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Alcohol and Street Drugs

Inheritance of addition: Male children to develop alcoholism 25% risk
Inheritance of addition: Female children to develop alcoholism 5-10% risk
How many children each year are born with FAS in the US? 4000
Two methods to screen pregnant women for alcohol use... 1. Laboratory tests 2. Brief questionnaires
4 P's for assessment of risk drinking Pregnancy, Past, Partner, Parents
NET Normal drinker? Do you ever have an EYE-opener? How many drinks does it TAKE to make you feel high?
Laboratory tests for disk drinking liver damage, increased MCV, urine toxicology
Alcohol can lead to... Pregnancy loss, FAS (Growth retardation, CNS dysfunction, facial features, malformations)
CNS abnormalities with FAS below average intelligence, hyperactivity, attention deficits, language dysfunction, perceptual difficulties
Tobacco... increased risk for IUGR, prematurity, stillbirth; facial clefts, learning disorders, hyperactivitiy,
Postnatal exposure to Tobacco... SIDS, asthma, ear infections
The possibility of substance abuse must be considered in ... ALL pregnant women.
Cocaine and pregnancy... vasoconstrictive and hypertensive activity ; OB complications ; IUGR, small risk for malformations (GI, cardiovascular)
Cocaine... neonatal behavioral abnormalities (disappear in the first few months of life), long term impact on cognition and behavior not well understood; SIDS;
When cocaine is excreted in breast milk... reports of vomiting, tremulousness, irritability, and seizures
Marijuana.... what is excreted in breastmilk? THC
Some evidence that marijuana causes... behavioral changes
Marijuana use in the 3rd trimester can cause... adaptation syndrome
Amphetamines & studies animal & human studies are inconsistent
Amphetamines & 3rd trimester use... low birth wt, prematurity, withdrawal symptoms, possible long term effect on cognition and behavior
LSD (prior use, chromosomal damage?) Not associated with increased risk for abnormalities in subsequent pregnancies and does not appear to cause chromosome damage
LSD case reports of ... CNS, eyes, limbs, not most studies have not substantiated this
Heroin long term behavioral abnormalities, increased risk for OB complications including IUGR, prematurity, fetal distress, perinatal mortality, SIDS, neonatal withdrawal
Inhalation of solvents fetal damage similar to that seen with FAS (preterm labor, growth deficiency, microcephaly and CNS dysfunction, facial features)
Created by: KChatham
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