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Comp - Ribbons

Microsoft Ribbon Menu

Ribbon TabsDefinition
Home This contains the most-used Word Features, such as changing fonts and font attributes, customizing paragrpahs, using styles, and finding and replacing text.
Insert Handles anything you might want to add into a document, such as tables, pictures, charts, hyperlinks, bookmarks, headers and footers, WordArt, etc.
Page Layout Change margins, page size and orientation, set up columns, align objects, and add effects.
References This tab handles tables of contents, footnotes, bibliographies, indexes, and similar material.
Mailings This is where you'll go to create envelops and labels and mail merges
Review This tab will allow you to check spelling and grammar, look up a word in a thesaurus, work in markup mode, review other people's markups or compare documents.
View This is where you go to change how the document looks, from print layout to draft, includes displaying a ruler and gridlines, zooming in and out, splitting a window and so on.
Created by: carieggen