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Substance Disorders

Substance use disorders

tolerance marked increase in amounts and diminished effect with same amount
withdrawal behavioral physiological and cognitive changes related to ceasing a substance and sig impairment in functioning
substance use disorders substance dependence and substance abuse
dependence persistent desire or unsuccessful efforts to cut down or control use
abuse failure to meet a role obligation, legal issues related to substance use
general intervention detox, psychoeducation, 12 step program, grp/individual therapy
co-dependency everyone assists the abuser/user to keep using
dual diagnosis psychiatric and substance abuse disorders
stages of substance abuse intoxication (not intervention focus on safety self & others), withdrawal (medical intervention/emotional support), sobriety(main intervention)
cycle of addiction chemical need-denial of both need and habit, learned habit
cycle of sobriety daily acknowledgment,daily prioritization as a separate issue, daily acceptance
Created by: OTS-RNM