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OPULENCE(OPULENTUS = wealthy) stronger word than affluent
VICARIOUS second hand feeling
EPHEMERA(GREEK) a short living creature
EPHEMERAL somthing that remains for a short time
EVANESCENT(E- = out +VANESCO = TO vanish) synonym of ephemeral; fleeting; vanishing
PUTRESCENT begining to rot
EUPHENISM(EU = good + PHEME = voice + ISM) something said in good voice; a word or expression that has been substituted for another that is likely to offend
EUPHONY good sound
EULOGY good speech
EPILOGUE words upon the other words, or ' after-words'
PROLOGUE wods before the main part
EUPHORIA good feeling, a sense of mental buoyancy and physical well being
BADINAGE half-teasing; non malicious; frivolous banter; intended to amuse rather than hurt
PERSIFLAGE synonym of badinage
CLICHE words that banal, unimaginative people use
BROMIDE trite, dull remark
PLATITUDE(PLATYS = broad/float + -TUDE) dull, trite hackneyed unimaginative pattern of words
ANDONYNE medically a drug that allays pain without curing; actually a statement that allays fear or anxieties
BOVINE(BOVIS = ox/cow + INE= like) placid like a co; stolid; patient; unexcitable
PHLEGMATIC mild contempt
LEONINE (LEO)like a lion
CANINE (CANIS)like a dog
FENINE (FELIS)like a cat
PORCINE (PORCUS) like a pig
NOSTALGIA(NOSTOS = a return + ALGOS) emotional pain or longing
CACOPSIS eye-offending
SAXOHONE musical instrument invented by Adolphe Sax
XYLOPHONE(xylon = wood) sounds thru wood; a musical instrument
PHONETICS science of sounds of language
PHONICS the science of sound
CARNIVOROUS( CARNIS = flesh + VORO = to devour) whose main diet is meat
VORACIOUS devouring; greedy or gluttonous
OMNIPOTENT(OMNI = ALL + POTENS = powerful) all-pwerful
UBIQUITOUS(UBIQUE = everywhere) omnipresent
OMNIBUS 'for all, including all'
CARNELIAN(CARNIS) a reddish gemstone, the colour of red flesh
CARNIVAL(CARNIS + VALE = farewell) exurberant or riotous merrymaking or festivities
CARNAL sensual, lecherous, lascivious, lubricious, etc.
CARNAGE great destruction of life
REINCARNATION re birth or re appearance
INCARNATE in the flesh; embody; give bodily form to; make real;
CLANDESTINE(CLAM = secretly) secrecy or concealment in working out of dangerous or illegal plan
SURREPTITIOUS stealthy; sneaky; furtive; generally because of fear of detection
ENERVATE( E- + NERVUS = nerve) ripped out nerves; complete devitalization( physical, emotional and mental)
CASTIGATE verbal punishment
ABNEGATE(AB- = away + NEGO = to deny) self denial
NEGATE deny the truth or existence of
DECAPITATE(CAPUT/CAPTIS = head) to chop off someone's head
CAPITULUM little head; the heading or title of a chapter
RECAPITULATE go thru chapter headings again
CAPITULATE arrrange in headings; stop resisting and give up
VEGETATE( VEGETO = to live and grow) to do no more than stay alive
SIMULATION copying the real thing
DISSIMULATE hide the feelings by making a pretence of opp. feelings
DISSEMBLE dissimulate
INTIMATE( INTIMUS = innermost) slight hint! no more !
ALLEVIATE(LEVIS = light + AD = to) to make light
ELEVATE( E- =OUT + LEVIS) raise out; raise up
LEVITATION rising thru no visible means
LEVITY lightness in the sense of frivolity
COMMISERATE(COM- + MISER) wretched together
VACILLATE( VACILLO = swing back and forth) swing back & forth in decision
AMBIVALENCE watching ur mother in law drive over a cliff in ur new car
OBSEQUIOUS( SEQUOR = to follow) full of following after
OBSEQUIES nourners following after the corpse
SUBSEQUENT one that follows another
SEQUEL literary work; continuing the same subject
QUERULOUS( QUERROR = to complain) full of complaints
SUPERCILIOUS(SUPER = above + CILIUM = eyelid) contemptuous,sneering, overbearingly concieted people
OBSTREPEROUS( STREPO = to make a noise) who is unmanageable - and in a noisy troublesome manner
IMPECUNIOUS( PECUS = cattle) habitually without funds
PECUNIARY pertaining to money
CHIVALROUS(CHEVAL = horse) modern man with knightly attitude to women
CAVALCADE(CABALLAS = inferior horse) a procession of person on horseback
CAVALIER a mounted soldier
CAVALRY 'horsed' part of an army
INNOCUOUS( NOCEO = to injure) someone who need cause you no fear
INNOCENT not guilty of crime or injury
NOXIOUS harmful; poisonous; unwholesome
BIBULOUS(BIBO = to drink) who has an overfondness for drinks
IMBIBE to drink in; soak up; absorb
BIB upper part of an aparon; aparon like napkin tied around a child's neck
CADAVEROUS(CADO = to fall) extreme opp of picture of glowing health
CADAVER a corpse
DECADENT deterirating, becoming corrupt or demoralized
DOLOROUS(DOLEO = to suffer or grieve) wh seems to be suffering or grieving
DOLOUR grief
DOLEFUL exaggerated dismalness, sadness or dreariness
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