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Excel Session 2

NLISD Excel LearnKey Session 2 Vocabulary

AVERAGEIF A function that allows the user to easily average a range based on specific criteria.
Cell An individual, rectangular section of a document that is the intersection of a column and a row. Each cell can contain information, such as text, values, formulas, or graphic images.
Range A block of cells that can be selected, manipulated, named, or formatted as a group.
Formula Bar A feature located under the Ribbon at the top of the working screen. It contains the edit line for formulas and provides information regarding cell addresses.
COUNT A feature that will count the number of cells in a range that contain numbers.
VLOOKUP A feature that will look up values in columns. 
Nested IF A feature that allows the user to enter an IF function for the second argument in an IF function. It allows up to 64 levels.
Pivot Chart A graphical representation of the data from a PivotTable.
Field A cell in the database that contains information, such as name, address, and zip code.
Hot Link A connection between two files that automatically updates one file whenever the other is changed.
Watermark A setting where the brightness overwhelms the contrast. The most common setting is 85% brightness and 15% contrast.
Criteria Range A set of instructions that determine which information the database function will be applied to. A criteria range includes the name of the field and the actual criteria itself. 
Created by: jenjones