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Acu Anatomy- Week 2

Anatomy of Upper Extremities Points 37-70

2 cun above TCOTW, between tendons of palmaris longus and flexor carpis radiais PC-6
2 cun above SJ-4, between radius and ulna SJ-5
Superior (PROXIMAL) to styloid process of radius, 1.5 cun above the wrist crease. (Do the alligator/scissor finger/thumb thing to find it-- on yourself.) LU-7
Dorsal to head of ulna. With palm facing chest, in bony cleft on radial side of styloid process of ulna. SI-6
1 cun above wrist crease in depression on lateral (radial) side of radial artery. LU-8
Radial side of wrist. When thumb is tilted upward, in depression between tendons of m. extensor pollicis longus (& brevis). Aka anatomical snuffbox. LI-5
On the TCOT(dorsal)W, in depression lateral to tendon of extensor digitorum communis. SJ-4
Radial end of wrist crease, depression on lateral side of radial artery. LU-9
Middle of TCOTW, between tendons of palmaris longus and flexor carpi radialis. PC-7
At the ulnar end of TCOTW, in depression on RADIAL side of tendon of flexor carpi ULNARIS. HT-7
Ulnar side of palm, in depression between base of 5th metacarpal bone and TRIQUETRAL bone. (Between 5MC and PISIFORM??!!) SI-4
Dorsum of hand, between 1st and 2nd MC bones, middle of 2nd MC bone on radial side. LI-4
Radial aspect of midpoint of first metacarpal (1MC) bone @ junction of R&W skin. (On the thenar eminence of the hand, in the depression between the midpoint of the shaft of the 1MC bone and the thenar muscles. LU-10
With loose fifst, proximal to 5th MCP joint, at junction of R&W skin. SI-3
Avoid puncturing RADIAL ARTERY LU-8
Avoid puncturing RADIAL ARTERY LU-9
This point is contraindicated in pregnant woman. LI-4 (Hegu aka Joining Valleys)
The only one of these sets of points that is SHALLOWER than 0.3-0.5 cun. LU-9 is 0.2-0.3 cun. Not sure why- if you are already lateral (radial) to the radial artery. But good to know.
Which of these points is needled "Oblique Upward?" LU-7
Three of these points are indicated for slightly deeper insertion than the prevalent 0.3-0.5 cun. What are they? They are all 0.5-1.0 cun. LI-4!!! (Hegu aka Joining Valleys) ALso PC-6 (2 cun superior (proximal) to TCOW point PC-7) and SJ-5. (San Jiao 5 is exactly "across from" (through the wrist) PC-6.)
Wrist bone here is said to be scaphoid. (Along with radius) LI-5, LU,9, PC-7 (but PC-7 touches scaphoid AND lunate) LI-5 anatomy is scaphoid and trapezium.
Wrist bone here is said to be triquetral. SJ-4
So the bones at base of 1MC (thumb) are what (distal to proximal)? Trapezium is directly at base of 1MC. Below that is scaphoid.
Bones at dorsal/ulnar side of hand are what (distal to proximal at base of 5mc)? Hamate is more or less at base of 5MC (pinky finger). The 2 overlapping-ish bones below hamate are pisiform & triquetral. Pisiform should be a bit more lateral (ulnar) than triquetral. Radial to them (or to triquetral) is lunate. Lunate is below capitate.
Bones for this point are 5MC, pisiform and triquetral. SI-4
Bones for this point are 1st and 2nd metacarpals (dorsum of hand). LI-4
Only one bone for this point! 1MC (JORAWS) LU-10
Only one bone for this point! 5MC (JORAWS) SI-3
Muscles (holy shit): Tendons of flexor carpi radialis/palmaris longus, flexor digitorum superficialis/profundus, pronator quadratus, anterior interosseus membrane PC-6
Muscles: Extsensor digiti minimi, extensor digitorum communis, extensor pollicis longus, extensor indicis, anterior interosseus membrane (How can both SJ and PC have ANTERIOR i.o.m. for muscles?) SJ-5
Muscles: Tendon of brachioradialis, tendon of extensor pollicis longus, pronator quadratus LU-7
Muscles: Tendon of extensor carpi ulnaris SI-6
Muscles: Tendons of abductor pollicis longus & flexor carpi radialis LU-8
Muscles: Tendons of extensor pollicis longus/brevis, tendon of extensor carpi radialis longus LI-5
Muscles: Tendons of extensor digitorum communis & extensor digiti minimi SJ-4
CEPHALIC VEIN!!! Also radial artery and its dorsal carpal branch. LI-5
Muscle: Flexor carpi ulnaris HT-7
Muscles: Tendons of abductor pollicis longus & flexor carpi radialis LU-9
Muscles: Tendons of flexor carpi radialis and palmaris longus, tendor of flexor pollicis longus, tendons of flexor digitorum superficialis and produndus PC-7
Here's a cool muscle: Pisometacarpal ligament (and abductor digiti minimi) SI-4
Muscles: First dorsal interosseus (membrane), adductor pollicis, tendon of extensor pollicis longus LI-4
Abductor pollicis brevis, opponens pollicis, flexor pollicis brevis LU-10
Extensor digiti minimi, flexor (!!) digiti minimi brevis SI-3
Created by: mrbarr