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Security Plus Cert

Self Study for Comptia Security Plus

What are Ports 20/21 used for? FTP
What is Port 22 used for? Secure Shell (SSH)
What is Port 23 used for? Telnet
What is Port 25 used for? SMTP
What is Port 53 used for? DNS
What is Port 69 used for? TFTP
What is Port 80 used for? HTTP
What is Port 88 used for? Kerberos
What is Port 110 used for? POP3
What is Port 143 used for? IMAP
What is Port 443 used for? SSL/HTTPS
What are Ports 161/162 used for? SNMP
What are Ports 137/138 used for? NetBios
What is Port 995 used for? pop3s
What is Port 1433 used for? SQL
What type of audit can be used to determine if accounts have been established correctly and verify that privilege creep isn't occurring? Privilege Audit
What kind of physical access device restricts access to a smaller number of individuals at one time? Mantrap
A Voluntary set of Standards governing encryption Public-Key Cryptography Standards
Protocol used to create a secure environment in a wireless network? WEP
Internet Server interfaces with TCP/IP at which layer of the DOD model? Process Layer
Which technology would allow you to establish a network connection between two LAN's using the internet? L2TP
Design concept which limits access to systems from the outside users while protecting users and systems inside the LAN? DMZ
In the Key Recovery Process, what key must be recoverable? Previous Key
Which component of IDS collects Data? Sensor
What is the process of making an operating system secure from attack called? Hardening
The integrity objective addresses which characteristics of information security? Verification that information is accurate.
Which mechanism is used by PKI to allow immediate verification of a certificates validity? OCSP
_________ is the equivalent of a VLAN from a physical security perspective. Partitioning
_________ is a Mechanism or process used to enable or disable access to a network resource based on IP address. ACL
Program that exists promarily to propogate itself to other systems? Worm
Type of Attack in which a person present themself at a location asking questions about server configurations? Social Engineering
123456 is an example of what? Weak Passwords
What is a major security problem with FTP Servers? User Id's and Passwords are unencrypted.
What system provides active protection and notification of security problems IDS
A ________ __ _________ is a process of verifying the steps taken to maintain integrity of forensic evidence? Chain of custody
Encryption process that uses one message to hide another? Steganography
What dictates how systems are used in your organization? Use Policy
Algorithm used to create a temporary secure session for the exchange of information? KEA
What security standard would be best suited for use with PDA's in an asymmetric system? ECC
What backup generally provides the fastest backup times? Incremental
You are assigned a laptop with fingerprint scanner as part of your logon process, this is an example of what type of identity verification? Biometric
Access control method primarily concerned with users role within the organization? RBAC
_____________ is the process of investigating a computer system for clues to an event? Computer Forensics
What is layer 7 of the OSI Model? Application
What is Layer 6 of the OSI Model? Presentation
What is Layer 5 of the OSI Model? Session
What is Layer 4 of the OSI Model? Transport
What is Layer 3 of the OSI Model? Network
What is Layer 2 of the OSI Model? Datalink
What is Layer 1 of the OSI Model? Physical
How Many layers does the DOD Model have four
An attack designed to overload a service or protocol? Back Door
Is an example of a Public or Private IP address? Private
What protocal allows an organization to present a single tcp/ip address to the internet while utilizing private addressing on the internal LAN? NAT
Name an authentication method that utilizes more than one authentication process at logon? Multi-factor
What authentication method uses KDC to accomplish authentication for users, programs and systems? Kerberos
How can you break a network into smaller private networks on the same wiring without being aware of each other? VLAN
What technology allows for connection between two networks using a secure protocol? Tunneling
What part of the design goals would involve determining who owns a particular file? Accountability
The process of identifying the value of information or equipment in an organization? Asset Identification
You are asked to do a presentation of threats your organization could face from hackers, thsi is an example of? Risk Management
What authentication method presents credentials that are only valid during a single session? Token
Attack which denies authorized users access to network resources? DOS
Attack which uses more than one computer to attack a victim? DDOS
An attack carried out by inserting a computer between two systems that are communicating? Man-in-the-middle
________ is an attack where an attacker attempts to use an ip address to replace another system in the network. TCP/IP hijacking
A SMURF attack uses what protocol to conduct the attack? ICMP
When examining your AntiVirus software you notice the definition file missing, what type of virus probably infected your system? Retrovirus
Address 132.x.x.x is what Class of IP? Class B
Address is an example of? Private IP address
Address is what class of IP? Class C
Address is what class ip Address Class A
System designed to allow attackers to break in Honeypot
A Network Sniffer and _______ can be used to monitor a network for unauthorized activity. NIDS
Which IDS function evaluates data collected from sensors Analyzer
What protocol operates on 2.4GHZ and has a bandwidth of 1 Mbps oe 2 Mbps. 802.11
What protocol is mainly used to enable access to the internet from a mobile phone or PDA? WAP
A primary vulnerability of wireless environments is ______________. Site Survey
______________ is the process of identifying a network and its security posture. Footprinting
Wireless protocol considered equivilant to a wired network? WPA2
Process of formulating a reaction to a computer attack officially called? Incident Response
When an event is detected when it is happening, it is being detected in ________. Real Time
What is the process of disrupting an IM session called? Jamming
Process of making an Operating System or Network Operating System environment more secure from attacks and intruders. Hardening
___________ is the process of establishing a standard for security. Baselining
Lightweight Directory _______ Protocol Access
Accurate Network time and ______ are required for correct operation of Kerberos? Key Distribution Center
Content, URL's and Certificates are most likely to be _________ by Internet Filters. Analyzed
A device for securing an internal network from traffic external to the segment? NIPS
VPN implementations that consist of taking IPv6 security features and porting them to IPv4? IPSEC
A user is assigned access rights based on their function within the organization. RBAC
Malicious software that travels across computer networks without requiring a user to distribute the software? WORM
__________ would be most important to have to ensure that a company will be able to recover in case of severe environmental trouble or destruction. Disaster Recovery Plan
Task Based Control model RBAC
Workstation or system that produces a challenge string that the user provides, when prompted, in conjunction with the proper PIN. Challenge Response Systems
Algorithym that cannot be reversed in order to decode the data One Way Function
Implement a procedure to control inbound and outbound traffic on a network segment ACL
Freeware Forensics tools used to capture packet traffic from a network TCPDump
Protocol that is not recommended due to them supplying passwords and information over the network? SNMP
Must be installed for HTTPS to work properly on a web site? Digital Certificate
WEP, Wired Equivalent Privacy, is a solution to provice security on a ______________. Wireless Local Area Network.
Tunneling Protocol that can only works on IP networks because it requires IP coonnectivity. PPTP
Attack that takes advantage of computers not fully updated with the most recent OS patches. Software Exploitation
Secret Key Encryption is also known as Symmetrical
Program allows user to execute code with a higher level of security than the user should have access to. Privilege Escalation
The ultimate authority is called the Root Certificate Authority
Why are clocks used in Kerberos authentication Ensure Tickets Expire Correctly.
Message Authentication codes are used to provide which service Integrity
Installable package that includes several patches from the same vendor for various applications Service Pack
In order to secure web based communications, SSL uses Symmetric cryptography and ______. Public-Key Cryptography
What is the best method for securing a web browser? Disable all unused features of the web browser.
Document describing a group of expected minimum behavior in known as: Code of Ethics
________ could cause communication errors with ipsec VPN tunnel because of changes made to the IP header. NAT
Backing up files and software that have changed since the last full or incremental backup. Incremental
Authentication process where the user can access several resources without the need for multiple credentials? Single Sign On
First action taken by an SSL enabled Server when a user c;icks to browse a secure page. Server uses a digital certificate to identify itself to the browser.
WEP uses what type of stream ciphers RC4
Gateway to Gateway in needed to connect users via VPN when the VPN needs be to ______ to the users. Transparent
A Web page becomes unresponsive whenever the embedded calendar control is used. What type of vulnerability is occurring? Active X
SSL operates at which layer Transport
An important component of good data retention policy is. Offsite Storage.
A person walks into a secure room behind a group of people without providing credentials to gain access is what type of activity. Tailgating
Connectivity required for a web server that is hosting an SSL based web site? Port 443 Inbound
Trust Model that would allow each user to create and sign certificates for the people they know. Web of Trust
Strict Environment for enforcing principles of need to know, separation of duties and least privilege. Mandatory Access Control
Audit Log information is best protected by Access controls that restrict usage and _________. Recording to write once media
Malicious code that enters a computer by means of freely distributed game that is installed and played is known as _____________ Trojan Horse.
Programming Technique used to prevent buffer overflow. Input Validation
PGP uses PKI trust model where no certificate authority is subordinate to another Peer to Peer
Access Control Model that allows control determinations to be performed MACS Method
Person enters pretending to be a repair technician and connects a sniffer to the network, this is an example of? Social Engineeering
Terminology or concept that best describes MAC model. Lattice
Password generator that uses a challenge response method for authentication Synchronous password generator
Network Authentication Protocol the uses symmetric cryptography, stores a shared key for each network resource and usees Key Distribution Center? Kerberos
Allows an administrator to find weak passwords on a network? Password Generator
What is the process of deriving an encrypted value from a mathmatical process called? hashing
Which govt agency has the primary responsibility of establishing government standards involving cryptography for general purpose government use? NIST
The process of proposing a new standard or method on the internet is referred to by which acronym? RFC
Protocol similar to SSL, but offers the ability to use additional security protocols? TLS
What problem is created by centralized key generating process? Key Transmission
Prevention of unauthorized disclosure of keys? Access Control
What is the primary organization for maintaining certificates called? CA
What is often used to revoke a certificate? CRL
Which organization can be used to identify an individual for certificeate issue in a PKI environment? LRA
Certificate policies describe how a certificate is _________. Used
What is the process of storing keys for use by law enforcement caleld? Key Escrow
Which protocol allows a certificates authenticity to be immediately verified? OCSP
Which set of specifications is designed to allow XML-based programs access to PKI services? XKMS
An attack based on the statistics probability of a match in a key base is referred to as? birthday attack
What is the biggest security concern if your company uses public keys? Integrity
Plan or Policy that determines how to relocate to an emergency site? Disaster Recovery Plan
Type of Backup for the immediate recovery of a lost file? Working Copy
System frequently has audit files/transaction logs that can be used for recovery? Database
System backup that only backs up files since the last full or incremental backup? Incremental
System Backup that backs up everything since the las full backup. Differential
Which backup method uses a rotating schedule of backup media to ensure long term information storage? Grandfather, Father, Son
Agreement between two organizations providing mutual use of facilities in the event of emergency? Recipricol
The process of automatic switching from a malfunctioning system to another system. Fail Over
Which RAID disk Technology is not fault tollerant? RAID 0
An agreement that outlines performance requirements for a vendor? SLA
Vendor storing code for use by the customer in the event that it ceases business? Code Escrow
Policy that defines how computer systems may be used within an organization? Acceptable Use Policy
Policy which describes confidentiality of customre records? Due Care
Policy dictates how an organization manages certificates? Certificate Policy
Which process inspects procedures and verifies that they are working? Audit
Which access model allows users flezxibility for information sharing? DAC
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