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unit D csi979

cast a molded massf plaster
chromatography separation of a mixture into its component sustances by a movingfront
classifcation the arrangement of things into groupson the basis of relationship between them
constant veriable a variable whitch is kept constant or unchanging
dichotomous divided into tow parts or kids
evidence an indication, a sign; the facts available for proving or supporting a nation
forensic of or used in courts of the law
graphoanalysis the study of handing especially as a guide to character
graphology the study of handwriting
hypothesis a propsition or supposition made from known facts as the basis
investigation a careful study of somthing in order to discover the facts about it.
latent concealed not developed not clearly visible
manipulated variable a variable which is changed to affect the results of an experiment
particle a minute portion of matter
prediction a foretelling of what might be expected
responding variable a variable which changes in response to another variable being manipulated
scenario an imagined sequence of events
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