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Lie (Hoax)Truth
Magyar Televizio (1/2) clock from 1981-1988 Myanmar Television clock from 2000-today
Magyar Televizio (1) clock from 1988-1992 Clock before program " TV1" in TV1 Cambodia in 2009
Magyar Televizio (2) clock from 1988-1992 SVT2 Sweden clock from 70's
Magyar Televizio (1) clock from 1992-1999 Blue:BBC UK clock VERY OLD.Black:VTV Vietnam Clock before 2000
Magyar Televizio (2) clock from 1992-1996 Doesn't exist on TV, but it's really a YOUTUBE MAGIC CLOCK!!!
Magyar Televizio (1/2) ident from 1971-198 I don't know either
Magyar Televizio (1/2) idents from 1992-1995 House TV (Cambodia) idents
Magyar Televizio (1/2) ident from 1995-1997 Myanmar TV idents
User panatta70 is from Hungary and post Hungarian TV videos Panatta70 is from Poland and post Polish TV videos
User panatta70 posts only Polish TV videos Panatta70 does not post only Polish TV videos! He/she also mix Burmese and other TVs, to know what are they then see all above.
User panatta93 posts fake Hungarian TV videos No. He/she posts real videos
Magyar Televizio (1/2) advertisement idents from 1995-1997 Telewizja Polska (1/2) advertisement idents from 1980s
User fun17092008 is from Cambodia Fun17092008 is from Burma
User fun17092008 posts fake videos No! He/she posts REAL MTV videos!
User fun17092008 vandalizes English Wikipedia Fun17092008 works in Burmese Wikipedia
Users ettes, mihalylovics, balazska1, retrotelevizio, magyarretrotelevizio, antennahungaria, etc. posts real videos No! They posts fake videos!
MTV1 Hungary starts at 8am and close at 12am in 80's and 90's It starts around 9am and close at 1am in 90's, but for 80's I don't know.
MTV2 Hungary starts at 4pm and closes at midngith in 80's 90's, not 80's
TVP1 Poland starts at 6am and close at 3am every day in 80's. No, until 1992 it starts at 8am or 2pm. And close before 12am, and in 1981-1989 closes at 10pm by commernist.
TVP2 Poland still closing after midnight in 1986 In commernist TVP never close after 11pm
Khmer television starts at 8am in 90's No, it's in 70's.
Created by: bugmenot
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