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technical vocab 2

Open Source the program's source code is freely abailable to the public
Freeware software you can download, pass around, and sistribute without any payment
Piracy when someone installs and uses commercial softwhare without paing for it
Keywords words or phrases that describe content
Node any system or device connected to a network
Firewall limits the data that can pass through it and protect a networked server or client machine from damage by unauthorized users
Banner web advertisment- long image at top of web page
skyscraper web advertisment- tall and narrow image on left or right side of web page
cookie data sent to your computer by a wev server that records your actions on a web site
RSS Feed method of providing website content such as news stories or software updates in a standard XML format
NetBIOS prevents programmers from having to "reincent the wheel" just to get th their program to connect to a network
LED electronic device that emits light when an electronical current passed threw it
LCD super thin- desplays that are used in laptop computer screens adn flat panel monitors
LAN a computer network lineted to a small area such as an office building, university, or even residential home.
GPS a satellite navication system used to determin fround position and velocity (location, speed, and direction)
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