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Final Review01

vocabulary words

早上 zăo shàng morning
九點 jiŭ diăn nine o'clock
dào up to (a figure of time)
十一點半 shí yī diăn bàn eleven o'clock
學中文 xué zhōng wén to learn Chinese
書包 shū bāo backpack
一張白紙 yì zhāng bái zhǐ a piece of white paper
四本書 sì běn shū four books
學生 xué shēng student
老師 lăo shī teacher
問題 wèn tí question
回答 huí dá to answer
dài to wear,put on
帽子 mào zi hat
穿 chuān to wear,put on
鞋子 xié zi shoe
to take
看見 kàn jiàn to see
shuō to speak,say
shēng voice
同學 tóng xué classmate
lái to come
to go
diăn o'clock
fēn minute
bàn half
星期天 xīng qí tiān Sunday
一枝筆 yì zhī bǐ a pen (pencil)
Created by: clear725