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VIVO; VITA ( LATIN) to live; life
CONVIVO( LATIN VERB) live together
CONVIVIUM( LATIN) a feast or banquet
CONVIVAL likes to attend feasts and banquets; are friendly, happy, extroverted,and gregarious
VIVACIOUS(VIVO = to live) full of the joy of living; animated
VIVID possesing the freshness of life; strong; sharp
REVIVE bring back to life
VIVISECTION( VIVE + SECT- ) operating on a live animal
ANTIVIVISECTIONISTS object to the process of vivisection
VIVIPAROUS(PARETO = to give birth + VIVE) producing live babies
OIPAROUS( OVUM = egg) producing young from eggs
VITAL essential to life; of crucial importance
REVITALIZE bring back to life
JOIE DE VIVRE( FRENCH) joy of living
ENN UI (FRENCH) a feeling of boredom, discontent of weariness
BON VIVANT good liver; one who lives a luxorious life
GOURMAND enjoys food with a sensual pleasure
GORMANDIZE to stuff oneself like a pig
GOURMATE similiar to bon vivant and gourmand but more complimentary
GLUTTON has a voracious, insatiable appetite for money, sex, punishment, etc.
INDEFATIGABLE unable to be fatigued
INGENUOUS frank, not given to concealment
NAIVE inexperienced; unsophisticated; trusting
CREDULOUS( CREDO = to believe) willing to believe; not suspicious
GULLIBLE easily tricked
CREDIBLE can be believed
INGENIOUS shrewd; clever; inventive
CREDO personal belief; code of ethics; principles by which people guide their actions
CREED a close synonym of credo; in addition a religious belief
CREDENTIALS a document or documents providing a person's right to a title or privilege
DISINGENUOUS crafty, cunning, dishonest, artful, insineere, untrustworthy
RETROSPECT( SPECTO = to look) a looking back
PROSPECT a looking ahead
CONSPICUOUS easily seen or looked at
PERSPICACIOUS( PER = through+ SPECTO) looking thru ( matters etc.) keenly, intelligently
ACUMEN( ACUO = to sharpen) mental sharpness; synonym of perspicacity
ACUPUNCTURE(ACUO + PUNCTUS = point) insertion of a (sharp,pointed) needle into body for medical purposes
PUNCTILIOUS(PUNCTUS = point) exact, scrupulous, very careful to observe the proper points of behaviour
PUNGENT( PUNGO = to pierce sharply) one that sharply pierces
PERSPICUOUS easily understood from one look; clear; simple; lucid
INTROSPECT look inwards and examine your inner reactions
CIRCUMSPECT look around most carefully
SPECIOUS something that looks good but actually is not
MAGNANIMOUS( MAGNUS + ANIMUS = mind) having great, noble minds or souls that they are beyond seeking petty revenge
PAUSILLANIMOUS( PUSILLUS = tiny) having tiny, tiny minds or souls; are contemptibly petty and mean
UNANIMOUS of one mind
ANIMUS (degenerated to ) unfriendly mind; hostility; malevolence
VERSATILE(VERTO/ VERSUS = TO TURN) who can turn their hand to many things successfully
STOICS( STOA = porch) who bears their pain and sorrow without complaint
INTREPID( TREPIDO = to tremble) who exhibits courage and fearlesness
TREPIDATION great fear, trembling or alarm
SCINTILLA(LATIN) a quick bright spark
SCINTILLA refers to spark, but more commonly refers to a very small particle
SCINTILLATE sparkels with charm and wit, flashes brightly with humour
URBANE( URBS = CITY) are gracious, affable,cultivated ,suave, tactful
SUBURBS residential sections, or small communities close to a large city
INTERURBAN between cities
INTRAURBAN within a single city
EXURB well beyond, way outside, a large city, and generally refers to a region inhabited by well- to - do families
RUSTIC adjective may describe furniture suitable to a farmhouse; antonym of urbane
RUSTICATE spend time in country,away from turmoil and tensions of big city life
PEJORATIVE(PEJOR = worse) used with a derogatory cannotation
PENURY(PENURIA = need,neediness) dire,abject proverty; complete lack of financial resources
PENURIOUS proverty stricken; stingy, closed-fisted; niggardly
PARSIMONIOUS synonym of penurious but less strong in implication
INDIGENCE milder word than penury
DESTITUTION synonym of penury
AFFLUENT(AD-=to/towards + FLUO = to flow) possess money in an increasing amount
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