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Indonesian Chapter 2

A Complete Course in Indonesian for Beginners

meréka they / their / them
saya I / my / me
dekat near
dan and
yang who / which
membaca to read
menggigit to bite
patah to break
menarik to pull
naik kelas to be promoted (at school)
memeriksa to examine
menangkap to catch
mendarat to land
berdarah to bleed
mati off / out of action / dead
soal problem
rumah house
sekohal school
kaki leg
ékor tail
akhir end
cerita story
pemilik owner
hotél hotel
bunga flower
dahan branch
arloji wrist watch
pintu door
adik younger sibling
kakak older sibling
kursi chair
dokter doctor
bambu bamboo
unta camel
listrik electricity
jurutik typist
isteri wife
negara country
pesawat-terbang aeroplane
sopir chauffeur
pelaut sailor
kacamata spectacles
dinding wall
polisi police m.
pencuri thief
hidung nose
paman uncle
dokter-gigi dentist
muda young
sukar difficult
gila mad
mérah red
indah lovely
kuat strong
séhatitu healthy
ramping slender
baru new
kecil small
hilang lost
buta blind
sedih sad
sakit sick
malas lazy
nakal naughty
bodoh stupid
pandai clever
rajin diligent
kaya rich
terlamabat late
sangat very
menarik interesting
gembira happy
Created by: ttaylor57
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