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level 2 C #2

firestopping, media and connectors, cable pulling

Underwriter's Laboratories is an example of a _______ ______ ______ _______ NRTL Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory
The pressure of water used in a hose stream test is 45psi (310 Kilopascals)
An 'F3' rating means a barrier will : prevent flame breaking thru for 3 hours
A 'T2' ratingcludes the specs for an 'F2' rating (T/F) in True, plus limits temperature rise.
An endothermic material does what when exposed to heat from a fire? absorbs it
An intumescent material does what when exposed to high heat? swells
A material that , when exposed to high call heat, forms a hard char ised ablative
Firestopping putties, once installed , must never be disturbed (T/F) False. Most putties can be re-entered, so long as conduit fill capacity is not exceeded.
Describe a cementitious material cement-like; mortar-like
Must a sleeve always be used when penetrating a fire stop barrier with cable? No, but it is usually desirable.
May you use plenum rated cable in a riser? yes, but not the other way around
What is the bandwidth (frequency rating) of cat 5e cable? 100MHz
What is the bandwidth (frequency rating) of cat 6 cable? 250MHz
What is the bandwidth (frequency rating) of cat 6a cable? 500 MHz
What is the maximum number of different color pairs in any size copper cable? 25
In an 8P8C connector, on which pins does the wh/blu pair go? pins 4 & 5, always
What is the recommended max length of undercarpet cable? 10m (33 ft)
What is the characteristic impedance, in ohms, of 4-pair balanced cable? 100 ohms
An 'F' connector is used on what type of cable? coaxial
What is the other name for an 8P8C connector? RJ-45
The maximum pulling tension of 4-pair UTP cable is 111 newtons (25 lbs)
What is the minimum bend radius of 4-pair cable? 4 times the radius
What holds a cable reel off the floor? jackstand
J-hooks should be space how far apart? 4 to 5 feet
What special device is used when pulling backbone from the bottom up? winch
When dropping a backbone down a building, you will need a ______ ______. cable brake
Created by: bravomack
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