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Bowman MT Chap 5

a scraping or rubbing away of skin or mucous membrane as a result of friction to the area abrasion
a localized colleion of pus in any part of the body. abscess
Partial or complete loss of hair. aloplecia
the deepest of the five layers of the epidermis basal layer
an open comedo, caused by the accumulation of kertain and sebum within the opening of hair follicals. blackhead
a small thin-walled skin lesion containing clear fluid; a vescile blister
a large blister bulla
a localized pus-producing infection origination deep in hair follicle; a furuncle boil
a circumscribed inflammation o fhte skin and depper tissue that contains pus, which eventually discharges to the skin surface. carbuncle
a diffuse acute infection of the dkin and subcutaneous tissue, characterized by localized heat, deep redness, and pain cellulitis
a scar; the pale, frim tisue that forms in the healing of a wound. cicatrix
the protein substance that forms the glistening inelastic fibers of conective tissue collagen
an injury to a part of the body without a break of the skin contusion
the dermis; the layer of skin just under the epidermis corum
a noninvasive treatment that uses subfreezing temperature to freeze destroy the tissue. cryosurgery
a condition of a bluish discoloration of the skin cyanosis
a closed sac or puch in or within the skin that contains fluid, or solid material cyst
inflammation of the skin dermatitis
the secretion of sweat diaphoresis
a bluish-black discoloration of an area of the skin or mucous membrane caused by an escape of blood into the tissue as a result of injury to the area' also know as a bruis ro a black-and-blue mark ecchymosis
the outermost layer of the skin epidermis
the medical term for shingles herpes zoster
any fungal infection of the nails onychomycosis
a common, usually painless thickenin of the epidermis at sites of exteral pressure or frictiond callus
the skin that covers the entire body integument
teh substance needed for lubrication hair and maintaining the waterproof property of skin sebum
a second degree burn partial-thickness
a cracklike groove in the skin or mucous membrane. fissure
a chronic disorder characterized by silvery white scales and raised, redness plaques psoriasis
removal of damaged or necrotic tissue from a wound to promote healing debridement
responsable for skin color melanocytes
the soft, downy hair of developing fetus lanugo
a first degree burn supericial
a small pinpoint hemorrhages petechia
chronic inflammatory skin disease that mainly affects hte skin of the middle third of the face causin persistent redness over the areas of the face rosacea
is sometimes noted as a dimple in the lower part of the back pilonidal cyst
another name for nevus mole
highly contagious parasitic infestation of head lice pediculosis capitis
excessive body hair in a an adult male pattern hirsutism
any visible damage to the skin, hair, or eyes lesion
one who studies the skin dermatologist
using sandpaper and brushes to remove the epidermis and portions of the dermis dermabrasion
a rare malignant lesion associated with AIDS, diabetes, and malignant lymphoma kapsoi's sarcoma
another word for sweat gland sudoriferous
is the structure of the skin below hyperdermis
ring worm of the groin tinea
Created by: pbowman