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Single Herb Review

HerbCategoryActions & Indications
Bai Zhi* Spicy Warm, Release the Exterior HA/FRONTAL~NASAL pus~vaginal discharge
Cang Er Zi* Spicy Warm, Release the Exterior NASAL~looks like a Q-tip
Fang Feng* Spicy Warm, Release the Exterior SKIN~BI SYNDROME~Internal/External Wind
Gao Ben* Spicy Warm, Release the Exterior HA(Vertex)
GUI ZHI* Spicy Warm, Release the Exterior DEFICIENCY(Wind Strike)~Chills/Fever~Bodyaches~Sweating DOES NOT IMPROVE the Condition~Ying/Wei Disharmony~P:Floating, Moderate(soft)~HT YANG~zhi=little branch/collaterals~Sweet=for def. tonifies
Jing Jie* Spicy Warm, Release the Exterior SKIN~Charred:Stops Bleeding
MA HUANG* Spicy Warm, Release the Exterior EXCESS(Cold Damage)~Chills/Fever~Bodyaches~No Sweating~P:Floating, Tight(Jin Mai)~WHEEZING~Caution:HTN/Excess Only!~bitter for urination/brings down
Qiang Huo* Spicy Warm, Release the Exterior HA:TaiYang/DU~BI SYNDROME~guides up(Du Huo guides down)Dui Yao
Sheng Jiang* Spicy Warm, Release the Exterior VOMITING
Xi Xin* Spicy Warm, Release the Exterior HA:Nasal~Enters KID so can clear INTERNAL/EXTERNAL COLD~Max Dose 1qian+3g~thin, acrid(deep cold)
Xin Yi Hua* Spicy Warm, Release the Exterior NASAL(looks like a Q-Tip)
Zi Su Ye* Spicy Warm, Release the Exterior FOOD POISONING~FETUS
Bo He* Spicy Cool, Release the Exterior EYES~THROAT~RASHES~Constrained LIV Qi
Chai Hu* Spicy Cool, Release the Exterior RAISES YANG~SPREADS LIV,Relieves Constraint~GB+SI(ShaoYANG)side of the body~Sx:alt F/C,Bitter Taste,P:bowstring,blurry vision
Chan Tui* Spicy Cool, Release the Exterior HOARSE VOICE~EYES~THROAT~RASHES~Structure! insect that moves like the WIND(Internal)
Dan Dou Chi* Spicy Cool, Release the Exterior IRRITABILITY
Ge Gen* Spicy Cool, Release the Exterior RASHES~RAISES YANG~FLUIDS~neck
Ju Hua* Spicy Cool, Release the Exterior EYES~RASHES~Caution:Hypotension
Man Jing Zi* Spicy Cool, Release the Exterior EYES(looks like)~HA:behind eyes
Mu Zei* Spicy Cool, Release the Exterior EYES:tearing
Niu Bang Zi* Spicy Cool, Release the Exterior EYES~THROAT~RASHES~vents rashes/moves stool
Sang Ye* Spicy Cool, Release the Exterior EYES~RASHES~Stops Bleeding~moistens
Sheng Ma* Spicy Cool, Release the Exterior RASHES~RAISES YANG~TOXIC
Dan Zhu Ye* Clear Heat, Purge Fire IRRITABILITY~HT Fire->SI....UB
Jue Ming Zi* Clear Heat, Purge Fire Eyes~Liver Yang
Lu Gen* Clear Heat, Purge Fire THIRST~Structure:looks like a straw w/mini straws~fluids/urine~(skin/LU)vents rashes
Shi Gao* Clear Heat, Purge Fire Structure:resenbles dry ice~Channels:LU,ST~exzema, burns, sores~VERY COLD~mineral cook longer~TaiYang/Blazing Fire YangMing
Xia Ku Cao* Clear Heat, Purge Fire EYES~LIVER YANG~LIVER/GB~Structure:spike/nodules(neck)
Zhi Mu* Clear Heat, Purge Fire LU/ST/KID~reaches to KIDS/Yin
ZHI ZI* Clear Heat, Purge Fire gardenia~IRRITABILITY~BIG(Identical to Da Huang+Poop)~Clear Heat/Resolve Damp~Loves Blood(clear&move)
Tian Hua Fen* Clear Heat, Purge Fire THIRST~Phlegm like Gua Lou because it's the root!~Pus:LU Heat/Infection~CI:PG
Mu Dan Pi* Clear Heat, Cool Blood (moving pee)~LOVES LIVER~INVIGORATE&COOL BLOOD~Structure:middle looks like HT/outside white like PUS~CI:PG
SHENG DI HUANG* Clear Heat, Cool Blood Wen Bing=Heat Damaging the Fluids~GENERATE FLUIDS~ID!
Shui Niu Jiao* Clear Heat, Cool Blood (Hot Blooded Bull!)~BLOOD HEAT~TOXINS~TREMOR
XUAN SHEN* Clear Heat, Cool Blood GENERATE FLUIDS/Nourish Yin~NODULES/Phlegm Fire
Zi Cao* Clear Heat, Cool Blood SKIN
Ku Shen* Clear Heat, Dry Damp SKIN:Itchy-Dry~Damp-Heat Skin~parasites
Long Dan Cao* Clear Heat, Dry Damp LIV FIRE BLAZING UPWARD~LIV/GB DAMP HEAT DOWN~LDC=dragon bite
Chuan Xin Lian Clear Heat Toxin WIDE APPLICATION~involuted skin like LU/LI or interior skin
Ban Lan Gen* Clear Heat Toxin THROAT
LIAN QIAO* Clear Heat Toxin Structure:nodules/HT Heat
Ma Bo Clear Heat Toxin THROAT(sponge)
Pu Gong Ying* Clear Heat Toxin Structure:piercing through NODULES~Opens Channels to release BREAST MILK~urination
Shan Dou Gen* Clear Heat Toxin THROAT:viral
She Gan* Clear Heat Toxin THROAT:huck a loogie
Tu Fu Ling* Clear Heat Toxin DH Toxin on SKIN~(like Ku Shen/Zi Cao/FF/JJ)
DA HUANG* Downward Draining EXCESS:purgative cook 5 mins~BLOOD:Liver/Invigorate & Cool~Toxins(+ 3 Huangs)~Damp-Heat~compare to Zhi Zi~CI:Nursing
Da Ji* Downward Draining & Stop Bleed HARSH EXPELLANT(do not use on elders)~COLD~TOXIC~cathartic
Lu Hui* Downward Draining aloe~STRENGTHEN STOMACH~Kills Parasites
Bai Hua She* Expel Wind Damp (snakes move and are long)~POWERFULLY UNBLOCKS THE CHANNELS~Disperse Wind(snake/skin)~TOXIC
Du Huo* Expel Wind Damp Structure:vertebrae like Qiang Huo
(Han)Fang Ji* Drain Damp EDEMA~urine~Wind-Damp
Hai Tong Pi* Expel Wind Damp STRENGTHEN~3 Pi(knees, pee, Pi/skin)
Mu Gua* Expel Wind Damp Structure:looks like cramping legs w/bite missing~CALF CRAMPS~harmonize MJ
Qin Jiao* Expel Wind Damp COLD~DEF. HEAT~Jaundice~SINEWS~same family as Long Dan Cao
Sang Zhi* Expel Wind Damp Edema~joint pain
Wei Ling Xian* Expel Wind Damp FISH BONE
Wu Jia Pi* Expel Wind Damp ELDERS/ATHLETES
Bai Dou Kou* Aromatic Transform Damp MOVES QI~WARMS MIDDLE JIAO~cardamom
CANG ZHU* Aromatic Transform Damp MOST DRYING-STRONGLY~Causes SWEATING-Rel. Ext. Wind-Damp~lower jiao~vision
Cao Dou Kou* Aromatic Transform Damp cardamom
Cao Guo* Aromatic Transform Damp malaria~meat&greasy foods~cardamom
HOU PO* Aromatic Transform Damp MOVES QI down~stagnation, wheezing, phlegm
Huo Xiang* Aromatic Transform Damp SUMMER HEAT~pachouli
Sha Ren* Aromatic Transform Damp MOVES QI~WARMS MIDDLE JIAO~FETUS~cardamom
Bian Xu* Drain Damp DAMP-HEAT UTI~Structure:spiky(like a palm tree in the tropics)~parasites~jungle toe
Che Qian Zi* Drain Damp DAMP-HEAT~firm up stool~eyes
Deng Xin Cao* Drain Damp HT FIRE->SI
Di Fu Zi* Drain Damp SKIN
Dong Gua Ren* Drain Damp BREASTS/LACTATION~moistens intestines
Dong Kui Zi* Drain Damp BREASTS/LACTATION~moistens intestines
Hua Shi* Drain Damp SKIN~SUMMER HEAT~Caution:growths/tumors
Mu Tong* Drain Damp HT FIRE->SI~LACTATION~tong=opening
Qu Mai* Drain Damp DAMP-HEAT UTI~blood stasis
Shi Wei* Drain Damp DAMP-HEAT UTI-Bleeding~lung phlegm
Yi Yi Ren* Drain Damp STRENGTHEN THE SPLEEN~stops diarrhea when dry fried~Bi Syndrome Heat(like Chi Fu Ling)
Yin Chen Hao* Drain Damp JAUNDICE
Ze Xie* Drain Damp CLEARS HEAT W/O DAMAGE TO YIN/FLUIDS~Minstrel Fire~(Huang Bai-dui yao)
Zhu Ling* Drain Damp DAMP FROM ANYWHERE~Does Not Tonify
Bi Ba* Warm Interior, Expel Cold Acid Regurgitation
Chuan Jiao* Warm Interior, Expel Cold
Ding Xiang* Warm Interior, Expel Cold Warms MJ, KD; raises Yang
Gan Jiang* Warm Interior, Expel Cold Warms MJ, LU, channels; rescues yang
Gao Liang Jiang* Warm Interior, Expel Cold Warms MJ, pain
Hu Jiao* Warm Interior, Expel Cold Vomit, Diarrhea, abd pain
Rou Gui* Warm Interior, Expel Cold Warms KD,SP,HT, LU-->Blood
Wu Zhu Yu* Warm Interior, Expel Cold SP/ST, LV; N/V+Vertex HA
Xiao Hui Xiang* Warm Interior, Expel Cold Cold Low Abd
Gu Ya* Relieve Food Stagnation can be either Su Ya or Dao Ya
Ji Nei Jin* Relieve Food Stagnation STRONGLY:Yellow Food~STONES~Yellow/urine(bed wetting)
Lai Fu Zi* Relieve Food Stagnation PHLEGM~radish seed~conflict w/Ren Shen,Shu di,He Shi Wo
Mai Ya* Relieve Food Stagnation FOOD STAGNATION/MINERALS~STOPS LACTATION-transforms milk to blood
Shan Zha* Relieve Food Stagnation Structure:Core Color-Yellow/Earth/Food Stag./diarrhea;Skin Color-Red Clump/blood stasis~HTN-coronary artery~meat&greasy foods~hawthorn fruit
Shen Qu* Relieve Food Stagnation FOOD STAGNATION/MINERALS~Fermented Ingredients
Bing Lang* Expel Parasites parasites, BM, pee, malaria
Ai Ye* Stop Bleeding mugwort~WARMS WOMB STOPS BLEEDING~same as Pao Gan Jiang~dampness itching
Bai Ji * Stop Bleeding GENERATES FLESH
Bai Mao Gen* Stop Bleeding BLOODY URINE
Ce Bai Ye* Stop Bleeding same as Di Yu~LJ Damp-Heat~BLOODY HEMORRHOIDS~dysentery~skin/burns~COUGH/PHLEGM
Da Ji** Stop Bleeding & Down Drain "a dodgy looking herb"~Generates Flesh~Jaundice
Di Yu* Stop Bleeding Lower Jiao Damp-heat~BLOODY HEMORRHOIDS/Dysentery~Skin/Burns
Huai Hua Mi* Stop Bleeding BLOODY HEMORRHOIDS
Pu Huang* Stop Bleeding TRAUMA~STOPS&INVIGORATES~urination
Qian Cao Gen* Stop Bleeding COOL~STOPS&INVIGORATES~Red/Lochia
San Qi* Stop Bleeding #1 for TRAUMA~STOPS&INVIGORATES
Xian He Cao* Stop Bleeding WIDE APP.~DIARRHEA~kills parasites
CHEN PI* Regulate Qi DAMP-PHLEGM~white/LU,yellow/SP
Chen Xiang* Regulate Qi "sinking fragrance"~GRASPING QI DOWN TO KIDNEY
Chuan Lian Zi* Regulate Qi COLD~Conducts Heat Out~Parasites~Toxic
Da Fu Pi* Regulate Qi "SMELLS LIKE BBQ"=accumulation/food&urination/beer
Ju Hong* Regulate Qi "zest of peel"
Mu Xiang* Regulate Qi PERISTALSIS~STRENGTHEN SP~Tenesmus
Qing Pi* Regulate Qi LIVER~CLUMPS~green/LIV
Xiang Fu* Regulate Qi LIVER/Regulates MENSES~Neutral~Enters 12 Channels~ID!
Zhi Ke* Regulate Qi gentle, mature Zhi Shi
Zhi Shi* Regulate Qi EXCESS ACCUMULATION~PHLEGM~cool~prolapse
Chuan Shan Jia* Invigorate Blood Blood Stasis, damp, swelling & pus, lactation
Chuan Xiong* Invigorate Blood LIV,GB,PC~HEADACHE!
Chi Shao* Invigorate Blood COOLS BLOOD
Dan Shen* Invigorate Blood COOL~IRRITABILITY
E Zhu* Invigorate Blood dui yao w/San Leng~EXCESS ONLY ACCUMULATIONS-blood, food stag., cancer
Hong Hua* Invigorate Blood dui yao w/Tao Ren
Mo Yao* Invigorate Blood
Niu Xi* Invigorate Blood
Ru Xiang* Invigorate Blood dui yao w/Mu Xiang for TRAUMA~QI<>BLOOD~SINEWS/CHANNELS d/t being a resin~FLESH
San Leng* Invigorate Blood
Tao Ren* Invigorate Blood dui yao w/Hong Hua~BROAD APP. GYN~stools
Wang Bu Liu Xing* Invigorate Blood ABOVE/LACTATION~BELOW/AMENORRHEA~swellings/vag. & testicular~Loves Liver Channel
Yan Hu Sao* Invigorate Blood #1 for PAIN
Yi Mu Cao* Invigorate Blood name=benefit the mother~POST-PARTUM stasis/urine retention/toxicity
Yu Jin* Invigorate Blood COLD~JAUNDICE~HT Phlegm
Ze Lan* Invigorate Blood invigorate blood
Bai Jie Zi* Dissolve Cold Phlegm mustard pack~CHEST PHLEGM
Bai Qian* Dissolve Cold Phlegm GURGLING THROAT from PHLEGM~DIRECTION/down
BAN XIA* Dissolve Cold Phlegm NODULES(structure)~DIRECTION/down~lung d&d/spleen t&t
Jie Geng* Dissolve Cold Phlegm DIRECTION/up~METAL/LUNG,throat
Tian Nan Xing* Dissolve Cold Phlegm "flower is fluffy star"~WIND-PHLEGM/STROKE
Xuan Fu Hua* Dissolve Cold Phlegm SALTY~DIRECTION/down
Zao Jiao Dissolve Cold Phlegm suppository to unblock the bowels
Chuan Bei Mu* Dissolve Hot Phlegm FLAVOR/sweeter than Zhe Bei Mu~NODULES~idea s/t sweetness, nourish Yin
Gua Lou Ren* Dissolve Hot Phlegm CONSTIPATION
Gua Lou/Pi* Dissolve Hot Phlegm CHEST PHLEGM + THIRST/MOISTENING~nodules~"root of Gua Lou is Tian Hua Fen
Hai Zao* Dissolve Hot Phlegm SALTY~nodules/urination
Qian Hu* Dissolve Hot Phlegm DIRECTION/down~wind-heat
Zhe Bei Mu* Dissolve Hot Phlegm more bitter than Chuan Bei Mu~NODULES
Zhu Ru* Dissolve Hot Phlegm ST/VOMITING from def. Heat~Caution:ST COLD, FOOD STAG.
Bai Bu* Relieve Cough & Wheeze MOISTEN/TB(yin def cough/dry cough)~PARASITES(topical for lice)~STD!
Bai Guo* Relieve Cough & Wheeze ASTRINGENT/wheezing
Kuan Dong Hua* Relieve Cough & Wheeze phlegm~moistens
Ma Dou Ling* Relieve Cough & Wheeze
Pi Pa Ye* Relieve Cough & Wheeze LU/ST-clear, transform, redirect:rebel Qi or Heat (loquat leaf)
Sang Bai Pi* Relieve Cough & Wheeze FUNCTION: LU D&D (cough/wheeze/urine)
Zi Su Zi* Relieve Cough & Wheeze STOPS COUGH~MOISTEN STOOL
Bian Dou* Tonify Qi
XING REN* Relieve Cough & Wheeze COUGH OF MANY TYPES~MOISTENS INTESTINES~toxic dose adult:40-60, child:10-20 kernels
Zi Wan* Relieve Cough & Wheeze PHLEGM-COUGH
Bai Zhu* Tonify Qi
Da Zao* Tonify Qi
Dang Shen* Tonify Qi
Gan Cao* Tonify Qi
Huang Qi* Tonify Qi
Ren Shen* Tonify Qi
Shan Yao* Tonify Qi
Yi Tang* Tonify Qi
Bai Shao* Tonify Blood
Dang Gui* Tonify Blood
E Jiao* Tonify Blood
Gou Qi Zi* Tonify Blood
Long Yan Rou* Tonify Blood
Sang Shen* Tonify Blood
Shu Di Huang* Tonify Blood
Bai Ji Tian* Tonify Yang
Bu Gu Zhi* Tonify Yang
Du Zhong* Tonify Yang
Gou Ji* Tonify Yang
Gu Sui Bu* Tonify Yang
Hu Tao Ren* Tonify Yang
Lu Rong* Tonify Yang
Rou Cong Rong* Tonify Yang
Suo Yang* Tonify Yang
Tu Si Zi* Tonify Yang
Xian Mao* Tonify Yang
Xu Duan* Tonify Yang
Yi Zhi Ren* Tonify Yang
Yin Yang Huo* Tonify Yang
Bai He* Tonify Yin
Bie Jia* Tonify Yin
Gui Ban* Tonify Yin
Hei Zhi Ma* Tonify Yin
Mai Men Dong* Tonify Yin
Nu Zhen Zi* Tonify Yin
Sang Ji Sheng* Tonify Yin
Sha Shen* Tonify Yin
Shi Hu* Tonify Yin
Tian Men Dong* Tonify Yin
Bai Zi Ren* Calm Spirit
Ci Shi* Calm Spirit
Dai Zhe Shi* Calm Spirit
Mu Li* Calm Spirit
Suan Zao Ren* Calm Spirit
Ye Jiao Teng* Calm Spirit
Yuan Zhi* Calm Spirit
Chi Shi Zhi* Astringent
Fu Pen Zi* Astringent
Fu Xiao Mai* Astringent
Hai Piao Xiao* Astringent
He Zi* Astringent
Jin Ying Zi* Astringent
Lian Zi* Astringent
Qian Shi* Astringent
Rou Dou Kou* Astringent
Shan Zhu Yu* Astringent
Wu Mei* Astringent
Wu Wei Zi* Astringent
Bai Ji Li* Extinguish Wind, Stop Tremors
Di Long* Extinguish Wind, Stop Tremors
Gou Teng* Extinguish Wind, Stop Tremors
Shi Jue Ming* Extinguish Wind, Stop Tremors
Tian Ma* Extinguish Wind, Stop Tremors
Cao Wu* Warm Interior, Expel Cold
Chuan Niu Xi* Invigorate Blood
Chun Pi* Astringent
Yu Xing Cao Clear Heat Toxin Green-Yellow PHLEGM + Toxin
Long Gu* Calm Spirit
Qing Hao* Clear Deficiency Heat Clears Fever from Def.~MALARIA
Shan Zhi Zi* Clear Heat, Purge Fire
She Chuang Zi* Expel Parasites
Sheng Jiang Pi* Spicy Warm (Promote Urination)
Zhen Zhu* Calm Spirit
Zhi Cao Wu* Warm Interior, Expel Cold
Zhi Gan Cao* Qi Tonic
Qin Pi Clear Heat, Dry Damp liver damp-heat
Bai Hua She She Cao Clear Heat Toxin CANCER
Zi Hua Di Ding Clear Heat Toxin DEEP BOILS/SKIN~Di Ding=Earth Spike
Ye Ju Hua Clear Heat Toxin HEAT TOXICITY
Lou Lu Clear Heat Toxin Structure:Compare to Sheng Ma&Bai Tou Weng~BREAST:lactation~CI:PG
Bai Tou Weng Clear Heat Toxin DYSENTERY
Ya Dan Zi Clear Heat Toxin ALT. DYSENTERY
Ma Chi Xian Clear Heat Toxin DYSENTERY+TENESMUS~antidote to wasp sting & snake bite
He Ye* Clear Heat Toxin SUMMER HEAT DYSENTERY~stops bleeding
Lou Dou Clear Heat Toxin ANTIDOTE for Fu Zi and other toxicity
Hong Teng Clear Heat Toxin MOVING BLOOD~(looks like Ye Jiao Teng & Ji Xue Teng)
Fan Xie Ye Drain Downward gentle~Steep do not decoct
Yu Li Ren Drain Downward MOIST LAXITIVES:Qi
Huo Ma Ren Drain Downward MOIST LAXITIVES:Yin (hair/blood)
Qian Niu Zi Drain Downward HARSH EXPELLANTS
Gan Sui Drain Downward HARSH EXPELLANTS
SANG JI SHENG Wind Dampness STRENGTHEN~SINEWS&BONES~BLOOD BI~FETUS(blood def.)~Skin from blood def.~parasite of mulberry tree(sucks the blood)
Bei Xie* Drain Damp CLEARS HEAT W/O DAMAGE TO YIN/FLUIDS~Separates Clear/Turbid~SKIN
Tong Cao Drain Damp Structure:looks like a nipple cap/LACTATION~substitute for Mu Tong~Tong=opening
Yin Chen Drain Damp JAUNDICE
Jin Qian Cao Drain Damp URINARY STONES~Structure:gold coin to pass stones~jaundice
Chi Xiao Dou Drain Damp jaundice
Ou Jie Stop Bleeding wide app.
Ji Xue Teng Invigorate Blood Shape:egg~Color:red~NOURISH BLOOD~Teng=vine/opens channels
Huai Niu Xi Invigorate Blood DIRECTS DOWN~STRENGTHENS SINEWS/BONES(looks like one)
Fou Shou Regulate Qi LU, SP, LIV
Mei Gui Hua Regulate Qi Red Rose~Blood
Tan Xiang Regulate Qi ten sion->cardiac problems~sandalwood
Xie Bai Regulate Qi chest conditions~turbid phlegm, also digestive
(Zhi) Bai Fu Zi Cold Phlegm up to the head
Kun Bu Hot Phlegm SALTY~nodules/urination
Fu Shi Hot Phlegm SALTY~nodules/urination
Ge Qiao Hot Phlegm SALTY~nodules/urination
Mu Hu Die Cough and Wheeze "wooden butterfly" wood/liver&butterfly/air-skin
Di Gu Pi* Clear Deficiency Heat "If you dig u sweat" def. sweats~KIDNEY FIRE~60g max dose
Bai Wei* Clear Deficiency Heat DEFICIENCY HEAT BLOOD~30g max dose
Niu Huang* x x
Xiang Ru* x x
Created by: DOCRAIN