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Family, Home jia
爸爸 Dad, Father baba
媽媽 Mom, Mother mama
哥哥 Elder Brother gege
姊姊 Elder Sister jiejie
弟弟 Younger Brother didi
妹妹 Younger Sister meimei
To have, There is/are you
A common measure word which can be used for people ge
Also, too ye
工人 Laborer, worker gongren
護士 Nurse hushi
學生 Student, pupil xuesheng
Family Name, Surname xing
To be called, to call jiao
醫生 Doctor yisheng
保羅 Chinese for Paul baoluo
麗麗 Chinese for Lily lili
(A question word) how about e.g. Ni Ne = how about you ne
A negative word mei
沒有 Not have mei you
名子 Name mingzi
Created by: alekova