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Century 2030 - 17

control process of ensuring that organizational activities are going according to plan; accomplished by comparing actual performance to predetermined standards or objectives, then taking action to correct any deviations. pg. 363
feedback system System in which outputs from the system affect future inputs or future activities of the system. pg. 365
standard Value used as a point of reference for comparing other values. pg 365
contol tolerances Variation from the standard that is acceptable to the manager. pg 367
behavior (Personal) contol Based on direct, personal surveillance. pg. 370
output (interpersonal) control Based on the measurment of outputs. pg. 370
preliminary (steering) control Method of exercising contol to prevent a problem from occuring. pg. 371
concurrent (screening) control Focuses on process as it occurs; designed to detect a problem when it occurs. pg. 371
postaction contol Designed to detectan existing or a potential problem before it gets out of hand. pg. 371
budget Statement of expected results or requirements expressed in financial or numerical terms. pg.371
zero-base budgeting Form of bidgeting in which the manager must build and justify each area of a budget. Each activity is identified, evaluated, and ranked by importance. pg. 372
audit Method of control normally involved with finacial matters; also can include other areas of the organization. pg. 376
Management audit Attempts to evaluate the overall management practices and policies of the organization. pg. 376
break-even chart Depicts graphically the relationship of volume of operations to profit. pg. 376
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