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Cold War 2 7-6

Cold War 2 7-6

Berlin This city was divided into two sections. The East was under Soviet Control.
The Vietnam War This war was very unpopular in the United States. The United States agreed to withdraw in 1973 without winning.
Cuban Missile Crisis In 1962 the Soviet Union gave nuclear missiles to Cuba
Six Day War 1n 1967 Israeli Soldiers took control of large areas of Arab Land
Ayatollah Khomeini Took control of Iran in 1979
Peoples Republic of China The communists created this new state (or country) when they took over China
Apartheid A system that segregated blacks and whites in S. Africa
Nelson Mandela In 1962 the leader of the South African National Congress was put in jail
Palestinian Liberation Organization Was formed in 1964 to fight for the rights of Palestinians in Israel
Mohandas Gandhi This leader took control of the Indian National Congress and made it successful
Korea (Korean War) This country was divided at the 38th Parallel. After the war it was still divided at the same place.
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