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TISSUE martini

CH. 4 tissue martini ap crocker

muscle tissue derived from __ mesoderm
nerve tissue derrived from ectoderm
epithelian tissue derrived from ___ all three (ecto, meso & endo derms)
this tissue cover cells bc cells are in contact epithelial tissue
this forms glands when cells sink under the surface epithelial
these are formed when cells sink under the surface glands
this tissue has an electrical charge nerve tissue
this tissue stores energy at fat connective
this tissue provide immunity to disease connective
this tissue has material between cells and supports and binds structures together connective
in this tissue cells shorten in legth producing movement muscle
this tissue detects changes inside and outside of the body nerve
these junctions are fused with a strip of proteins tight junctions
dense layer of proteins inside the cell membrane plaque
in these junctions microfilaments edtend INTO the cytoplasm adherens junctions
in these junctions integral membrane proteins connect to membrames of other cells adherens
these junctions resist separation and cell disruption desmosomes
these cell junctions intracellulare intermediate filaments CROSS cytoplasm of cell desmosomes
these junctions are cellulare support of cardiac miscle desmosomes
these junctions connect cells to extracellular material eg masement membrane hemidesmosomes
these junctions are crossed by protein channels called connexons forming fluid filled tunnels gap juntions
these proteins channels cross gap junctions forming flud filled tunnels connexons
in this junction cells communicate w ion & small molecules (spreading nerve impulses) gap junction
the basal lamina is made up of __ collagen fibers
the basal lamina is made up of thsee cells epithelial
_____ lines blood vessels and body caveties simple squamous epithelium
this type of epithelium controlls diffusion simple squamous epithelium
this lines the tubes of the kidney simple cuboidal epithelum
this epithelium controls absorbtion and secretion simple cuboidal
unicellular glands in non-ciliated simple columnar goblet cells that secrete mucus
this epithelium has microvili which are used for ____ nonciliated simple columnar & absorbtion in gi tract
in the epithelum mucus from goblet cells is moved along by cilia ciliated cimple columnar epithelum
this epithelum is found in the respiratory system and uterine tubes ciliated simple olumnar
keratinized stratified squamous are found in the ____ skin
nonkeratinized stratified squamous are found in the ___ mouth & vagina
these are rare epithelium only found in sweat gland ducts and makle uerethra stratified cuboidal & stratified columnar
this epithelium lines hollow organs that expand from within eg uniary bladder & is multilayered transitional epithelium
thees single layer epithelium lines respiratory systems, male eurthra and have nuclei at varying depths pseudostratified columnar
these glands secrete onto a free surface exocrine
these glands secrete hormones into the bloodsream endocrine glands
unicellular glands: an example of them is goblet cells
compound multicellular glands are ___ branched
simple multicellular are ___ unbranched
most glands use this type of secretion in which cells release their products by exocytosis (eg salivia, sweat) merocrine
oil glands use this type of sercretion wher the whole cells dies and releaasese their products holocrine
these cell types retain ability to divide and produce blasts type
mature cells that can not divide or produce matrix cytes
cells that decelop from monocytes macropages
thse cells develop from B lymphocytes plasma cells
mast cells produce ____ histomine
this is a jellylike substance providing support for connective tissue condroitin sulfate
thes proteins bind collagen fibers to ground substance adhesion
this ct is thin branched that form framwork of organs formed from the protein collagen recticular
thi sgives rise to all other types of connective tissue (embryonic ct) mesenchyme
star shaped cells in jelly like ground substance found only in umbilical cord muscous ct
this typoe of loose ct is irregular areolar ct
this ct has fibroblasts, collagen fibers, and elastic fibers, areolar ct
this ct is organ padding and helps reduce heat loss adipose
this ct is a netowrk of fibers and cells that produce framwork of organ holds organs together reticular ct
in dense ct more fibers ar present but fewer___ cells
dense collagen fibers in parallel bundles with fibroblasts dense regular connective tissue
this type of ct forms tendons dense regular ct
dct taht forms whites of eyeballs, dermis of skin and resists tension from any direction dense irregular ct
network of fibers in rubbery ground substance cartilage
this can endure more stress than loose or dense connective tissue cartilage
this makes up the nose, reduces friction at joints and has chrondocytes that sit in spaced called lucunae haline cartilage
this is the strongest type of cartilage (intervertebral discs) fibrocartilage
rubbery cartilage with elesatic properties elastic cartilage
cartilage repairs itself using ____ interstitial growth (from within cake rising) and appositional growth (layering of new tissue on exisiting frosting on cake)
struts of bone surrounded by red bone marrow trabeculae
basic unit of structure is osteon compact bone
osteon lamellae (rings) of mineralized matrix
connective tissue w liquid matrix blood plasma
contain less protein than plasma lymph
moves cells and substances from one part of body to another lymph
line body cavities open to external world mucous
serous membrans have these type of cells overlying loose cts simple squamous
these membranes line body cavities that do not open to outside world ie abdominal serous membrane
these membranes have no epithelial cells just slippery excreting cells snyovial
in this muscle cells are long cylinders with many peripheral nuclei has stratiaions skeletal muscle
branched cylinder with one central nuclue...attached and communicate by desmosomes and intercalatedc discs cardiac muscle
spindle shaped cells, hallow organs, involuntary, nonstratiated smooth muscle
nerve signal travels towards cell body dendrite
signal travels away from cell body axon
replacement with stromal connective tissue cells (scar formation) fibrosis
replacement with origional cells (parenchymal cells) regeneration
abnormally joining tissue can result from surgery adhesions
very actively growing connective tissue granulation tissue
colagen fibers in parrallel bundles with fibroblast bundles of collagen fibers dense regular ct
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