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Conners Vocab

malleable capable of being changed or controlled by influences
rescind to take away,remove,take back,cancel
forestall to exclude or prevent
vivisect the cutting of operation on a living animal
extenuate to lessen
ambiguous unclear, uncertain
assimilation to be like everyone else
disorientation disoriented
deftly characterized by skill
opaque hard to understand or explain
flamboyant colorful display or behavior
maladroit not good at something
hierarchy classification of a group of people according to ability or to economic, social or professional standing
dissociate to separate from
contempt state of mind of one who hates
swagger to conduct oneself in an arrogant manner
initiative introductory step
gall to annoy or irritate
magnanimous showing generosity or nobility
orientation a general direction; alignment
carnage great and usually bloody slaughter or injury
symmetrical capable of division by a longitudinal plane into similar halves
hegemony domination
insubordinate disobedient to authority
spawn offspring
gullible easily fooled or cheated
facade false appearance or effect
exploit utilize
empathize to agree with the thoughts or feelings of another person
commiserate to feel or express sympathy. to feel or express sorrow or compassion for
flux change
manipulate to control (someone, something)
entity something that has separate and distinct existence
nuance small difference
incognito to hide who you are
pseudonym a fake name
discreet showing good judgment in actions or speech
acquiescence the act of accepting, complaying, or submitting tacitly or passively
denunciation to speak out against
annihilation the act of destroying completely
divisive causing separation
arcane secret, mysterious, obscure
leniency the quality of being compassionate, easygoing
ineptitude unfit, incapable
disingenuous giving a false appearance of simple frankness
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