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Respiratory Sys 36

What is masses of lymphoid tissue that help to protect the respiratory passages from invcading pathogens? Pharyngeal Tonsils
What allows middle ear pressure to become equalized to atmospheric pressure, and drains into the lateral aspects of the nasopharynx? Pharyngotypanic Tube
What serves as an air passage? Nasopharynx
What are the are the openings leading from the nasal cavity into the pharynx? Internal Nares
What prevents food from entering the breathing passage and helps speech articulation? Uvula
What tonsils have a role in the immune defecency system? Palatine Tonsil
What is a common conduit for food and air? Oropharynx
What accomodates both ingested food and air, and is lower than the oropharynx? Laryngopharynx
What is known as a false vocal chords? Vestibular Fold
What cords vibrate with expelled air for speech? Vocal Cords
What is the passage food takes from the mouth to the stomach? Esophagus
What is the slit-like passage between the vestibular and vocal folds? Glottis
What is the smallest concha located in the highest naval cavity? Superior Concha
What is the largest concha located in the lowest naval cavity, that is also called the "true" vocal cords? Inferior Concha
What helps form speech sounds and allows food to be chewed while breathing? Hard Palate
What's purpose is to prevent food from entering the naval cavity during chewing? Soft Palate
What forms a lid over the larynx when swallowed? Epiglottis
What is known as the "windpipe" from the larynx? Trachea
What helps support the tongue and acts as an anchor? Hyoid Bone
What is attached to the thoracic walls, and is the outer layer of the pleura? Parietal Pleura
What is the inner layer of the pleura, covering the lung tissue? Visceral Pleura
What forms the Adam's Apple? Thyroid Cartilage
What is shaped like a signet ring? cricoid cartilage
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