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Furniture Terms

Acanthus Leaf a carved detail of a common Mediterranean leaf
Apron a piece of wood that goes across the bottom of a chest
Ball foot furniture shaped like a ball; round
Breakfront piece of furniture, such as a cabinet or bookcase, with a central section that projects or curves out beyond the sections on either side
Burl a swirled, speckled veneer
Cabriole Leg a type of furniture leg that curves out at the "knee", then inward at the base of the "foot". Often seen in Queen Anne furniture.
Camel Back back of a sofa that has a "hump" or camel's back in the center
Claw and Ball Foot leg of a chair carved from wood that looks like a bird's claw perched on a ball. Often used by Chippendale.
Fiddle Back splat of a chair shaped like a violin
Finial A decorative finish or ornament found at the top of furniture such as a chair. Sometimes in the shape of an urn, flame, flower or leaf
Dovetail a type of joint that joins drawer corners together by interlocking them
Dust Board a board separating the drawer space from the one above or below it
Gate leg a swinging leg that supports the leaf of a table
In-lay wood wood of a contrasting color or texture inset into a surface
Knee out-carved upper area of a cabriole leg
Knob turning turning/carving done in a series of knob-like shapes on the leg of a piece of furniture
Ladder Back a horizontal back and splat on a chair resembling a section of a ladder
Lyre a decorative design based on the classic Greek form of a harp
Patina a mellow quality of color and texture that furniture surfaces acquire with age
Paw foot furniture foot carved to resemble an animal's paw
Pediment the ornamental top surrounding a tall piece of furniture often "broken" in the center
Pembroke table drop leaf where central fixed leaf is twice as wide as the drop leaf
Piecrust table circular tilt-top table with a raised rim
Reeding a series of rounded, closely set beads usually carved out of wood
Spindle narrow wood strips on a hoop backed chair
Splat the piece of wood in the middle of a chair back
Stretcher wood that connects the upright legs of a chair or table
Veneer a thin layer of wood glued onto a base piece of woof for decorative effect or contrasting color
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