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Which is not innvervated by the Autonomic motor system? A)skeletal muscle B)cardiac muscle C)smooth muscle D)glands skeletal muscle
The longer neurons in the body could be how long? A)3 microns B)3 centemeters C)3 inches D)3 feet 3 feet
The somatic nervous system is A)voluntary B)involuntary C)sympathetic D)parasympathetic voluntary
Which neuroglial cells surround the blood vessels of the brain? A)ependymal B)parenchme C)astrocytes D)microglia astrocytes
A sensory neuron sends an impulse from A)CNS to effector organ B)sense receptor to CNS C)effector organ to CNS D)CNS to sense receptor sense receptor to CNS
Which of the following is not a function of myelination? A)insulates nerve fiber sB)protects the nerve fiber C)speeds up impules D)nourishes the neuron nourishes the neuron
Nerve impulse transmission begins with A)Na+ gates opening B)Na+ gates closing C)K+ gates opening D)K+ gates closing Na+ gates opening
Sensory neurons typically have 1 axon and A)1 dendrite B)2 dendrites C)3 dendrites D)4 dendrites 1 dendrite
The resting potential of an average neuron is A)-90mV B)-70mV C)+30mV D)-50mV -70mV
The potential of a hyperpolarized neuron would be A)-90mV B)-70mV C)+30mV D)-50mV -90mV
Which of the following cells are phagocytic A)microglia B)ependymal C)astrocytes D)oligodendrocytes microglia
EXTENSOR DIGITORUM A)musculocutaneous B)long thoracic nerve C)pectoralis major D)radial nerve E)ulnar nerve F)median G)axillary radial nerve
BICEPS BRACHII A)musculocutaneous B)long thoracic nerve C)pectoralis major D)radial nerve E)ulnar nerve F)median G)axillary musculocutaneous
DELTOID A)musculocutaneous B)long thoracic nerve C)pectoralis major D)radial nerve E)ulnar nerve F)median G)axillary axillary
FLEXOR CARPI RADIALIS A)musculocutaneous B)long thoracic nerve C)pectoralis major D)radial nerve E)ulnar nerve F)median G)axillary median
LUMBRICALS A)musculocutaneous B)long thoracic nerve C)pectoralis major D)radial nerve E)ulnar nerve F)median G)axillary ulnar nerve
MEDIAL PECTORAL NERVE A)musculocutaneous B)long thoracic nerve C)pectoralis major D)radial nerve E)ulnar nerve F)median G)axillary pectoralis major
THENAR EMINENCE A)musculocutaneous B)long thoracic nerve C)pectoralis major D)radial nerve E)ulnar nerve F)median G)axillary median
All the nerves above belong to a plexus emerging from which spinal nerve A)C1- C4 B)T2 - T12 C)C5 - T1 D)L1 - L4 C5 - T1
Which of the following neurons is usually unipolar? A)afferent B)efferent C)association D)autonomic afferent
The structure of a multipolar neuron that conducts impulses away from the cell body is A)dentrite B)axon C)soma D)astrocyte axon
The gaps in the myelin between the Schwann cells are A)nodes of Ranvier B)myelin sheath C)end bulb D)terminal knob nodes of Ranvier
In Saltatory conduction, impulses jump A)among little pieces of salt B)from node of Ranvier to node of Ranvier C)end bulb to end bulb D)from end bulb to dendrite from node of Ranvier to node of Ranvier
When the electrical potential of the neuron achieves +30mV which gates close? A)Na+ B)K+ C)both D)neither Na+
The electrical potential of a neuron at rest is maintained by A)homeland security B)synaptic vesicles C)the Na+K+ pump D)none of the above the Na+K+ pump
Neurotransmitters are found in A)Na+ channels B)K+ channels C)TV channels D)synaptic vesicles synaptic vesicles
Which affects the speed of a nerve impulse A)fiber diameter B)myelination C)temperature D)all of the above all of the above
Which of the following cells makes the white matter white in the CNS A)microglia B)ependymal C)astrocytes D)oligodendrocytes oligodendrocytes
In an integration center, which kinds of neurons communicate? A)autonomic and somatic B)sensory and motor C)PNS and CNS D)none of the above sensory and motor
When a single subthreshold stimulus is applied to a neuron there is? A)inhibition B)summation C)facilitation D)puppy love facilitation
A threshold level stimulus would change the resting potential to A)-55 B)-65 C)-70 D)+55 -55
A bundle of neuron processes in the PNS is called a A)nerve B)tract C)ganglion D)nucleus nerve
Pick the extrapyramidal tract A)lateral corticospinal B)rubrospinal C)spinaothalamic D)spinocerebellar rubrospinal
What is the conus medullaris? A)connectivec tissue anchoring the cord to the sacrum B)the cauda equina C)the lowest part of the CNS D)fibers extending down from spinal cord the lowest part of the CNS
The outermost meninge is the A)pia mater B)dura mater C)arachnoid mater D)alma mater dura mater
An area of skin innervated by a sensory fibers of a given spinal nerve is A)sclerotome B)myotome C)dermotome D)all of the above dermotome
The subarachnoid space contains A)fatty tissue B)serous fluid C)cerebrospinal fluid D)gin CSF
Areas of gray matter in the cord are called A)nerve B)ganglia C)horns D)columns horns
Which conveys impulses for pain and temperature sensation? A)spinocerebellar tracts B)corticospinal tracts C)spinathalamic tracts D)none of the above spinathalamic tracts
The lateral gray horns of the spinal cord are composed of A)fossilized neurology professors B)B type cell bodies C)C type cell bodies D)autonomic postganglionic cell bodies B type cell bodies
Where do upper motor neurons synapse with lower motor neurons? A)anterior gray horns B)Columbus circle C)posterior gray horns D)lateral gray horns anterior gray horns
Difficulty holding a pen to write could be from: A)compression of the ulnar nerve B)compression of the musculocutaneous nerve C)compression of the axillary nerve D)too many video games compression of the ulnar nerve
Pyramidal tracts control A)precise voluntary movement of skeletal muscles B)vasoconstriction and vasodilation C)muscle tone D)proprioceptive input to the brain precise voluntary movement of skeletal muscles
Which part of a neuron is considered to be the trigger zone? A)dendrites B)soma c)axon hillock D)terminal knobs axon hillock
Skeletal muscles are innervated by what kind of fiber? A)type A B)type B C)type C D)type D type A
The ulnar nerve can become entrapped: A)In the carpal tunnel B)in the canal of Guyom C)in the cubital tunnel D)In the belly of coracobrachialis E)Both B and C above Both B and C above
The median nerve can become entrapped A)Between the two heads of pronator teres B)Between the two heads of biceps C)Within the carpal tunnel D)Both A and C above Both A and C above
Thoracic outlet syndrome is caused by presure on the A)cervical plexus B)brachial plexus C)axillary nerve D)none of the above brachial plexus
Thoracic outlet syndrome can be caused by A)phone work B)sleeping position C)driving D)playing the fiddle E)a shoulder bag containing an A&P text F)all of the above all of the above
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