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Window Treatments

What functions do window treatments serve? Control light in room, block UV sunlight, control sound, provide insulation, ensure privacy
What decorative purposes do window treatments serve? Add color and pattern, add focal point/drama to a room, add style
What were traditional window treatments treated with? A sash curtain, a draw curtain, an over-drapery, and a cornice/valance
What are the modern window treatments? Curtains, draperies, shades and blinds
What is a header? Additional fabric above the rod casing/pocket that forms a ruffle
What are sheers? Panels made with sheer fabric or lace that allow daylight in while providing limited privacy
What are ruffled/Priscilla curtains? Panels of sheer and semi-sheer fabric with fuller gathers and ruffles on two or three edges w/ an attached matching valance
What are Balloon/Austrian shades? Curtains of shirred/gathered fabric drawn up into billowy folds
What is a valance? It is the most common window topper, covers hardware at top of window,Utilized in many curtain heading styles and can be straight box pleats or embellished with lace, fringe, ruffles, etc.
What are Jabots, Festoons and Cascades? They are different types of swags
What is a Lambrequin? A pelmet constructed of wood or other rigid material that will hold a shape and can be mounted on the wall on the top and sides of window casing, often used to make a window appear larger by extending beyond the window frame.
What are the functions of Blinds, Shades and Shutters? Light control, privacy, UV protection, sound absorption, and energy efficiency
What are some features of Venetian Blinds? They hang horizontally, can be mounted inside or outside window casing, wide variety of color selections, a cord or wand control tilts the slats of a blind to a closed or open position
What type of blinds are suggested for bathrooms, kitchens and other humid areas? Faux wood
What are some features of Vertical Blinds? Made of fabrics, vinyl, wood, or aluminum and are a popular choice for large windows and sliding doors,Drawn to one side or side-to-side split for a full view, Used alone, with a top treatment, or as a foundation for a more elaborate look
What type of shade is considered ne of the most economical, versatile and practical window treatmenta? Roller shades
What are some features of Roller Shades? Made of vinyl or fabric attached to a cylindrical roller to roll up and down for light control, pulls down from behind the roller
What type of window shade has the most unique and natural look of all window shades? Woven wood/grass shades
What are some features of Roman shades? Made of fabric, pulled up into soft horizontal folds using cords attached
What are the two styles of Roman shades? Flat fold and rounded edge
What are Pleated shades? Made of fabric with crisp, evenly spaced horizontal pleats
What feature do Pleated Shades have that Honeycomb/Cellular do not? Visible cords running through them
What are Shutters? A traditional window treatment used because of their classic look
What are the different types of finishes Shutters can have? painted, stained, sandblasted (gives texture), piano (high gloss)
What are the 6 parts of a blind? Slats, Vanes, Ladders, Fabric Tapes, Head Rail, Bottom Rail
What is a Self Pelmet/Valance? A piece of fabric stitched to the top of a panel to make it appear to be separate, often does not conceal rod or the top of a window casing, as it draws with the curtain
What is a cafe curtain? Ideal in kitchens, Single pair of short panels installed on a suspension or café rod halfway down the window, leaving the top half open, often combined with a valance
What are Pinch Pleats? A style of pleat used at the heading, usually triple folded, for a more formal look, often mounted on traverse rods
What are hourglass curtains? Single panel with a casing and rod at the top and bottom and a tie in the center, typically in sheer or lightweight fabrics, often used on glass doors where free-flowing panels can get caught in door
What are swags? An ornate valance that drapes in billowy folds across the top of a window, decorative and dramatic w. no function
Created by: ginaiannelli