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Vocab. on Thursday

Vocab. on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

outstanding eminently
strict, stern austere
rebuke, scold reprove
gloom, depressing sombre
hateful, nasty detestable
a person under the support of a patron protege
confusion,puzzlement perplexity
to place trust in repose
overlooked; forgiven condoned
wickedness, injustice iniquity
not noticeable unobtrusive
unable to express one's thoughts clearly incoherence
spoke to first accosted
without feeling insensate
a great fire conflagration
hateful odious
dug up disinterred
lean and angular gaunt
pondered, reflected on over and over ruminated
diligently sedulously
behavior, bearing mien
sad disconsolate
wretched, lacking pride abject
disaster calamity
grieving, expressing sorrow lamentation
excessive exorbitant
evaporating rapidly volatile
beginning; in an early stage incipient
close examination scrutiny
puzzles enigmas
supplied with quality endowed
domineering, arrogant imperious
deep rooted, habitually inveterateley
continually, recurring perennial
varied,greatly diversified multifarious
absurd, incompatable incongruous
power to produce the desired affect efficacy
firm dislike aversions
relating to money pecuniary
large capacious
face, facial expression countenence
talk, conversation discourse
manner, behavior demeanour
qualification, expertise aptness
eagerly trying to equal or surpass another emulously
flirtation coquetry
lengthy, drawn out prolonged
filthly, squalid sordid
an overwhelmingly, advancing force that crushes or seems to crush everything in its path juggernaut
one who prepares and sells drugs and other medicines, a pharmicist apothecary
of doubtful authenticity apocryphal
resentment, sulkiness sullenness
a narrow focus on the trivial aspects of learning pedantically
an appetite relish
a document written wholly in the handwriting of the person whose signiture it bears holograph
nonsense balderdash
Damon was a myhtological figure who out of devotion pledged his life as a guarantee that his condemned friend Pythias would return to face execution Both were subsequentially pardoned Damon and Pyhtias
the disposition to prefer, or favor one thing rathor than the other inclination
having to do with cave men, and anthropoid ape such as a gorilla or chimp troglodytic
a law setting a time limit on legal actions statute of limitations
two weeks; fourteen days fortnight
long time close friends cronies
one who pays undue attention to book learning and formal rules pedant
controversial or unusual opinions heresies
difficult or impossible to control or restrain irrepressible
shrunk back in fear quailed
a covering pall
untidy, dirty slatternly
deep red garnets; precious red stones carbuncles
odd, in an old fashioned way quaint
arousing sympathy or compassion pathetically
general meaning drift
forbidding something prohibition
strict, binding stringent
to discipline by self denial mortify
in an ill-tempered way peevishly
persuade induce
courageous, not discouraged undaunted
wrongdoer, lawbreaker malefactor
moderate, slowed down bated
vial, a small container for liquids phial
preoccupied with unwholesome thoughts or feelings morbid
an assortment or mixture farrago
held back, confined constrained
delicacy, fragility debility
health constitution
depravity, evil turpitude
passing, not lasting long transience
seething, bubbling ebullition
dishonest, deceietful unscrupulous
felt as if one were taking part in the experience of another vicarious
moral corruptness depravity
spreading in a harmful manner insidiously
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