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chapter 5


what does integument mean skin
what are 5 functions of the skin 1. protects from microorganisms, injury, & uv rays 2. regulates body temp(sweat & excessive heat loss) 3. sensory receptor-touch, pressure, temp 4. elimination of body wastes 5. synthesis of vitamin D
what are the 3 layers of the skin 1. epidermis-layer where melanocytes are found, 2. dermis-contains hair folicles, sweat glands, & oil glands 3. subcutaneous layer- fat layer
what is acne vulgaris acne- common inflammatory disorder seen on the face, chest, back, & neck; appears as papules, pustules, & comedos
what is albinism white condition- absence of pigment/melanin in the skin, hair, & eyes
difference between 1st, 2nd, & 3rd degree burns 1st degree burns: superficial burn, redness & swelling of the epidermis, painful, heel with peeling in about 3-6 days without scars2nd degree burn: partial-thickness, blisters, pink to red color, swelling, involves the epidermis & upper layer of the der
what is basal cell carcinoma most common malignant tumor of the epithelial tissue, occuring most often on areas of the skin exposed to sun
what is dermatitis inflammation of the skin, seen in several forms
what is eczema acute or chronic inflammatory skin condition, intense itching
what is gangrene death of tissue because of loss of blood supply
what is herpes zoster(shingles) acute viral infection by painful vesicular eruptions on the skin following nerve pathways; usually in adults over 50; symptoms include severe pain, fever, itching, stomache ache, headache & tiredness
what is actinic keratosis hardening of the skin
what is leukopakia white, hard, thickened patches firmly attached to the mucous membrane in areas such as the mouth, vulva, or penis
what is malignant melanoma tumor of the melanocytes or skin cancer
what is pediculous highly contagious parasitic infestation caused by lice
what is onychomycosis fungal infection of the nail, nail becomes white, thick, & friable
what is onychcryptosis ingrown nail
what is tinea capitas ring worm of the scalp
what is tinea corporis ring worm of the body
what is tinea cruris ring worm of the groin also called jock itch
what is tinea pedis ring worm of the foot also called athletes foot
what are exanthematous viral diseases skin eruption or rash with inflammation examples: rubella, roseola infantum, rubeola, and erythema infectiosum
what is psoriasis noninfectious chronic disorder of the skin, silvery-white scales
what is kaposi's sarcoma malignant lesions that begin as purple-brown nodules on the face & oral cavity but can occur anywhere and eventually spread throughout the skin, involves the gastrointestinal tract & lungs, usually found in men with aids
what is sle(systemous lupus erthymatosus chronic multi-system inflammatory disease
what is impetigo highly contagious skin infection filled with millions of staph and strep bacteria
what is the difference between squamous cells and basal cells suamous cells is a much faster growing cancer and has a greater potentiol for metastasis
what is melanin gives hair color & skin pigment
what is it called when a person is unable to form melanin albinism
what causes an increase in melanin production exposure to uv rays
what layer of skin contains the hair follicles, sebaceous glands, nerves, and vessels dermis
what is lipocyte a fat cell
what areas of the body have no sebaceous glands palms of hands and soles of feet
what causes sweat to smell it comes in contact with bacteria on the skin surface and becomes contaminated and decomposes
what is a comedo commonly referred to as black head if its open, white head if its closed
what is the inability to grow hair alopecia
what is cellulitis infection of the skin & subcutaneous tissue
what is tinea known as ringworm
what is vitiligo nonpigmented white patches of skin surrounded by skin with normal pigmentation
what is pruritis itching
what is melanocyte cell resposible for producing melanin
what is the epidermis outer layer of the skin
what is subcutaneous fatty layer of tissue below the dermis
what is cyanosis bluish discoloration of the skin
what is cerumen ear wax
what is allergy testing used to identify specific allergens by exposing to the allergen
what is cryosurgery freezing off tissue
what is liposuction sucking out of the fat
what is debridement removal of necrotic tissue or dead skin
what is skin biopsy removal of tissue to look at under a microscope
what is dermaplasty skin transplantation
what is a skin graft replace damaged tissue with recipient skin or a donor site
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