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business essentials

angel investor someone who provides startup money to a new business
asset anything of value that a business or individual owns
bond a piece of paper whether real or virtual that say governing body or corporation
business an organized effort to produce and/or distribute good an services
credit The arrangement by which businesses and individuals can purchase now and pay later
Credit rating The score assigned to a borrower based on previous loans
Database A virtual storage unit for information
Debt Money businesses or individuals owe to others
Equity Assets minus liabilities; also known as stockholders' (or shareholders') equity, book value, and net worth
Executives top-level employees
Expenses The money that a business spends
Financial analysis The process of planning, maintaining , monitoring, controlling,, and reporting the use of financial resources
financial records Documents containing information related to the amount of money going into employees of the business
Financing Funding a business activity or project through debt, equity, or venture capital
For-profit business A business whose overall purpose is to earn a profit
goal an objective or want that you to fulfill
human resources people who work to produce goods and service
human resources management the process of planning, staffing ,leading, and organizing employees of the business
income the money received by resource owners and producers for supplying goods and services to consumers.
information management the process of accessing, processing, maintaining, evaluating, and disseminating business knowledge, facts, or data.
interest the reward or cost of lending or borrowing money, usually figured as a percentage of the amount.
inventory management the process of supervising or controlling the amount of finished products a company has in stock.
job description the official statement of job duties an employee must perform.
loan the sum of money lent to a business or individual for a specific time period that is repayable with interest.
manager an individual whose job involves planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling for a business.
manufactoring changing the shapes or forms of materials so that they will e useful for consumers.
marketing the process of creating communicating, delivering, and exchanging offering that have value for consumers, clients, partners, and society at large.
merger two individual businesses that combine to form one organization.
mission a brief summary of a business owner wants a business to be doing.
nonprofit business a business or organization whose intent is t make enough money to support its business.
offshoring producing goods in foreign countries.
operations the day to day activities required for continued business functioning.
orientation job preparation or introduction training in which new employees are acquainted with their surroundings, receive general information about the company and its practices, and are given specific information about their jobs.
outsourcing acquiring assistance from outside organizations/consultants to perform primary business activities.
overhead business expenses for things such as payroll, rent, and utilities.
production the process or activity of producing goods and services.
profit monetary reward a business owner receives for taking the risk involved in investing in a business.
purchasing the process of acquiring the goods and services necessary to keep production going and to accomplish business goals.
quality control ensuring the degree of excellence of a good or service.
recruiting seeking out and attracting qualified potential employees.
resource any item that s used to accomplish another activity. such as producing, providing, goods and services.
revenues sales or gross income.
strategic management the process of planning, controlling, organizing an organization or department.
strategic position how a business measures up in relation to other businesses in the industry can involve the impression r image of a business or organization.
strategies plans or actions for achieving goals or objectives.
supervisor an employee who oversees other employees.
tactics specific actions that will be used to carry out strategies.
technology scientific applications to business objectives or the methods used to attain those objectives.
venture capital invested money used for new business opportunities.
virtual services services provided through a medium of communication (such as the internet) rather than in person.
vision a summary of what a business owner wants a business to become.
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