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HWL Characters

Review of characters from HWL

I am an idealist who thinks I am a knight. Don Quixote
I am a realist and a side-kick. Sancho Panza
I sacrificed my most prized possession for the woman I loved. Federigo
I am an ugly man with a beautiful soul. Cyrano
I learn the true meaning of courage after watching others suffer and sacrifice. De Guiche
I learned to love a man for his soul. Roxane
I am a handsome, but inarticulate man. Christian
I tied to prevent my destiny, but in doing so, I walked right into it. Oedipus
I unknowingly married my son. Jocasta
I was told my son would kill me someday. Laius
I am a blind prophet. Tiresias
I risked my life to keep my promise to my brother. Antigone
I feel that the law must be preserved at all costs. Creon
I love my family, but would never break the law to make a sacrifice. Ismene
I tried to prove I was an Extraordinary Man. Raskolnikov
I died alone because I couldn't face a life without love. Svidrigailov
I am a sinner, but my sin is done out of sacrifice for my family. Sonia
I had to pretend to be someone I was not inorder to survive in society. Viola
I needed to leave the life I knew to find who I really was. Nora
I was not willing to sacrifice my honor for love. Torvald
I gave my life to serve my family, ignoring my own needs. Gregor
I escaped an arranged marriage but still kept my promise to my family. Lindo
I helped fulfill my mother's long-cherished wish. June
I was arrogant and ignorant. Malvolio
I wanted a poor wife so she would revere me as her benefactor. Luzhin
My sin was committed out of sacrifice for my poor family. Sonia
I swore off men for seven years until I feel in love with a messanger "boy". Olivia
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