood "Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >> Exhaustion of blood in women, "
tong xie yao feng = Important Formula for Painful Diarrhea "Harmonize: LIV/SP >> Relieve cramps and diarrhea due to LIV overacting on SP, any D/O due to LIV overacting on SP causing intestinal distress"
tou nong san = Discharge Pus Powder Tonics: Qi and Blood >> non-resolving infections and abcesses that have begun to discharge
tu bie chong = Eupolyphaga "Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >> breaks and drives out bloodStasis, knits bones and sinews"
tu fu ling = Smilacis glabrae Rhizoma "Heat: Toxicity >> TurbidLin, DH jaundice, DH skin, joint pain"
tu si zi = Cuscutae Semen "Tonics: Yang >> tonifiesYang&augmentsYin, securesEssence, tonifiesKI&LIV, vision, strengthenSP to stop diarrhea, calmFetus"
tu si zi wan = Cuscuta Seed Pill Tonics: Yang >> Astringes Essence and Urine by Tonifying Yang and Qi
wa leng zi = Arcidae "Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >> dissolvesPhlegm, nodules, breaksBloodStasis, absorbsAcid, USE CALCINED SHELLS"
wan dai tang = End Discharge Decoction "Stabilize and Bind: Stabilize the Womb >> SP xu damp vaginal discharge that is white/pale yellow with no foul smell that is continuous, Secures Dai Mai, "
wang bu liu xing = Vaccariae Semen "Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >> galactagogue, unblocksMenses, painful swellings of breasts or testicles"
wei jing tang = Reed Decoction "Heat: Lung >> Clear Toxic Heat abcess in LU, Dissolve Blood Stasis in LU, Discharge Pus/Phlegm through Urine/Stool, any D/O w/LU abcess due to Toxic Heat/Phlegm/Blood Stagnation"
wei ling tang = Calm the Stomach and Poria Decoction "Damp: Promote Urination >> epigastric pain and distention, diarrhea, urinary difficulty"
wei ling xian = Clematidis Radix "Damp: Wind Damp >> strongly moves qi in 12 primaries, esp Wbi, RelExt, dissolves fish bones, DMJ"
wei te ling = Stomach Special Effective-Remedy Pill "Warm Interior: Middle Jiao >> Descend Stomach, Harmonize and Warm Stomach(tight pulse)"
wen dan tang = Warm Gallbladder Decoction "Phlegm: Cool Herbs >> Heat/Phlegm accumulation with ST/GB disharmony, Emotional DO and Insomnia"
wen jing tang = Warm the Menses Decoction "Invigorate Blood: Warm the Menses >> Cold in the Uterus with blood stasis/blood xu/pain/bleeding, Chong/Ren xu with blood xu, blood stasis fever at dusk(some heat in the blood caused by stasis), classically a post-miscarriage formula"
wu gong = Scolopendra "Wind: Internal Wind >> Top/Int for ToxNodules, UnB Collaterals, pain, Mut-Enh quan xie"
wu ji bai feng wan = Black Chicken = White Phoenix Pills "Tonics: Qi and Blood >> Blood Xu effecting menses(spotting, ammenorhea, postaprtum fatigue, post menses to build blood, infertility), Tonify Qi, Warming"
wu jia pi = Eleutherococci gracilistyli Cortex "Damp: Wind Damp >> Warms&Tonifies KI&LIV, pro-urine, Qiao-vessels- encourages free movement of joints in the elderly and helps children to take first steps"
wu ling san = Five-Ingredient Powder with Poria "Damp: Promote Urination >> Retention of Urine, Yin Edema,Tonify SP qi to transform dampness,TanYin in LJ, Sudden Turmoil, Warms KI Yang"
wu ling san pian = Poria Powder Tablets "Damp: Dissipate Swelling >> Frees movement of water(retention of fluids, damp in joints, edema, arthritis, ascites),Tonify Spleen, Drain Damp, Wind Damp, nephritis, congestive heart failure"
wu ling zhi = Trogopterori Faeces "Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >> menstrual cramps, stopsBleeding"
wu me wan = Mume Pill "Parasites: Expel >> Warm SP Yang and Dispel Cold from MJ, Tonify Qi, Clear Damp from MJ and GB, Calm/Spend/Purge Parasites, JueYin stage, any D/O due to MJ yang and qi xu with cold"
wu mei = Mume Fructus "Stabilize and Bind: Lung Yin >> contains LU qi, stopCough, genFLuids, roundworms, diarrhea, stopsBleeding, top/int, corns/warts"
wu mei wan = Mume Pill "Parasites: Expel >> dysenteric D/O with a complex pattern of heat and cold, jueyin level disease (shang han lun),Expels Parasites(quiets roundworms, dysentary), warms intestines, resolves toxins, cold in MJ/heat in intestines"
wu pi san = Five-Peel Powder Damp: Promote Urination >> Edema(Yang Qi xu/SP Qi xu/Wind-Water) especially in upper body
wu shao she = Zaocys "Damp: Wind Damp >> Same as qi she, only Not Toxic"
wu wei xiao du yin = Five-Ingredient Decoction to Eliminate Toxin "Heat: Toxicity >> Clear Heat/Toxic Heat from Taiyang and Exterior, Urinary Tract Infections with fever"
wu wei zi = Schisandrae Fructus "Stabilize and Bind: Lung Yin >> contains LU qi, stopCough, tonifiesKI, secureEssence, diarrhea, excessSweat, genFluids"
wu yao = Linderae Radix "Regulate Qi: Smooth Flow >> pain, qiStagLJ - mensrtualPain, warmsKI"
wu zhu yu = Evodiae Fructus "Warm Interior: Channels >> pain, LIV/ST mai D/O, hernia, rebelliousQi, diarrhea, WDCBi, leads mouth fireTox downwards"
wu zhu yu tang = Evodia Decoction "Warm Interior: Middle Jiao >> Subdues rebellious ST qi(vomit, nausea, belching, morning sickness, cold vertex H/A), Cold invading the middle jiao, Warms and Tonifies LIV/SP/ST"
xi gua = Citrulli Fructus "Heat: Fire >> Clr SummerHeat, gen fluids, pro-urine, jaundice"
xi jiao(shui niu jiao) di huang tang = Rhinoceros Horn(Water Buffalo Horn) and Rehmannia Decoction "Heat: Ying/Xue >> Clear Heat from Xue level, Dissolve or Prevent Blood Stasis, Stop Bleeding, Nourish Yin/Blood, any D/O with Heat/Toxic Heat at Xue Level causing Blood Stasis and Bleeding"
xi ku cao = Prunellae Spica "Heat: Fire >> Liv Fire eyes, Liv deficiency, phlem-fire nodules, hypertension"
xi xian cao = Siegesbeckiae Herba "Damp: Wind Damp >> calms shen, clear H, pacify LIV, DH itch, hypertension"
xi xin = Asari Herba "Exterior, Warm Herbs: Wind Cold >> ""Asarum"", thin mucus, cough, UnB orifices, Pain anywhere, W Ki Yang,"
xi yang shen = Panacis quinquefolii Radix "Tonics: Yin >> tonifiesQi, coolsEmptyFire, clearsFire from LU"
xian fang huo ming yin = Sublime Formula for Sustaining Life "Heat: Toxicity >> Clear Heat/Toxic Heat, Dispel Stasis, Regenerate Tissue, Stop Pain "
xian he cao = Agrimoniae Herba "Stop Bleeding: Neutral Herbs >> astringent, restrainsLeakingBlood, bleeding due to cold/heat/xu/shi, chronic diarrhea, parasites"
xian mao = Curculiginis Rhizoma "Tonics: Yang >> vigorously warms mingmenFire&Kiyang, warmsWomb&Essence(men)"
xiang fu = Cyperi Rhizoma "Regulate Qi: Smooth Flow >> J.Y.-
xiang ru san = Elsholtsia Powder "Exterior, Warm Herbs: Mild >> WC in Summer, Transform Damp, Moves Qi"
xiang sha liu jin zi tang = Six Gentlemen with Aucklandia and Amomum "Tonics: Qi >> More MJ qi stagnation and distention, Transforms Phlegm"
xiang su san = Cyperus and Perilla Leaf Powder "Exterior, Warm Herbs: Mild >> Dispel WC from Exterior and MJ, Aromatic TransDamp, Moves Qi(LIV Qi), any d/o due to WC in exterior w/Damp and Qi Stag"
xiao chai hu tang = Minor Bupleurum Decoction "Harmonize: Shaoyang >> Harmonize ShaoYang/JueYin, Clear Heat from LIV/GB, Transform Phlegm/Damp, Tonify Qi (SP/ST), any D/O due to LIV/GB Disharmony causing heat and overacting on SP/ST"
xiao cheng qi tang = Minor Order the Qi Decoction "Drain Downward: Cool Herbs >> Milder but still bloating and fulness, Laxative to promote LI descent, Clear Heat, Moisten and Soften Stool, any yangming with heat tangled with stool blocking intestines"
xiao feng san = Eliminate Wind Powder Wind: Channels >> Skin Rashes from WH/WDH from blood/collaterals/skin
xiao hui xiang = Foeniculi Fructus "Warm Interior: Channels >>
xiao huo luo dan = Minor Invigorate the Collaterals Special Pill "Wind: Channels >> Post Stroke Pain and Weakness, phlegm blocking the channels, paralysis/hemiplegia/bells palsy"
xiao ji yin zi = Cephalanoplos Decoction "Stop Bleeding: Clear Heat >> Bloody Lin, modified Dao Chi San for bleeding"
xiao jian zhong tang = Minor Construct the Middle Decoction "Warm Interior: Middle Jiao >> Chronic epigastric pain and spasming, warms MJ, cold from Yang/Qi xu"
xiao ke chuan = Disperse Cough = Wheezing Syrup "Cough and Wheeze: Stop >> Clears Heat, Toxins, Phlegm, dispel cough"
xiao luo wan = Reduce Scrofula Pill Phlegm: Nodules >> scrofula
xiao qing long tang = Minor Bluegreen Dragon decoction "Exterior, Warm Herbs: Wind Cold >> Dispel WC from LU and Body Surface, Disolve Phlegm blocking LU, move LU qi, harmonize ying/wei, relieve cough, any d/o due to WC and Phlegm in LU"
xiao xian xiong tang = Minor Purging the Chest Formula "Phlegm: Cool Herbs >> Phlegm Heat congesting in the epigastrum and the diaphragm, Dissolve Hot Phlegm from ST and Chest, any D/O blocking the chest or ST"
xiao yao san = Rambling Powder "Harmonize: LIV/SP >> Regulate LIV qi, Harmonize LIV/SP, Harmonize LIV/Chong/Ren, any D/O due to LIV qi stagnation and LIV/SP disharmony with SP Qi/LIV Blood Deficiency and Qi/Blood Stagnation"
xiao yao san (hei) = Black Rambling Powder Harmonize: LIV/SP >> More Blood Deficiency
xiao yao san (jia wei) = Augmented Rambling Powder "Harmonize: LIV/SP >> More Heat, more blood moving"
xie bai = Alli Macrostemi Bulbus "Regulate Qi: Rebellious Qi >> chestBi, unblocksYangQi, turbidPhlegm in LU, qiDown, dampStag in LI"
xie bai san = Drain the White Powder "Heat: Lung >> Yin xu lung heat cough w/no external pathogen, Clear LU Heat, Clear Empty Heat from LU/HE/KI, Promote LU qi function through anchoring to the KI, cough, fever in afternoon, any D/O due to Heat in the LU or Empty Heat"
xie huang san = Drain the Yellow Powder "Heat: Stomach >> Clear ST Heat/Smouldering Heat, Aromatic to disperse depressed Heat, Recurrent fever, more stagnation"
xie xin tang = Drain the Epigastrium Decoction "Heat: Toxicity >> Clear Heat/DH, any D/O due to Heat/DH/Toxic Heat causing Stasis and Accumulation of Fire Toxins (clumping, constipation, or pain)"
xin yi (hua) = Magnoliae Flos "Exterior, Warm Herbs: Wind Cold >> nose"
xin yi san = Magnolia Flower Powder "Exterior, Warm Herbs: Head/Nose/Neck >> Dispel WC from exterior, Open nose, any d/o due to WC causing copious clear nasal discharge"
xing ren = Armeniacae Semen "Cough and Wheeze: Stop >> many coughing D/O - Heat/Cold, pro-BM"
xing su san = Apricot Kernal and Perilla Leaf Powder "Exterior, Warm Herbs: Wind Dryness >> Clear Wind Cold Dryness and Regulate LU qi esp in Fall, Moisten LU and Expel Phlegm, any D/O due to WCDryness with dry phlegm blocking the LU"
xu duan = Dipsaci Radix "Tonics: Yang >> tonifiesLIV&KI, strengthenSinews&Bones, threatened miscarriage, pain, reconnectSinews&Bones"
xuan bi tang = Disband Painful Obstruction Decoction "Damp: Wind Damp >> WDHBi due to DH in the channels causing fever, Heat and pain in the joints, reduced mobility, shaking chills(DH obstructing yang qi), lustreless yellow decoction"
xuan fu da zhe wan = Inula and Hematite Decoction "Regulate Qi: Rebellious Qi >> Belching with qi xu in MJ, LIV invading ST without heat"
xuan fu hua = Inulae Flos "Phlegm: Warm Herbs >> softens hardened phlegm, moves evilH2O, directs qi down"
xuan shen = Scrophulariae Radix "Heat: Cool Blood >> nourishes yin, nodules, phlem-fire throat"
xue fu zhu yu wan = Blood Mansion Drive out Stasis Pill "Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >> invigorates blood(dark tongue, wiry pulse), moves qi in chest(chest oppression, pain), moves LIV(H/A, Wood/Earth disharmony)"
xue fu zhu yu tang = Drive Out Stasis in the Mansion of Blood "Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >> Blood stagnation in the chest and head(headaches), invigorates qi and blood, chest pain, "
xue jie = Daemonoropis Resina "Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >> trauma, top stopBleeding, proHealing"
xue yu tan = Crinis carbonisatus "Stop Bleeding: Neutral Herbs >> restrainsLeakingBlood, proUrine, top/int"
yan hu suo = Corydalis Rhizoma "Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >>
yan hu suo tang = Corydalis Decoction "Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >> Menstrual Cramps, Blood stasis pain in the MJ/LJ"
yan hu suo zhi tong pian = Corydalis Relieve Pain Pills "Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >> Pain (Moves blood and Qi, Frontal Headache, Uterine Cramping)"
yang he tang = Yang-Heartening Decoction "Warm Interior: Channels >> yin-type abcess occuring with blood xu and phlegm, used for bi syndrome, crane's knee"
yang yin qing fei tang = Nourish the Yin and Clear Lung Decoction "Tonics: Yin >> Dyptheria- Membrane of white on the throat, Tonify LU Yin, Clear WH/LIV Heat in LU, Releive cough, any D/O with cough and dryness caused by heat drying fluids in the LU"
yao tong pian = Lower-Back Pain Pills "Tonics: Yang >> Lower Back Pain, Strengthen KI Yang, Strengthen Tendon and Bone"
ye jiao teng = Polygoni multiflori Caulis "Calm Shen: Nourish >> dream-disturbed sleep, Blood Tonic, UnB channels, pain, topWash/int for itch"
yi gong san = Extraordinary Merit Powder Tonics: Qi >> Harmonizes SP/ST
yi guan jian = Linking Decoction "Tonics: Yin >> LIV qi stagnation with Heat and Yin Xu(GERD, Diabetes, Emotional Upset)"
yi huang tang = Change Yellow Decoction "Stabilize and Bind: Stabilize the Womb >> DH vaginal discharge due to SP xu combined with heat, foul smell "
yi mu cao = Leonuri Herba "Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >> gynecology, proUrine, resTox"
yi qi cong ming tang = "Tonics: Qi >> raises middle qi, improves hearing, "
yi yi ren = Coix Semen "Damp: Dissipate Swelling >> StrengthenSP, WDBi, clearH, expelPus, DH"
yin chai hu = Stellariae Radix "Heat: Deficiency >> Hot Gan, specific to Deficient Heat Only: no raising qualities"
yin chen (hao) = Artemisiae scoparia Herba "Damp: Heat >>
yin chen hao tang = Artemesia YinChenHao Decoction "Damp: Heat >> Yang Jaundice(whole body tangerine color), Clears DH, Resolves Jaundice, DH interior"
yin chen wu ling san = Damp: Heat >> Jaundice
yin er = Tremella "Tonics: Yin >> nourishST, moistenLU, LU consumption, TB, most often used as food therapy"
yin qiao jie du pian = Lonicera = Forsythia Resolve Toxin Tablets "Exterior, Cool Herbs: Wind Heat >> Sore Throat, Wind Heat, Anti-viral, used to prevent viral infections, rashes(PI, hives)"
yin qiao ma bo san = Honeysuckle = Forsythia and Puffball Powder "Heat: Lung >> Detoxify Toxic Heat and Phlegm Heat in Upper Lung and Throat, Throat Bi, Sooth throat and relieve pain, any D/O with Throat Bi and Phlegm-Heat in LU"
yin qiao san = Honeysuckle and Forsythia Powder "Exterior, Cool Herbs: Wind Heat >> Dispel WH and Seasonal Heat, Release Exterior and promote LU qi, any d/o due to WH/Seasonal Heat at Wei Level or UJ"
yin yang huo = Epimedii Herba "Tonics: Yang >> KI yang xu, WDBi, unblocksYang qi in limbs, assistsMemory"
you gui wan = Restore the Right(Kidney) Pill "Tonics: Yang >> Yang/Essence/Blood Xu, Spermatorrhea, Incontinence, Ming Men Fire Deficiency due to Essence Deficiency"
yu jin = Curcumae Radix "Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >> movesLivQi, coolBlood, clearHE, GB, jaundice"
yu li ren = Pruni Semen "Drain Downward: Moist Laxative >> stronger than huo ma ren, qi stag intestines, proUrine, only use for excess conditions"
yu mi xu = Zea mays Stigma "Damp: Heat >> lin, DH in Liv/GB, LinDrain"
yu nu jian = Jade Woman Decoction "Heat: Stomach >> Clear ST/Yangming Heat, Tonify and Nourish ST yin xu, xiao ke in MJ, nourish blood, any D/O with ST Heat due to yin/blood deficiency."
yu ping feng san = Jade Windscreen Powder Tonics: Qi >> Tonifies Wei qi for frequent colds with spontaneous sweating
yu xing cao = Houtuyniae Herba "Heat: Toxicity >> LU abcess, DH LJ"
yu ye tang = Jade Fluid Decoction "Tonics: Yin >>
yu zhu = Polygonati odorati Rhizoma "Tonics: Yin >> enrichesLU/ST yin, NOT cloying, extinguishWind, moistenSinews, can be used for yinXu w/EWH"
yuan zhi = Polygalae Radix "Calm Shen: Nourish >> HE/KI incommunicado, Phl, Clr Orifices, cough, Top Abcess, 'children who remain upset after seeing strangers'"
yue ju wan = Escape Restraint Pill = Six(Five) Stagnation Pill Regulate Qi: Smooth Flow >> Moves the 5 Stagnations
yunnan bai yao = Yunnan White Medicine "Stop Bleeding: Trauma >> int/ext, stop bleeding(blood stasis, trauma, pre/post surgery, internal bleeding, hemmoraging, vomiting blood), severe emotional trauma"
zai zao san = Renewal Powder "Exterior, Warm Herbs: Internal Deficiency >> Dispel WC from Exterior/Meridians/Head, Warm Yang and Tonify Qi, Symptomatically relieve pain, and D/O due to WC/D tightening the body surface and Meridians with a background of Yang/Qi Deficiency"
zan yu dan = Special Pill to Aid Fertility "Tonics: Yang >> Male Infertility(low sperm count, impotence) due to waning of the Ming Men Fire, "
ze xie = Alisma Rhizoma Damp: Heat >> KidneyFire from DH in LJ
zeng ye cheng qi tang = Increase Fluids and Order Qi Decoction "Drain Downward: Moist Laxative >> Regulate descent of LI qi, Clear Heat, Unblock Bowels, Nourish Yin and Fluids, any D/O due to LI heat accumulation w/ Yin and Fluid Xu"
zeng ye tang = Increase the Fluids Decoction "Tonics: Yin >> Dry intestines after a febrile disease, Moisten Dryness and Generate Fluids, Clear Deficiency Heat and Nourish Yin, Unblock Bowels, any D/O due to dryness and underlying yin xu"
zhang nao = Camphora "Topical: Damp >> damp, parasites, scabies, tinea, itching sores, opensOrifices, trauma"
zhe bei mu = Fritillariae thunbergii Bulbus Phlegm: Cool Herbs >> LU H w/Productive & Acute Cough
zhen gan xi feng tang = Sedate the Liver and Extinguish Wind Decoction "Wind: Internal Wind >> Preventative for Stroke, Strong Constitution Patient with Symptoms of Hypertension(Headache, Dizziness)"
zhen ren yang zang tang = True Man's Decoction to Nourish the organs "Stabilize and Bind: Intestinal Leakage >> Inability to hold Stool, prolapsed rectum, unremitting diarrhea leading to SP/KI yang collapse - might show blood and pus- abandoned disorder, warms and tonifies SP/KI"
zhen wu tang = True Warrior Decoction "Damp: Aromatic >> Warms Yang and Promotes Urination (Congestive Heart Failure), KI/SP Yang xu(edema, loose stools, dizziness), palpatations, SOB, congested fluids in UJ"
zhen zhu = Margarita "Calm Shen: Anchor >> eyes, Top sores/ulcers"
zhen zhu an chuan wan = Margarite/Pearl Acne Pill "Heat: Toxicity >> soften masses, clear heat, cool blood, resolve toxin, tonify yin/blood, skin conditions marked by redness(eczema, cysts, benign masses and lymphomas)"
zhen zhu mo = Pearl Powder "Heat: Cool Blood >> Clears Heat Cools Blood and Generates Flesh (Topical (boils, carbuncles, heal wounds), rashes, nosebleeds), Calms Shen (fever induced insomnia and irritability)"
zhen zhu mu = Margaritiferae Concha usta "Calm Shen: Anchor >> LIV F, clears eyes, stop bleeding"
zhen zhu mu wan = Mother of Pearl Pill Calm Shen: Nourish >> insomnia due to ascendent LIV yang
zheng gu shui = Rectify Bone Liquid "Invigorate Blood: Blood Stasis >> Trauma (Invigorates Blood, breaks blood stasis, moves qi, strengthens tendons and bone (fractures, sprains, strains), stops pain)"
zhi bai di huang wan = Anemarrhena = Phellodendron and Rehmannia Pill "Tonify: Yin >> Urinary Difficulty with Back Pain, DH in LJ, tonify yin, clear deficient heat, purge upward moving fire, chronic urinary tract infection(resistant to treatment)"
zhi bai fu zi = Typhonii Rhizoma preparatum "Phlegm: Warm Herbs >> WindPh, Res Tox, itch, WCDBi, DampSkin(Top Powder)"
zhi ban xia = Pinelliae Rhizoma perparatum "Phlegm: Warm Herbs >> Dr/Da, rebellious qi, vomit, nodules, distention, PhH w/other Herbs,"
zhi bao dan = Greatest Treasure Special Pill Open Orifices: Cool Herbs >> More Phlegm than Heat (but otherwise much like calm the palace)
zhi fu zi = Aconti Radix lateralis preperata "Warm Interior: Three Jiao >> warmest in materia medica, guides other herbs to 12 mai, rescuesYang, HE/SP/KI yang, WCDBi"
zhi gan cao = Glycyrrhizae Radix preparata "Tonics: Qi >> same as gan cao, but with stronger effects of: tonifyMJ, augmentHE/SP qi and Harmonizes Other Herbs"
zhi gan cao tang = Honey-Fried Licorice Decoction "Tonics: Qi and Blood >> Tonifies Qi/Blood/Yin, Restores the Pulse, Palpitations and Irregular Heart beat, Anxiety, irritability, insomnia"
zhi he shou wou = Polygoni multiflori Radix preparata "Tonics: Blood >> LIV/KI yin, tonifiesEssence, Not Cold/Drying/Cloying, windRash from blood xu"
zhi ke = Aurantii Fructus "Regulate Qi: Digestion >> see zhi shi, ""zhe ke governs the heights, zhi shi governs below "" more gentle nature"
zhi mu = Anemarrhenae Rhizoma "Heat: Fire >> Lung/Stomach Excess-Heat, Lung/Kidney Yin, gen. fluid"
zhi shi = Aurantii Fructus immaturus "Regulate Qi: Digestion >> constipation, qiDown, transPhlegm, ""zhe ke governs the heights, zhi shi governs below"" more violent nature"
zhi sou ding chuan wan = "Heat: Lung >> Labored breathing, bronchial spasm, clears heat, descends LU qi"
zhi sou san = Stop Coughing Powder "Phlegm: Warm Herbs >> External Wind-Cold or Wind-Phlegm with chief complaint of Cough, lingering cough without heat"
zhi tian nan xing = Arisaematis Rhizoma preparatum "Phlegm: Warm Herbs >> stubbornPh, WindPh, Top & Unprep for swellings, deep-rooted sores"
zhi zi = Gardeniae Fructus "Heat: Fire >> irritability, DpH in LJ, Cool Blood, Topical for Trauma"
zhi zi dou chi tang = Gardenia and Prepared Soybean Decoction "Heat: Qi Level >> Clear Heat from Three Burners, Calm Shen, any D/O due to Heat in the body with shen disturbance(irritability, palpatations, HE heat)"
zhong gan ling = "Heat: Toxicity >> Clears Heat/Toxins, Generates Fluids, Wind Heat"
zhong guo bei qi jing = Northern Astragalus Extract "Tonics: Qi >> Raises Yang, Tonify Wei qi, ying qi, and blood. Postpartum, HIV"
zhu jing wan = Preserve Vistas Pill "Tonics: Yin >> Drain Damp, Eye Problems due to LIV/KI xu w/Dampness"
zhu ling = Polyporus Damp: Dissipate Swelling >> stand-alone for pregnancy&lin
zhu ling tang = Polyporus Decoction "Damp: Heat >> Clears DH, Tonifies Yin"
zhu sha an shen wan = Cinnabar Pill to Calm the Spirit "Calm Shen: Anchor >> clear HE fire, nourish yin"
zhu ye shi gao tang = Lopetharus(bland bamboo) and Gypsum Decoction "Heat: Qi Level >> Clear Heat at Qi/Wei Level, Tonify Qi and Yin(LU/ST), Descend Rebellion, Clear Phlegm, Calm Shen(from heat: irritability), Lingering Heat at Qi level causing Qi/Yin Xu w/Symptoms of LU and ST Qi disruption and Shen Disturbance"
zi cao = Lithospermi Radix "Heat: Cool Blood >> fire toxins, vent rashes, topical skin DH, diaper rash"
zi he chi = Hominus Placenta "Tonics: Yang >> tonifiesLIV&KI, augmentsBlood/Essence/Qi/Yin/Yang, galactagogue, tonifiesLU qi"
zi hua di dong = Violae Herba "Heat: Toxicity >> deep-rooted sores, affinity UJ, sores head/back fresh int/top,"
zi shi ying = Fluoritum "Calm Shen: Anchor >> NourLIV blood, WarmsLU, cough, wheeze, WarmWomb, UnB Chong/REN"
zi su ye = Perillae Folium "Exterior, Warm Herbs: Wind Cold >> moves qi, harmonize middle, restless fetus, morning sickness, seafood poison"
zi su zi = Perillae Fructus "Cough and Wheeze: Stop >> Best in Category for direct qi down, moistens I"
zi wan = Asteris Radix Cough and Wheeze: Stop >> many coughing D/O - Heat/Cold
zi xue dan = Purple Snow Elixir "Calm Shen: Relieve Toxicity >> Calm Shen and Clear Fire (infectious disease, high fever with delirium, clear heat ), Extinguish Wind and Stop Tremor (convulsions)"
zi xue dan = Purple Snow Special Pill Open Orifices: Cool Herbs >> Vigorous Heat injuring the Fluids causing spasms and convulsions
zuo gui wan = Left Return Pills "Tonics: Jing >> Nourishes the Essence (bones, tendons, give strength to be able to expel a pattern)"
zuo gui wan (variant) = Restore the Left Pill Tonics: Yin >> Essence/Marrow/Bone Xu
zuo gui yin = Restore the Left Decoction Tonics: Yin >> Very Nourishing to KI Yin
zuo jin wan = Left Metal Formula "Heat: Liver >> Harmonize LIV/ST (FIRE-GERD), Dries Damp, Vomiting, Acid Regurgitation, any D/O due to LIV overacting on ST causing digestive D/O"
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