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Ladies' Agency ch. 9

Vocabulary for chapter 9 of The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency

exceptional different, better
impressive amazing
distinction different, finer
opulence fanciness, richness
Buckingham Palace a famous castle in London where the royal family of England live
to placate to make someone feel better
pretensions lies, snobbery
architectural having to do with buildings and building design
whimsy silly wishes and desires
astonishment surprise, amazement
taste what you like, what you think is good
son-in-law a man who marries your daughter
in-law someone related to you because of marriage not birth
initials the first letters of your full name
elderly old
discreet quiet, not obvious
artificial false
girth width around something
dumb unable to talk
insolent rude, mad
to condemn to judge as bad
anxious worried, nervous
conspicuous obvious, easy to see
pursuit the chase, hunt after something
puzzled confused
to fidget to wiggle and do little things nervously
Created by: marcidee