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Medical Terminology

Chapter 7

- Al Pertaining to e.g. abdominAL- PERTAINING TO the abdomen
- cele hernia, swelling e.g. think CELE- SWELLing
- centesis surgical puncture e.g. thoracentesis: SURGICAL PUNCTURE of the thoracic cavity
- ectasis dilation, expansion e.g. think ECTAsis- EXPANsion
- emesis vomiting - in medicine we cannot just say vomiting, we gotta be extra and say EMESIS like EMESImtiredofthisgrandpa
- graphY - the PROCESS of recording videoGRAPHY- the PROCESS OF capturing a video by RECORDING or electrocardioGRAPHY/EKG- electrical recording of the heart
- ia condition E.G. think, AnemIA- a condition of low iron lvls
-ism process or condition e.g. priaprISM is the condition of prolonged erection of a penis
-malacia softening e.g. osteomalacia- softening of the bone
- oid resembling e.g. nucleOID: RESEMBLING a nucleus
- pexy fixation, OR to put in place e.g. pneumoPEXY- fixation of the lungs
-ptosis droop, prolapse, displacement e.g. ptosis of the eyes- eye drooping
-rraphy the way of suturing e.g. herniorraphy - surgical repair of a hernia USING SUTURES
-sclerosis hardening e.g. arteriosclerosis - hardening of the arteries going away from the heart usually due to high cholesterol
diaphor/o sweat
erythem/o flushed, redness e.g. if an erythrocyte is a RBC, erythem/o is to be showing redness or appearing flushed
kerat/o cornea, horny hard tissue e.g. Kerato- Kornea, HArd Horny tissue
onych/o nails, fingers or toe onychomycosis- fungal infection of the nail
pil/o half
pyl/o pus
squam/o scale e.g. think SQUA-SCALE
steat/o fat or sebum
trich/o hair e.g. think - TRICHOtillomania - the abnormal process of pulling out your hair
-ectomy excision for removal e.g. hysterectomy- removal of a guys testes
-graph an instrument FOR recording e.g. to obtain a photoGRAPH, we must have the instrument needed(camera)
-ist specialize e.g. podiatrist a doctor who specializes in feet
-logist specialist e.g. psychologist a doctor who is a specialist in psychiatric care
-lysis to destroy, breakdown, or separate e.g. Cell lysis
-megaly enlargement e.g. think MEGA-enLARGEment
-plasty surgical repair e.g. a rhinoplasty is a surgical repair of the nose
-scopY TO visualize, visual exam e.g. microscopY
hidr/o sweat
lip/o fat e.g. LIPOsuction is literally a procedure which sucks up fat
seb/o sebum
ungu/o under the nails e.g. think UNGU is UNDER the nails
-algia pain
mye/o fundus
xer/o dry; dryness
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