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BI - Folie 1

Challenges of BI? Quick thinking Quick decision making Quick action based on decisions
Business Darwinism? Survive Compete Replicate Adapt
Recognize and analyze changes? Understand customer expectations Relationship Marketing Trends Data Mining
Strategy Implementation barriers? Vision Barrier People Barrier Management Barrier Resource Barrier
Value Laws of information? Shareability of information Value increases with use Depreciation of value over time Increasing value with accuracy Increasing value with integration Volume versus value of information
Increasing Value by shortening the action Distance? Business Event, Data stored in data warehouse, information delivered, decision made, action taken
Maximizing the utility value of the asset information identifying most critical information needs and the relevant information recipients leveraging the most useful communication channels to supply the information to the recipients goal: minimal analysis latency
Closed Loop Principle? Plan, Monitor, Analyze, Act
Communication and Implementation of closed loop? Communicate your strategy and how to measure success and failure by KPIs, measure your kpis, analyze them, decide and act
Balanced Scorecard Learning&Growth, Internal Business Process, Financial, Customer
Data Warehouse? Is the main repository of the organization's historical data, its corporate memeory.
Data Warehouse by Bill Inmon subject-oriented time-variant non-volatile integrated
Data Acquisition? ETL: Extraction, Transforming, Loading E: Filtering of the required data from the operational data sources. T:Synctactical and semantic data preperation L: Inserting data into the DW
World of strategic business intelligence? IT-perspective: Communication, Information Models, Data Business-perspective: Strategy, Performance indicators, stakeholders
Decision Making Level? Operational - high frequency - daily decisions tactical - middle strategic - low - long term decisions
Key Analysis Methods? Slicing, Dicing, Drill-Across, Drill-Down, Roll-up