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Acu Anatomy- Week 5

Anatomy of Points on Head and Face

On midline of head, at midpoint of ear apices. Or, more standard, "7 cun above POSTERIOR hairline." (Deadman says "in depression 5 cun posterior to anterior hairline." I like that better.) Du-20
1.5 cun anterior to Du-20 Du-21
Directly above medial end of eyebrow, 0.5 cun within anterior hairline, between Du-24 and UB-4 UB-3
"0.5 cun above the anterior hairline" That's it? Doesn't say midline? Weird Du-24
1.5 cun lateral to Du-24 at junction of medial 1/3 and lateral 2/3 of distance from Du-24 to ST-8 UB-4
Directly above GB-14 (which is "on the forehead, 1 cun directly above midpoint of eyebrow (or PUPIL)") midway between Du-24 and ST-8 GB-15
"1 cun above anterior hairline" Du-23
0.5 within anterior hairline at corner of forehead, 4.5 cun lateral to Du-24 ST-8
Within the hairline, at the temporal region, at junction of upper 1/4 and lower 3/4 of distance between ST-8 and GB-7. (Remember that GB-7 is kind of in midline of sideburn- and that 6,5,4 dot up, 1/4 cun apart, to ST-8, for a total of 1 cun.) GB-4
Superior to apex of auricle, 0.5 cun within hairline. (Remember, SJ-20 is the point actually on the apex of ear. This point is "in slight depression" 1 cun (or what CAM calls 0.5 cun within hairline) ABOVE apex of ear.) GB-8
1.3 cun lateral to Du-16 on lateral side of External Occipital Protuberance UB-9
In the depression just posterior and inferior to mastoid process GB-12
Caution: "If blood drains into this structure, a large hematoma may result." Du-20 (seems he means for this to apply also to Du-21)
Contraindicated for infants with metopism Du-21, 22, 23 (and Qpuncture includes 20)
Musculature includes "Galea aponeurosis" Du-20, Du-21, Du-23 (Du-24 says only "loose connective tissue of aponeurosis)
Musculature includes: "Galea aponeurotica of superior margin of temporal muscle, loose connective tissue." Vasculature: Branches of superficial temporal A/V. SubQ 0.5-1.0 cun ST-8
Three starred points where musculature is (only) Frontalis m. The anterior hairline points: UB-3 (medial end of eyebrow, 0.5 cun into HL), Du-24, UB-4, GB-15 and don't forget GB-4!
Bones....! TK
Created by: mrbarr