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Business Keywords

The Consumer Person who purchases goods or services for their own personal use
Own Label Products Carry the brand of the shop that sells them-these products are usually cheaper than well known brands and may represent better value for customers
Caveat emptor is a Latin phrase that means ''let the buyer beware''. this means that consumers need to use common sense when buying goods and services
Sales of Goods and Supply of Services Act 1980 This law helps to protect consumers when they buy goods and services from traders
Merchantable quality The good ,must be undamaged, unused and of reasonable quality considering the price paid
Fit for Purpose The good must do what you expect it to do
Be as Described The good must match description given by the salesperson, packaging, brochure, or advert
Match the Sample shown Product should match sample you are shown
Repair The item may be fixed free of charge. The repair must be payment
Replacement You can have the same or an alternative product that is free from damage or faults
Refund You can receive the cost of item back, either in cash or as money paid back to your debit or credit card
guarantee a promise made by a manufacturer or company that will sort out any problem
warrantee is like an insurance policy for which you must pay a premium. it is legally binding
Created by: NMaticha
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