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Fistula abnormal passage
Ather/o plaque or fatty substance
Pyel/o pelvis
Py/o pus
Myc/o fungus
Mucous specialized mucous membranes that line the body cavities
Acronym Word fomrd from the initial letter of the major parts of a compound term
Disease Condition where one or more body parts are not functioning normally
Differential diagonis (rule out) Determing which one of serveral diseases can be producing the signs and symptoms present
sign objective evidence of a disease
Symptom subjective evidence of a disease
syndrome set of signs and symptoms occur together as part of a specific disease
inflammation localized response to an injury or destruction of tissue
end within
lith stone
super, supra above or excessive
sub under, less, below
intra within or inside
inter between or among
eu good,normal, well, easy
ab away from
gram a picture or record
angi/o blood vessel
stenosis abnormal narrowing
malacia abnormal softening
rrhea flow or discharge
rrhaphy surgical suturing
otomy cutting, surgical incision
osis abnormal condition, disease
centesis surgical punture to remove fluid
Ileum Last and longest portion of the small intestine
prostrate collapse and be lying flat or to be overcome by exhaustion
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