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Book II: 1-22 Test on Wednesday. Ew-uh!

incommodious cramped
counterpane bedspread, quilt
deprecated disapproved of
laudanum a drug containing opium
cogitated thought deeply
proviso hypothesis, conditional stipulation
circuitously in a roundabout way
immolate sacrifice
repast meal
gainsay deny
disinherit exclude from inheritance
confer to discuss
glib fluent, showing preparation
trepidation fear, dread
emulative admiring, imitating
valet servant
cowed faithful
propitiate beg for favor
obsequiousness servility
imperturbable unflappable (not easily excited)
homage respect
diabolic devilish, evil
constant (adj) certain, unchanging, steadfast, resolute
enterprise (n.) an important or difficult project
petition (n) a respectful or humple respect
redress (v.) to remedy or correct
censure (v.) to judge or blame harshly
entreat (v.) to implore or beg
extenuate (v.) to underestimate, or underrate to make a fault seem less serious
grievous adj. cuasing grief; outlandish, atrocious, causing great physical suffering
legacy (n.) gift of property; something of value transferred from one generatoin to another
testament (n) a will or formal promise
suit n. old word meaning "petition"
legacy (n.) gift of property; something of value transferred from one generatoin to another
testament (n) a will or formal promise
suit n. old word meaning "petition"
spurn v. old word to kick disdainfullly
confounded adj. confused
mutiny n. open rebellion against authority
malice desire to harm or see harm done to others
oration n. formal speech
discourse v. speak formally and at length
vile adj. depraved (to make bad)
prick n. a mark made by pricking, a dot, a point. V. to mark by pricking, urge forward
provender n. dry food for livestock
levy n. rasing or collecting an army or by authority or foce V> to collect or impose a tax
instance n. a presence, a cause, a mark
mettle N. characteristic disposition or temperament
chastisement N. the act of discipling or restraining behavior, punishment
fret v. to feel or express annoyance, concern, or worry
slight v. to treat with little importance
testy adj. irritably impatient, touchy
vex v. to irritate, annoy or provoke
slanderous adj, damaging to a persons reputation
covert adj. secret
chastisement n. punishment, severe criticism
philosophy n. system of principles or beliefs
harp v. to give voice or uterance to
potent adj. powerful, influential
impress v. conscript, draft, force into military or other service
pernicious adj. harmful, destructive, lethal
firstling n. the first of a kind, first-born offspring
school v. to inform teach train
desolate adj. isolated, lonely
intemperance n. excessive indulgence of a natural appetite or passion; lack of maderation
avarice n. insatiable greed for riches; inordinate desire to gain or hoard wealth
scruples n. tiny parts, doubt, difficulty
pertubation n. a mental agitation
charge v. to suffuse with emotion
mortify adj dead to the world, deadened, destroyed
gentry rank according to birth, nobility, nobles
distempered adj, disordered, deranged, distrubed
upbraid v. to bring forward as grounds or basis for censure
skirr v. to fly, whir, scour
raze v. to obliterate, destroy completely
prestine adj. having original purity, uncontaminated
treatise n. tale, talk
Created by: villanova