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RCW Codes


9A.08.010 General Requirements of Culpability
9A.04.040 Classes of Crimes
9A.20.021 Maximum Sentences for Crimes Committed July, 1, 1984, and after
9A.04.110 Definitions (Acted, Actor, Benefit, Bodily Injury, Great Bodily Harm, Great Bodily Harm, Building, Deadly Weapon, Dwelling)
9A.32.020 Premeditation - Limitations
9A.32.030 Murder in the First Degree
9A.32.050 Murder in the Second Degree
9A.32.060 Manslaughter in the First Degree
9A.32.070 Manslaughter in the Second Degree
9A.16.010 Definitions (Necessary, Deadly Force)
9A.16.020 Use of Force - When Lawful
9A.36.070 Coercion
9A.36.078 Malicious Harassment - Finding
9A.36.080 Malicious Harassment - Definitions and Criminal Penalty
9A.36.100 Custodial Assault
9A.36.120 Assault of a Child in the First Degree
9A.36.130 Assault of a Child in the Second Degree
9A.36.140 Assault of a Child in the Third Degree
9A.36.150 Interfering With the Reporting of Domestic Violence
9A.12.010 Insanity
9A.44.010 Definitions (Sexual Intercourse, Sexual Contact, Married, Mental Incapacity, Physically Helpless, Forcible Compulsion, Significant Relationship, Abuse of a Supervisory Posistion)
9A.44.040 Rape in the First Degree
9A.44.050 Rape in the Second Degree
9A.44.060 Rape in the Third Degree
9A.44.073 Rape of a Child in the First Degree
9A.44.076 Rape of a Child in the Second Degree
9A.44.079 Rape of a Child in the Third Degree
9A.44.083 Child Molestation in the First Degree
9A.44.086 Child Molestation in the Second Degree
9A.44.089 Child Molestation in the Third Degree
9A.44.093 Sexual Misconduct with a Minor in the First Degree
9A.44.096 Sexual Misconduct with a Minor in the Second Degree
9A.44.100 Indecent Liberties
9A.44.105 Sexually Violating Human Remains
9A.44.115 Voyeurism
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