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Abimoxi 101

Topics from Abimoxi Fundamentals First Book

Yin Character examples 1:Heat Cold, metal, water
Yin Character examples 2:Sweet Sour, Salty, Bitter
Yin Character examples 3:Exit Enter, pressure, weakness
Yin Character examples 4: South North, West
Yin Character examples 5: Acute Chronic, Clear, Substance
Yin Character examples 6: Waist and Back Front of Chest and Abdomen
Yang Character examples 1: right left, male, insomnia
Yang Character examples 2: Bitter spicy, sweet, neutral
Yang Character examples 3: Substance Function, Movement, gaseous state
Yang Character examples 4: Darkness Brightness, Rising, Expanding
Yang Character examples 5: North South, East, exiting
Yang Character examples 6: somnolence daytime, cold liquid drinks, deep yellow urine
Yang of the Yang: Day 6AM to Noon
Yang of the Yin: Day Noon to 6PM
Yin of the Yin:Day 6PM to Midnight
Yin of the Yang:Day Midnight to 6AM
Yang of Yang: Seasons Summer - June through August
Yang of the Yin: Seasons Autumn - September through November
Yin of the Yin: Seasons Winter - December through February
Yin of the Yang: Seasons Spring - March through May
Yin Organs (5) Heart, Liver, Spleen, Kidneys, Lungs
Yang Organs (5) Stomach, Gallbladder, Small Intestine, Large Intestine, Urinary Bladder
Yang Organs by location (2) Heart, Lungs
Yin Organs by function (3) Liver, Spleen, Kidney
Wood controls controls Earth
Fire controls controls Metal
Earth controls controls Water
Metal controls controls Wood
Water controls controls Fire
Common name for Abimoxi Martial Arts Medicine
Mother Earth Supports Metal Son
Metal Lung
Water Kidney
Wood Liver
Fire Heart
Earth Spleen
Dietary recommendations exemplify over-control of the recipient organ
Insult: Liver excess insults insults Spleen
Insult: Heart excess insults insults Lung
Insult: Spleen excess insults insults Kidney
Insult: Lung excess insults insults Liver
Insult:Kidney excess insults insults Heart
Resistance (push-back) due to weakness of the original organ
Resistance: Earth push back push back against Wood
Resistance:Metal push back push back against Fire
Resistance:Water push back push back against Earth
Resistance:Wood push back push back against Metal
Resistance:Fire push back push back against Water
Mother Metal Supports Water Son
Mother Water Supports Wood Son
Mother Wood Supports Fire Son
Mother Fire Supports Earth Son
Four essential body materials Jing, Chi, Xiu, Jin Yeh
Definition Jing life essence
Definition Chi body energy
Definition Xiu body nutrition
Definition Jin Yeh body fluids
Most important body fluid Jing
Three types of Jing before birth, after birth, kidney essence
Limited amount Jing before birth
Kidney jing travels through travels through 8 special channels
Kidney Yang responsible for responsible for steaming kidney yin to form kidney chi
Kidney Jing comes from from before birth jing
Definition Shen outward expression of chi
Shen is observed observed in the eyes
After-birth jing results from results from nutrition in part from food
Kinds of chi eight kinds
Chi Functions(6) move, warm,protect,stabilize,steam, nourish
Wood Color Color Green
Fire Color Color Red
Earth Color Color Yellow
Metal Color Color White
Water Color Color Black
Wood Spirit Spirit Soul
Fire Spirit Spirit Spirit
Earth Spirit Spirit Mind
Metal Spirit Spirit Corporeal Soul
Water Spirit Spirit Will
Liver Fluid Fluid Tears
Heart Fluid Fluid Sweat
Spleen Fluid Fluid Saliva
Lung Fluid Fluid Nasal Fluids
Kidney Fluid Fluid Urine
Liver Tissue Tissue Tendon/ligaments
Heart Tissue Tissue Blood vessels
Spleen Tissue Tissue Muscle
Lung Tissue Tissue Skin and Pores
Kidney Tissue Tissue Bone and Head Hair
Created by: Raydoc