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Business Essentials

Arrogance An inflated sense of self impoetance
Consequence Th result of an action
Dilemma a difficult sitation in which you are required to make decision
Ethical dilmma An issue in which you must decide whether something is right or wrong sometimes referred to as an ethical situation
Intuition Instinct gut feeling
Role model A person whose behavior is imitatedd by others
Accountability The condition of having to answer for or liable for your actions accepting responsibilty for your decisions
Ethical principles Standards that govern behavior not dependent on cirsumstance
Fairness The ability to make judgments without favoritism or self interest engaging in fair competition and creating equal relationships
Integrity Adhering to n established set of personal ethice and sound moral
Respect Regard or esteem honoring the right freedoms view an property of others
rule of law complying with law and regulations
Transparency the quality of being just as one seems being open and thankful when communicating
Trustworthy reliabl deserving the confidenc of others
viability the long term value of your choices
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