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island a cabinet that stands alone
peninsula a cabinet that sticks out from the wall
one wall when the work triangle is on one wall
l shaped when the work triangle is in an l shaped or on two walls
u shaped when the work triangle is in a u shape or on three walls
island shape when the range or sink is on an island
peninsula shape a u shaped or island shaped kitchen with a peninsula on one wall
working center an area of a kitchen designed for a specific job or task
work triangle the lines that you get when you connect the refrigerater, the sink, and the range/cooktop
measurement of work triangle 20'9"
refrigeraters can be top and bottom or side to side
two types of cabinets wall and base
galley/corridor when the work triangle is spread out on opposing walls
another name for galley corridor
soft lighting works best for the eating area
an item stored in the cleanup center sponge
counter space should be on either sidde of this appliance cooktop
an example of a functional custom cabinet feature spicedrawer
two popular types of wood used for cabinets cherry and pine
ventilation system used in C101 recirculating
an expensive type of counter material granite
an inexpensive type of counter material laminate
downdraft ventilation system where the smoke is drawn doown through a vent near the cooktop
work center located around the sink cleanup
a kitchen should take in the wants, needs, and lifestyles of the home owners
three types of ventilation rangehood heating, downdraft, and recirculating rangehood
large appliances such as cliptops and ovens require a seperate 240-volt circuit
dishwashers can be built-in or portable
an overhead light will provide what for an entire room general lighting
sinks can be (blank) bowls single, double, or triple
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