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DT tonics

Si Jun Zi Tang *classic Rx for SP qi xu; long-term too cloying (no qi movers); base of many SP tonic Rxs
Yi Gong San Si Jun Zi Tang plus Chen Pi: harmonizes ST
*Liu Jun Zi Tang Si Jun Si Tang plus Chen Pi and Ban Xia; tx more D & P; more common for digestive problems
Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang Six Gentleman plus Sha Ren & Mu Xiang; tx more MJ qi stag; tx more pain (more moving)
Shen Ling Bai Zhu San *chronic diarrhea d/t SP/ST xi w D; tonifies SP qi, leaches out D, stops diarrhea
*Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang SP qi xu fever or sinking SP qi, common for prolapse, chronic diarrhea incontinence, and bleeding. *+SP and raise sunken yang.
Yi Qi Cong Ming Tang Ptergium (film over eye) or other visual &/or auditory disturbances d/t long-term SP qi xu
Ju Yuan Jian collapse d/t qi xu leading to severe loss of bld &/or devastated yang (+qi to +bld)
Sheng Xian Tang strongest to raise qi, prolapse
Sheng Yang Yi Wei Tang *DH affecting UJ (LU) > D to sinking into LJ; raises yang, tonifies qi, leaches D; vag d/c
Yu Ping Feng San *prevent freq colds w/ spontaneous sweating; +qi, stabilizes ext, stops sweat; do not use w/ ext invasion or URI
Sheng Mai San *concurrent qi & yin xu of LU, chronic cough; also HT disease, palps, irreg Htbeat. +qi, yin, gen fluids, stop sweat
Bu Fei Tang *LU and wei qi xu w/ SOB, cough, wheezing; + qi, stabilize exterior; asthma Rx
Ren Shen Ge Jie San *asthma d/t qi xu w/ P-H cough, wheezing; +qi, augments KI, clr H (d/t stasis)
Ren Shen Hu Tao Tang *LU & KI qi xu wheezing & coughing
Si Wu Tang *#1 LV bld xu Rx; dizziness, blurred vision, muscle tension, amenorrhea, wiry/thin/choppy Pulse; tonif bld, regs LV
Tao Hong Si Wu Tang *Bld xu w/ bld stag; often for menstrual cramping; tonif and invigs the bld; stasis blding
Sheng Yu Tang *Qi & bld xu w/ qi defic blding and some bld stasis
Dang Gui Bu Xue Tang *bld xu w/ floating yang causing H sensation in muscles &.or fever & h/a d/t loss of bld. Ton qi, generates bld, secures wei. Good for post-partum fever (but not infection)
Shao Yao Gan Cao Tang *ab pain, spasming, & cramping. Softens LV, stops spasms, allev pain. Athletes over-training.
Dang Gui Sheng Jiang Yang Rou Tang *post-partum dysmenorrhea, shan d/o w/ C & Bld xu. Warms int, nrsh bld, allev pain.
Ba Zhen Tang *most basic Rx for qi & bld xu. Si Wu Tang (bld)+ Si Jun Zi Tang (qi).
Gui Pi Tang *forgetfulness, palps, insomnia, early periods or chronic blding (SP not holding) or SP not generating bld. Ton SP qi and nrsh HT bld
Gu Ben Zhi Beng Tang *flooding & trickling (uterine blding) d/t SP not holding; ton bld, supports SP.
Zhi Gan Cao Tang *palps, irreg HTbeat w/ anxiety, insomnia, other qi&bld xu; consumptive d/o w/ qi&bld xu affecting HT
Bao Chan Wu You Fang *Qi&bld xu w/ Chong & Ren disharmony. Used during 6-7 mo. to prevent miscarriage, supplement qi during labor, facil delivery. Qi/Bld ton, reg qi, calm fetus, right fetus
*Liu Wei Di Huang Wan *complex, elegant Rx for yin xu w/ pgenic D. *Classic LR/KD yin xu. Diuretics & astringents. Used as fertility Rx.
Qi Ju Di Huang Wan + Gou Qi Zi & Ju Hua for eye problems (predom LR xu)
*Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan +Zhi Mu & Huang Bai for yin xu w/ F &/or DH in LJ. *Very effective for menopausal hot flashes, night sweats
Er Long Zuo Ci Wan + Ci Shi, Shi Chang Pu, Wu Wei Zi for tinnitus, hearing loss d/t LR/KI yin xu.
Ming Mu Di Huang Wan for eye problems w/ more excess &/or more W. + Chai Hu, Dang Gui, Wu Wei Zi, Fu Shen (sub Ling)
Zuo Gui Wan *var. of 6-Wei Di for more yin xu w/ little H. Nourishes yin, KI, fills essence, augments marrow
Zuo Gui Yin milder tonifying than prev. Always check ingred of var.
Da Bu Yin Wan *more H/F, steaming bone syndrome (H cause essence to move recklessly); enrich yin, desc F. KI pulse forceful, rapid.
Hu Qian Wan *weak low back, knees, deterioration of sinews & bones w/ reduced fx, diff walking d/t LR/KI yin, bld, essence xu w/ F. This is a type of atrophy disorder
Da Zao Wan *steaming bone d/o w/ LU yin xu cough; +LU/KI, drains H, anchors yang
Yi Guan Jian *concurrent LV/KI yin xu w/ qi stag attacking ST; enriches yin (LV/KI) & spreads LV qi
Er Zhi Wan *ton LV/KI yin, benefits eyes & hair. Not cloying.
Bai He Gu Jin Tang *v. effective Rx for chronic yin xu cough w/ P, internal dryness. DRY, hard to expec P cough. Can use for lingering cough if yin damaged. Yin xu signs.
Bu Fei E Jiao Tang *LU yin xu w/ vig H, cough w/ bld-streaked sputum; nrsh yin, +LU, stops cough, stops blding
Zhu Jing Wan *eye probs d/t LV-bld & KI-yin xu w/ some D obstructing sensory organs. Regs fluid metabolism. Blurry vision, floaters.
Shi Hu Ye Guang Wan *tx enlarged pupils, blurred vision, excess tearing; also cataracts. Exting LR-W, enrich yin.
Yi Wei Tang *qi level/yangming H causing severe depletion of ST fluids
Shen Qi Wan *classic Rx KI yang xu w/ insufficient MingMen fire; Regs fluid metabolism. Sl. yin tonifying, sl. cloying. V. balanced. Use for urinary d/o & genital d/o.
Jia Wei Shen Qi Wan add chuan niu Xi, che qian zi
You Gui Wan *exhaustion d/t KI yang & Essence xu, waning MingMen, esp d/t chronic illness (e.g., post-chemo); also tonifies bld.
Tu Si Zi Wan *astringes essence & urine; *KI failing to grasp essence
Zan Yu Dan *impotence or infertility d/t waning MingMen (male sterility, low sperm)
Qi Bao Mei Ran Dan *premature graying/loss of hair, loose teeth; +KI yin, nrsh yin & (LR) bld. Only mild + yang.
Er Xian Tang *menopausal sx inc hypertension, hot sweats, depression, insomnia. *KI yin&yang xu w/ flaring MingMen. Warms KI, ton Essence, drains KI-F, regs Chong & Ren.
Created by: skyehoo