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D. System Diseases

Abnormal Diseases of the Digestive System

Which abnormal disease is the inflammation of the appendix? Appendicitis
Which abnormal disease is the inflammation of the gallbladder? Cholecystitis
Which abnormal disease is the chronic destruction of liver cells accompanied by the formation of fibrous connective and scar tissue? Cirrhosis
Which abnormal disease is when fecal material remains in the colon too long, causing excessive re absorption of water? Constipation
Which condition is characterized by frequently watery stools? Diarrhea
Which abnormal disease is the inflammation of the diverticula, pouches (or sacs) that form in the intestine as the mucosal lining pushes through the surrounding muscle? Diverticulitis
Which abnormal disease is the inflammation of the mucus membrane that lines the stomach and intestinal tract? Gastroenteritis
What are painful, dilated or varicose veins of the rectum and/ or anus? Hemorrhoids
Which abnormal disease is the inflammation of the liver? Hepatitis
What occurs when an internal organ pushes through a weakened area or natural opening in a body wall? Hernia
What is inflammation of the pancreas? Pancreatitis
What is an idiopathic? An unknown cause
Which abnormal disease is the inflammation of the abdominal peritoneal cavity, usually allows the intestine contents to enter the peritoneal cavity? Peritonitis
What is an open sore on the lining of the digestive tract? Ucler
What is a bacterium that burrows into the stomach membranes, allowing stomach and acids and digestive juices to create an ulcer? Helicobacter Pulori (H. Pylori)
What is the severe inflammation of the colon accompanied by the formation of uclers and abscesses? Ulcerative Colitis
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