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Display port Replaces VGA and DVI and used for video devices.
DVI The first widely used digital video standard for monitors and supports analog signals.
Thunderbolt Developed as na offshoot of the DisplayPort technology for video devices.
eSATA A connection for external storage devices (hard drives) to provide fast data transfers without having to translate data between the device and host computer.
FireWire A high speed serial digital connection developed by Apple and replaced by Thunderbolt and used for laptops, desktops, digital video cameras
HDMI A new standard used for home theater devices.
Parallel Transfers data eight or more bits at a time over eight or more wires and used for printers; replaced by USB ports.
RJ-11 Six position connector that uses one pair of wires, is smaller than RJ-45 connector and used for telephones.
S-video Video technology as old as VGA, combines three color channels into one for older analog video cameras.
USB Ubiquitous connector; draws power from the USB cable
VGA Video standard that was supposed to be phased out in 2013 and replaced by DVI for monitors.
Laser printer Uses a powder like substance that is fused by heat to the paper
Thermal printer Requires a special type of paper
Inkjet printer Most likely printer to be used in a home office
Impact printer Printer with lowest cost per copy
Plasma Monitor that can suffer from image burn-in from repeated long-term use
LED Monitor that consumes less power but is currently more expensive
CRT monitor that is larger, heavier, boxier than the more modern ones
OLED Uses organic compounds that emit light when subjected to an electric current as the light source
LCD Monitor that will auto center
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